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Picturesque estates in the south of the Moscow region

Picturesque estates in the south of the Moscow region
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History and Culture
In one day you will visit three picturesque and famous farms of the Moscow region, south of the capital, where you can stroll through beautiful stately parks, visit museums and take pictures for memory. Such a memorable day will be remembered for a long time.
Cover photo: Helen Vakhturova.
Tatiana Mumleva
Tatiana Mumleva
  • Estate of Vorontsov.
  • Gorki Leninskie.
  • Manor of princes Golitsyn in Dubrovitsy.

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Three picturesque estates.
Day 1182 km563 m

Three picturesque estates.

Today we are going to visit the Vorontsov-Dashkov Estate, Gorki Leninskie and the Golitsyns' Estate in Dubrovitsy.
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