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Protected areas of the Moscow Region, manors and gastronomic discoveries

Protected areas of the Moscow Region, manors and gastronomic discoveries
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In the period of pandemic and lockdown it is especially pleasant to escape from the city to the secluded nature. A whole day is ahead of you among endless Russian fields and forests. Old estates, reserved corners, picturesque places for photos and the best restaurants of the Moscow region are waiting for you. Arrange yourself a perfect weekend!
Itinerary features: Features of the route
  • Best places for hiking;
  • Exciting excursions for history lovers;
  • Visit to a unique nature reserve and a holy spring.

  • Take comfortable and warm clothes and shoes for hiking.
  • It is important to keep a social distance when visiting restaurants and while walking in crowded places, as well as to use personal protective equipment.
  • You should also remember that checking into hotels and museums is possible only if you have a valid QR-code or a negative PCR-test for not more than 72 hours.
The information is current as of autumn 2021.
Наталья  Чибисова
Наталья Чибисова
Travel Expert
  • See the most unusual church in Russia.
  • Visit a museum that doesn't exist.
  • Walk on a buffalo reserve.
  • Learn the history of a great Russian painter's estate.
  • Try food in one of the best restaurants.

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Picturesque places, manors and gastronomic discoveries
Day 1338 km

Picturesque places, manors and gastronomic discoveries

Getting out of town is always a great idea! Today you will have a walk through nature reserves, meet red-listed animals, learn the history of ancient estates and legends of a holy spring. And you can also enjoy fresh fish dishes from one of the best restaurants near Moscow.
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