Plane rides, tubing, water park: an exciting weekend with teens – Road.Travel

Plane rides, tubing, water park: an exciting weekend with teens

Road Trip Route. Take a sightseeing flight over Novosibirsk, Visit the Museum of funeral culture, Relax in a mini-aquapark, Take a walk in a snow-covered forest.

Organising a trip with your teenager isn't easy, but it's possible. This route is ideal for families and it's a great way to visit new and unexpected places and really amaze your teenagers, while at the same time bonding and having fun. All attractions and entertainment is located close to Novosibirsk: it will take only a couple of hours to get there, so no one will get tired. Dress warmly and bring some food and a thermos tea: you'll have to spend a couple of hours outdoors and have lunch on the way - the daylight hours are too short to be spent on restaurants. Some activities will cost more, but it's worth it, trust me!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Airplane ride, funeral culture museum, tubing and aqua center

The first point of the trip will be Mochische airfield, where Aeroprakt-22L pleasure flights are organized. From there you'll go to the unusual Museum of World Funeral Culture, and then take a walk in the fairy-tale forest around the Sibiryak sanatorium. You can finish your trip at the recreation base "Borvikha": skating rink, shooting range and aqua zone - it will be interesting both for children and adults.


Gazpromneft petrol station #158

So, guys, shall we go? Just to avoid any surprises on the way, fill up to the full with quality fuel, inflate the tires, fill up the washer and take a coffee with some healthy snacks! Have a great travel experience!


At the Mochische airfield they organize sightseeing flights on private planes. There are routes of 15, 30 and 45 minutes for customers to choose from. The flights take place at an optimum viewing altitude of 200-500 metres and are performed on Aeroprakt-22L. It is a two-seat ultra-light highplane with only a pilot and one passenger sitting in the cockpit. Children over 14 years old are allowed to take part in the flight. The flight must be booked in advance, at least one day in advance. Book an air tour and get comprehensive information by phone at [website](https://xn--80ajrlevb4f.xn--p1ai/).

Muzey Mirovoy Pogrebal'noy Kul'tury

Half an hour's drive from the airfield, in the village of Voskhod, there is one of the most unusual museums in Russia - the Museum of World Funeral Culture. Do not be frightened! The museum is really interesting, informative and almost not scary! You will learn about the funeral traditions of the Slavs and Egyptians, you will see beautiful mourning gowns and Kennedy funeral model, you will learn about Mexican culture Santa Muerte (Saint Death) - and at will visit the crematorium, where ashes of the deceased are sent to the space. [Museum]( is open daily, except Mondays, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets cost from 250 rubles.

Sanatoriy Sibiryak

Snow-covered forest, as if from the fairy tale "Morozko", fresh air, tubing, zorb-ball, snowmobiles, dog-sledding - Sanatorium ["Sibiryak"]( offers the best conditions for reloading. Entrance to the territory of the complex is free, equipment can be rented.

Отель Борвиха Бассейн

After a walk through the woods, have a snack and warm up with hot tea, go to the hotel complex Borvikha. There is an ice rink, a shooting gallery (rental equipment is available from 9:00 to 19:00), three restaurants, bowling and billiards. The best place to relax after outdoor entertainment is the hotel's aqua centre. Finnish and Turkish saunas, geysers, waterfalls, jacuzzis and a pool with water temperature of 32 degrees - you will not find a better option! A visit to the water park for those over 10 years old costs 1,150 roubles. Check [website]( for operating hours and cost of entertainment.