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Photo tour of unobvious sights of the Leningrad region

Photo tour of unobvious sights of the Leningrad region
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


3 Days


By Car


696 km






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A route for people who are hungry for new experiences and special shots. If the well-known trails are already worn out, then you should definitely come to us!
Alina Maslova
Alina Maslova
Travel Expert
  • Capture "St. Petersburg's Kizhi" at the Bogoslovka estate.
  • Take atmospheric shots of abandoned estates.
  • See the Lutheran Kirche in all its restored splendor and beauty.
  • Take a walk around Kronstadt for the best shots of its "sea places.
  • Glance at the summer houses of the past centuries.
  • Admire the fortress of Trongzund on the northernmost point of the Big Vysotsky Island.
  • See the oldest residential building in our country.
  • Take a picture of St. Andrew Church in the afternoon sun.
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Ruins of abandoned farmsteads and new construction
Day 1150 km627 m

Ruins of abandoned farmsteads and new construction

Well, let's get our guns ready and hit the road. We will visit four farmsteads, a wooden church and a Lutheran church.
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Through Kronstadt with a camera
Day 2226 km1 km

Through Kronstadt with a camera

Today in the frame are "sea" sights of Kronstadt and dachas of Kurortny district of St. Petersburg.
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From Vyborg to Vuoksa
Day 3320 km550 m

From Vyborg to Vuoksa

The final day of our journey. We will start with a photo hunt of the Trongzund fortress, finish with shots of St. Andrew's Church in the soft afternoon sunlight.
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