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Plancheskye rocks

Road Trip Route. Castle Lookout Place, Holy Spring, Plancheskye Rocks, Aphypsus River.

One of the most interesting and beautiful rock formations that the south of Russia has to offer is Planckie Rocks, also known as Golden Rocks, which got its name because of the unusual color of the rock. The views opening up from the tops of the rocks evoke admiration for the beauty of the area with rivers, picturesque shores covered with dense forests coming up to the water. Planck cliffs are universally recognized as the object of training of international mountaineers, holding all kinds of competitions.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Krasnodar

Матвей Тимофеев. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1:

The plank rocks are 60 kilometers from Krasnodar. It is a great option for an easy hike, climbing the rocks on the trail is not difficult in warm, dry weather. During rainfall or even in autumn, when the trail is covered with leaves - you need to be more careful, as the legs start to slide. Therefore, I recommend taking special sports shoes, and preferably a spare one. Planck rocks have always attracted budget tourists with their beauty and accessibility.



Before going to the Rocks, I advise you to buy bottled water, food and snacks, as there is no tourist infrastructure in the places where we are going, which means that there are almost no restaurants in this area. Also bring protective patches with you just in case.

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And here we are in the mountains! The first stop is Lookout Area overlooking the Planck Rocks. It is located on the pass, through which you can get to Archipo-Osipovka. The view from the platform is truly unbelievable! According to the legend, the White Guard troops that were trying to get to Novorossiysk departed along this very road. The mountains still hold the treasures of those who planned to return to Russia. The place is truly mystical and fascinating.

в горах

The beginning of the rock archipelago. From this point you have a great panoramic view. It is also a favorite place for climbing enthusiasts. By the way, you can leave the car either in a special pocket or on the side of the road, if all the parking spaces are occupied.

Планческие скалы

The time of occurrence of the Planckie Rocks belongs to a much earlier period than the majority of ridges and other mountain formations in the Seversky district of the Krasnodar Krai. This is indicated by their structure and geological structure belonging to the compressed golden sandstone formed in the first third of the Cretaceous period. The age of the rock formations is an amazing 12-15 million years. The total length of the ridge is about 300 m, the height does not exceed 22 m. The rocks extend from east to west, with a slight deviation to the south. Here they are represented by a continuous precipice with a smooth surface, while from the north the slopes are smoother, covered with a thin forest and scattered boulder blocks.

Гора 🗻

Golden stones and their surroundings are characterized by unforgettable aesthetic beauty, attracting many tourists who come to enjoy the bright, untouched by civilization virgin nature. Mixed forests cover vast distances, making the rocky surroundings seem like a gem. Trees cover both slopes and peaks, among them there are heaps of large boulders covered with turquoise moss. For a better view of the picturesque surroundings on the tops of Plancké skály, there are many viewing platforms with stunning scenery.

устье ручья

It's an incredibly beautiful place by the Afeps River. The water here is not so clean as to gather it, but washing and resting is highly recommended.

Святой Источник

On the way to Krasnodar, I advise you to stop for a while at the Holy Source of the Athens River. Here you can gather the purest spring water, take a rest and gain strength.


On the way you can have a meal in Bistro on Novorossiysk highway. Excellent gas station for those who travel long distances. You can eat in the cafeteria, there is a budget menu and delicious pastries. The locals praise coffee and khachapuri.