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Radon lakes

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Radon lakes and springs in Lopukhinka are a specially protected natural area. Back in the XIX century there was a sanatorium where sailors were treated by wrapping sheets wetted with these waters. Water helps in treatment of rheumatism. There is no vegetation and plankton in radon lakes. Also these places are actively visited by active tourists, so it is very picturesque.

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Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Benefit of nature

Radon lakes Lopukhinka are a real pearl of the Leningrad region. The air is clean, the forests are rich in vegetation and rare herbs. And of course, radon-rich waters, which have long been famous for their healing properties.

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Озеро в Гостилицах

On the way we stop at a picturesque lake in Hostilice. It is a real local landmark. Here you can take memorable photos. You can finally enjoy the silence and fresh air.


For a real outdoor holiday, we buy food in the supermarket. Don't forget to buy drinking water, as we will have an active walk on the lakes. Especially, this area is not rich in cafes.

Усадьба Лопухинка

We finally arrived at the radon waters. We will have enough time to go around several lakes, visit springs, and have a picnic in nature. In the vicinity of the Lower lake there is Lopukhinka Estate. Evdokia Lopukhina is the first wife of Peter the Great. This is the very mansion where famous people used to come for treatment with radon waters. It used to be able to accommodate 500 people. But at the moment, the mansion is desolate and almost destroyed. A wooden staircase leads to the Middle lake.

Радоновые Источники И Озера

There are a lot of ecological trails in the area and there are signs of directions. In some places you can see signs telling about local plants. On the western side of the Middle Lake there are several springs and equipped fonts. Further you can find a platform and a gazebo for tourists. There is also a downhill for cars. From the lake, several stairs lead to the right and left slope of the canyon. There are signs with ecological routes near the smallest Upper lake.


Facility's menu includes borscht, shaverma, dumplings, salads, meatballs and other simple well-known dishes for every taste. The food here is delicious and quick to eat at the right price. What you need after an active day outdoors!

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