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Picturesque Rest in Alicante

Road Trip Route. Experience a comfortable and pleasant beach rest, Indulge in the original and authentic architecture of the magnificent city, Visit interesting and technological museums and galleries, Enjoy the distinctive cuisine of the region in the city’s best restaurants, S7 flights from Moscow to Alicante are daily.

Alicante is one of the most incredible cities in Spain. Some of the Costa Blanca's best beaches are located here, and the rest involves more than just swimming, since the city has an incredibly rich and developed cultural life, and none could miss it. You can visit the extremely fascinating and tech museums that exhibit masterpieces of the world of classical and modern painting, along with the work of prominent local artists. Enjoy the amazing beauty of the natural landscapes of the area plains and hills and visit the most beautiful and world-famous beaches that are by right one of the city's heritage sites. Alicante also offers the other side of the rest: a tour of the main sights, a walk through the parks, squares, squares and colorful Spanish streets of the city, as well as shopping. All this diversity will turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience. And, of course, you will enjoy the unsurpassed Spanish cuisine which has absorbed the culinary traditions of Arabs, Italians, Greeks and learned a lot from the food habits of the peoples of North-West Africa and America, so that its taste range is unusual and diverse. Alicante is a place where you can find almost everything a tourist needs: the sea and snow-white sandy beaches, rich history and fascinating sights.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Evening stroll through Alicante

Start off your Alicante experience with a leisurely stroll looking around the local architecture and have dinner on the terrace of a local pizzeria to end the day.

Plaza Puerta del Mar

Plaza Puerta del Mar is one of the main squares of Alicante and, perhaps, the best site to explore the extraordinary city, it offers a special energy and atmosphere, not for nothing there is a large number of tourists and locals at any time. At its center is a pretty round fountain, and right behind it stands a majestic monument to fallen soldiers. This square, in fact, is the center of the city, you can go for a walk along the port embankment or Esplanade Boulevard from here, in general, all the most interesting and important landmarks are within an easy walk from here.

Town Hall of Alicante

The town hall of Alicante is an exceptionally attractive baroque style building designed by the famous Spanish architect Lorenzo Chápuli on the site of the old city hall in the 18th century. The first thing one notices when looking at this magnificent structure is the amazing elements of the facade, including unusual window arches, ornate columns, and two towers proudly rising from either side. If you are interested in the building and want to have a look not only at the luxurious exterior, but also at the interior, you can visit the town hall on weekdays in the morning.

Sale & Pepe Pizzería

It cannot be denied that the best end of the day in an authentic Spanish city is a pleasant and tasty dinner. Sale & Pepe Pizzería is the place where you can happily end your day. The restaurant impresses guests with an unexpectedly cozy and soft atmosphere, and the attentive and hospitable personnel of restaurant will help you and serve something interesting. The menu is replete with excellent Italian cuisine mixed with Spanish traditions, you will enjoy the thin crust pizza cooked with the freshest ingredients. Indulge in the local wines that are value-for-money.

Day 2: Cultural Heritage of Valencia

Today you'll visit two fine art museums, where you'll have the opportunity to explore both Spanish classics and contemporary works of art. In the afternoon you will go to explore perhaps the most famous local landmark, Santa Bárbara Castle.

Primitiva Baliza de Babor de la Darsena Interior

It's important to start your day right to ensure that the rest remains not only pleasant but also useful, and there's nothing better than a morning walk along the picturesque beach. Find yourself by the warm, caressing seawater and fine and soft sand. The entry is very gentle and comfortable, you can also rent the necessary accessories at a reasonable price, such as a sunbed or an umbrella. Enjoy the incredible and breathtaking scenery of the Mediterranean.

Cerveceria Sento

Such dishes as tapas, perhaps, reflect entire philosophy, lifestyle, and habits of the native Spaniards. Chefs of tiny diners and fashionable restaurants regularly compete in the art of cooking tapas in the competitions and festivals that take place in every Spanish province. Cerveceria Sento offers you a galaxy of the amazing dish. In addition, here you will enjoy not only unsurpassed cuisine, but also genuine hospitality and vibrancy. The personnel of restaurant will always maintain a good and discreet atmosphere, and also help to choose the right dish from the rich menu of the restaurant just for you.


Any kind of beach holiday is undoubtedly worth complementing with cultural events. The Museum of Fine Arts is definitely the place to spend your time on. There are many copies of famous world masterpieces, as well as a large number of interesting works of local artists of the XVIII century. In the halls of the museum there is an unobtrusive musical accompaniment, consisting of masterpieces of world classical music, and on some days live music maintains a refined atmosphere. The apparent advantage of the museum is also the fact that the admission is completely free.

MACA Museo Arte Contemporáneo Alicante

Alicante is a city with a rich cultural heritage, which has many interesting museums and galleries. Museo Arte Contemporáneo Alicante is one of those places that people not alien to everything beautiful and interesting should definitely visit. Here you will find a very entertaining selection of works by artists of the XX century. The main expositions of the museum are composed of the works of the famous Spanish artist Juana Francés, along with equally well known and prominent creator Eusebio Sempere. There are also pictures of world classics such as Dali, Miró and Picasso.

Sento Barrio

As you continue the culinary journey through the tapas restaurants, you should go to Sento Barrio, because the chefs have developed their own secrets and nuances of cooking this unusual snack and there's nothing you've already tasted. The restaurant has an atmosphere of Spanish cosiness and hospitality, and the staff is polite and quick in creating the most pleasant impressions and emotions for you. You should not ignore the wine, local and foreign production in the restaurant menu, because the quality is unimaginable, and the price is available.

Castillo de Santa Barbara

The medieval fortress in the very centre of the city is Alicante's most recognisable feature. It consists of three levels emerged in different eras. The fortress has a rich history, the Muslims built it back in the IX century. Since then, it has witnessed many wars and battles. This fortress is worth a visit, at least for the sake of the view from viewpoints which includes the sea, port, beach and city. Right, the whole of the Alicante at your fingertips. You can go to the fortress by elevator, located opposite the Postiguet beach, or through the old town. Take a walk down the fortress wall streets, Ereta Park and get inside the fortress through the Calle Vázquez de Mella street.

Postiguet Beach (Playa del Postiguet)

Playa del Postiguet is one of the most known and popular beaches of Alicante. The local authorities are very careful and attentive to ensure that their recreational wealth is in good order, so you can enjoy a perfectly clean and organised beach, where you can both relax and equip yourself with the necessary things to rest, whether it is umbrella or volleyball. Enjoy the warm azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, admiring the incredible views of the sea and nearby attractions, among which the Castle of Santa Bárbara is clearly visible.

Restaurante La Brújula

Scientists have long established that the Mediterranean cuisine is the most nutritious and, literally, healthful. And all this is due to the freshly prepared dishes: the climate of Spain allows planting crops four times a year. Only fresh vegetables are used for preparing salads and appetizers, and well-developed fish industry allows supplying the restaurants with the freshest seafood. So, in order to dine both tastefully and healthfully, visit the Restaurante La Brújula, where you will find a rich assortment of delicious dishes from fresh fish, meat and vegetables.

Day 3: Contrasts of Alicante

Today's program is quite full and varied: you'll have time to visit a contemporary art gallery, visit an amazing cave, relax on the beach and climb a rocky ledge to enjoy the seascape.

MADNESS Roasted Coffee

Everyone knows that Spain is famous for its unique methods and traditions of growing and making coffee, and it may well be the greatest missed opportunity to travel around this extraordinary country without getting a closer look at them. MADNESS Roasted Coffee is the best place for it, because the menu offers you a wide selection of different coffee drinks according to different recipes. Of course, you cannot savour this fine drink without any pleasant dessert, and this place is just full of different unusual sweet courses.

La Lonja de Pescado

La Lonja de Pescado is another piece of Alicante's cultural life you can't afford to miss. Here you will find pictures of recognized world contemporary artists. This gallery is famous for its incredibly high-tech and original interactive exhibits, it offers the most interesting visualizations of world classics, accompanied by pleasant and unobtrusive music, as well as many comprehensive and detailed descriptions of masterpieces of world culture.

Cueva De Canelobre

Coves del Canelobre is indeed an incredible and unforgettable place. This cave consists of one huge hall, its vaults, as well as menacingly hanging down stalactites, are originally and fascinatingly highlighted, together with the background music it creates an absolutely magical and unique atmosphere.

Ca Tono

Spanish cuisine is original and multifaceted, and a month is not enough to fully explore it, but in a short time you can visit the most authentic restaurants of this cuisine. And Ca Tono is definitely one of those places. Its menu is replete with wonderful meat and fish dishes, as well as fresh and hearty seafood, and it is worthwhile paying special attention to calamar, cooked here in the finest traditions of Spanish culinary art. Delight your taste buds with great wines and other high-quality drinks, because they are all here in an affordable price range.

Playa de San Juan

The coastline of Alicante is quite long and is divided into several spacious beaches, one of which is the magnificent Playa de San Juan. Its infrastructure is organised according to the best standards. The shore is kept clean, there is all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay. Along the entire coastline there are cafes and shops where you can buy soft drinks, picnic food, or funny souvenirs.

Faro Cabo de las Huertas

Faro Cabo de las Huertas lighthouse offers both the building which is worth seeing and an incredible and charming nature around. See the extraordinary and poetic beauty of the landscapes adjacent to the lighthouse territory, feel inspired, contemplating the majestic sea surface, experience a light sea breeze. Don't forget to take along the camera, because the scenery here is so fine and charming that you will like to come back here soon.

Star Of India

It'll be fun to mix up the distinctive and contrasting taste palette of Spanish cuisine with the original and unique flavour of Indian cooking. Star Of India is the place where the culinary traditions and recipes of these beautiful countries have merged. When Indian spices go to a hot frying pan, the wonderful aroma is immediately spread throughout the district. The restaurant's menu includes such extraordinary dishes like Chicken Masala, Shakhi Paneer and Dal. And, of course, pay attention to the wonderful Indian desserts, which impress everyone with their originality and unique taste.

Day 4: Rest on the beach

Today is the final day of the holiday in Alicante. In order to have time to relax on the beach and swim before flying out, it's worth waking up early.


A morning begins with a pleasant and tasty breakfast will fill you with emotional and physical strength for all the long day. At Starbucks Rambla Mendez Nuñez, you can enjoy delicious coffee, along with hearty and tasty sandwiches. The restaurant also serves classic breakfasts, including churros, torrijas and magdalena muffins. The atmosphere is cosy and hospitable, and the staff is tactful, responsive, always knows what you need and can guide the customer in the right direction.

Postiguet Beach (Playa del Postiguet)

There is not much time left to go home, but you will still have time to visit the city beach to enjoy the sea and the sun before your flight.