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"You all remember, of course, you all remember..."

"You all remember, of course, you all remember..."
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History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
"I am a citizen of the village, which will only be famous for the fact that once a woman here gave birth to a Russian scandalous poet" - this is how the world-famous poet Sergei Esenin wrote about his small homeland. This time, I suggest you plunge into the atmosphere in which little Sergei grew up and be inspired by the picturesque views of the village, which managed to preserve the most important places in the life of the poet.
Yana Levchuk
Yana Levchuk
Travel Expert
  • Visit the village of Konstantinovo.
  • To see the Kazan temple, where little Sergey Esenin was baptized.
  • Touch the birch that grows near his parents' house.
  • To be photographed against the background of the Zemstvo school, where the young poet studied.
  • Look into L. Kashina's estate.
  • Visit the Monastery of St. John the Theologian in the village of Pashchupavo.
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"I visited my birthplace, that village where I lived as a boy..."
Day 1148 km496 m

"I visited my birthplace, that village where I lived as a boy..."

Endless green forests and fields, the quiet surface of the river Oka, folk songs flying over the village ... This day we will devote to the small homeland of a very eccentric, but such a talented poet Sergei Yesenin, walk along the same trails on which the little bully ran, with his own eyes see the house of his parents and hear the same ringing of bells, which once made the poet raise his eyes to heaven...
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