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Picnic near the waterfall

Road Trip Route. Sablinsky waterfall, Tosnensk waterfall, Red Sands.

I suggest we spend the weekend on the banks of the Tosna River. Here are the famous Tosna and Sablinsky waterfalls. This is one of the few places in the flatlands where you can see real waterfalls. Tosnensky district is rich in waterfalls, quarries and caves. This abundance of natural wonders is explained by the fact that once there was an ocean floor here. Local tourists choose this place for picnics, and we will follow their example.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Saint Petersburg

Yulia Zharkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Waterfalls and red sands

Local quarries and caves are formed by red and white quartz sands. We will visit the famous waterfalls of Sablinsky reserve. Visiting Sablinsky and Tosnensky waterfalls is absolutely safe and requires no special preparation.

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Lenta (Лента)

The route to the deserted places implies picnics in nature. That's why there are no cafes on our route, only fresh air, deserted nature and seclusion. It's time to buy some picnic food. Don't forget all the essentials. In order not to spoil the food, I recommend taking a cooler bag.

шапки Карьеры

Our trip to Tosnensky district will begin with a visit to the quarries. They are also called "Shapkinskie lakes". The water in the quarries is very clean and there are often picnics. These picturesque landscapes are a local landmark.

Саблинский водопад

This waterfall is not very high, but nevertheless, like the rest of the local waterfalls, it is a unique phenomenon of nature, as waterfalls are extremely rare in the plain area. The height of this waterfall is on average two meters, but somewhere around five. The waterfall is located near the village of Ulyanovka.

Малый Тосненский водопад

This waterfall is the same age as Niagara's. Its age is about ten thousand years. At the time when the Yoldian Sea became lower to the level of the ocean, this waterfall was formed.

красные пески

Now we will go to this point on the bank of the Tosna River. There is a place where you can see the famous red sands. They are sediments of red quartz.

Набережная Невы

On the way back we'll take a walk along the Neva embankment. This place is far from the city, there is clean air. What could be more beautiful than evening silence and beautiful views after a day outdoors?

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