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Primordial nature near Sochi

Road Trip Route. Yew-Samshit Grove, Health Path Rosa Khutor, Apiary, Psakho Canyon.

During the day you will have to visit ecological places located to the east of Sochi: a grove, a canyon, an ecological trail. You will be able to easily climb up the mountain along the trail, see unique tree species in the grove and walk through a part of the Sochi National Reserve.

Uninhabited Nature, 💥 Try for Free. From: Sochi

Tatiana Mumleva. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Environmental March.

Today you will visit yew and boxwood grove, Roza Khutor health trail and Psakho canyon.


We go from Sochi to popular tourist ecological places.

Сувлачная Хоста

On the way to the yew-sugshitovaya grove we stop at Suvlachnaya. The facility is located in the center of Khosta, there is convenient parking, you can eat outside under umbrellas.

Тисо-самшитовая роща

The first ecological place is the yew-yew-grove. Some species of trees are unique, they are nowhere else to be found! During the walk there are views of Sochi, its surroundings and the sea.

Тропа здоровья Роза Хутор

There are three routes in total, with varying degrees of difficulty. It is easy to climb the mountains along the trail.

Мясной Дом

For lunch we stop by the restaurant "Meat House", which is located nearby. It serves delicious burgers, kebabs, khinkali, dumplings, cheesecakes and much more. The restaurant has a pleasant service.

Каньон Псахо

The Canyon is part of the Sochi National Park. Each traveler must visit a place that has preserved the pristine nature.

Кавказский Аул

For dinner we stop by the restaurant of Caucasian cuisine "Caucasian Aul". It is a place where beauty and comfort reigns, live music plays, there are tables in the street. Then we go back to Sochi.


Journey ends in Sochi. I am sure that during this day you learned a lot about the nature of the region, became closer to nature.