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Recreation for lovers of history and natural beauty

Recreation for lovers of history and natural beauty
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3 Days


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793 km




History and CultureSights in Nature
You'll be surprised how many interesting things hidden in the small towns and villages of the Novosibirsk Region! Here you'll find lakes with azure waters (almost like the Mediterranean!), whole sanctuaries of merchant architecture and unusual museums. With all this you have a chance to add to your piggy bank of impressions and not to spend a month's wages for a day off.
Route features:
  • Suitable for history lovers and hikers;
  • Swimming in the lake, overnight stay at the recreation base;
  • To visit all the museums on the list, start your trip any day from Monday to Thursday.

  • Bring comfortable walking shoes, swimsuit or swim trunks;
  • Don't forget your cap and sunscreen;
  • Prepare a healthy snack for your trip, as you will have long journeys.

Please note, accommodation must be booked separately by phone or on the official website.
Marina Selivanova
Marina Selivanova
  • Learn all about locomotives in Barabinsk.
  • Wander among merchant houses in Kuibyshev.
  • Visit a museum in an old water pumping station.
  • Have a rest on the lakeside of Chany.
Trip Soundtrack

Travel Itinerary

Old Kargat and Lake Chany
Day 1375 km

Old Kargat and Lake Chany

Start your trip with a visit to the town of Kargat, which is almost 300 years old (by the way, Novosibirsk is 150 years younger!). And in the afternoon, stay on course for Lake Chany, the largest lake in Western Siberia. Chic views and swimming in clear water will be the best reward for the long drive.
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Secrets of Barabinsk - "the heart of Transsib"
Day 276 km

Secrets of Barabinsk - "the heart of Transsib"

After lounging on the shore of Lake Chany, head off to explore an important point on the Trans-Siberian Railway - Barabinsk. Everything in this town is tied up with trains and railways. However, it's not the buildings and monuments that create a special atmosphere, but its friendly locals.
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Kuibyshev is one of the oldest cities in the region
Day 3342 km3 km

Kuibyshev is one of the oldest cities in the region

Devote the third day to Kuibyshev, one of the oldest cities in Siberia. Kuibyshev was once called the "second Jerusalem", as it was the only place in all Western Siberia to have a synagogue, a Catholic church, and Orthodox churches. The city has preserved quite a few curious buildings, which you will have to see today.
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