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Peloponnes & Zakynthos

Road Trip Route. You will visit the beautiful island of Zakynthos., Spend the whole day traveling, swimming on different beaches., You can drive around the island wherever you want., Enjoy your baths and dives., Learn all of the Peloponnese., Visit vineyards and a mountain lake., You'll be eating at restaurants on the beach., See the channel linking the two gulfs, Get to know the monasteries in the mountains., You'll admire the stunning views, Browse ancient fortresses and ancient Greek cities., .

The journey begins and ends in Athens, you can choose convenient and inexpensive flights. The route runs through the entire Peloponnese peninsula, with stopovers at hotels on the coast or nearby. The purpose of the trip is perhaps the most famous bay in the world - Navayo, on the island of Zakynthos. Unlike sightseeing tours, which take tourists to this beach for swimming, like a village in a barrel, our scenario offers an alternative option. You will be able to drive up to the observation deck from where this photo was taken and enjoy the incredible sunset.

Relaxing Leisure, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Athens

Svetlana Lisitskaya.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: We're arriving in Athens.

There's a whole trip ahead, and today we're just gonna rest at the hotel.

Day 2: Beautiful views of the coast

Today you will discover Greek monasteries, travel along the coast, archaeological excavations and visit the lighthouse. As well as swimming, diving and delicious Greek cuisine.

Ι.Μ. Αγίου Ιωάννου Προδρόμου

Our journey begins with the ancient monastery, located on the mountain. This monastery has been known since ancient times, it was founded in the XIII century. The stone temple is decorated with frescos in Byzantine style and carving. Over the long years, he has been repeatedly pillaged and fired. Since 1986 there has been a women's monastery here. The sisters have cleaned it up and have been keeping it for decades. It's very nice to be there, and what kind of views you can see from the mountain! Look!


A Greek cuisine restaurant is located 30 km from the monastery. That's where we'll have lunch in the shadow of the plane trees. A real oasis in the heat. The pies here are great. But the rest of the menu is nice, too. And for dessert, a ripe watermelon!

Osios Potapios Monastery (Ιερά Μονή Οσίου Παταπίου)

Very close to the cafe is the Monastery of St. Potapia. The stone vaults create and keep cool, what grace here! Clean air: the pines around and the sea breeze favour easy breathing. The view from the observation deck where the bell ringer is, is fantastic! The convent is small, cozy. Here you can buy souvenirs.

Heraion (Ηραίον)

We go further along the coast and stop at the excavation site. There are archaeological excavations of the settlement of the fourth century. Wonderful view from this cape to the sea in all directions! Make sure we go down and take a swim. Shake off the dust of the ages, so to speak. We'll even wash it off. Besides having a good swim here, you can also dive. Pleasure and research. In case you get under water an ancient amphora! Or do vintage coins shine? Well, that's lucky for someone. But even if you duck out without any historical finds, the bathing itself will give you great pleasure! Climbing back up the mountain will pump your muscles, and here you are, cheerful and ready to continue your journey.

Φάρος Μελαγκάβι - Ηραίον (Lighthouse at Melagkavi - Heraion)

We're going to the lighthouse! That's where I am, I can't get past the lighthouse. I'll be sure to stop by. How beautiful is the lighthouse here! Standing like this on the rocks, since the end of the XIX signal to passing ships. At first he worked on liquid fuel, and since the 70s of XX century he became electric. Whatever you say, the beacon is the link in time... And there was a beep in the old days, and now. And the rocks underneath it... Incredible view from the lighthouse! It's especially beautiful at sunset.

Άγιος Ευφρόσυνος

Well, it's dinnertime. And we'll go and eat after our swims today and our time outdoors. Cozy restaurant, delicious home cuisine, well, where to be located, inside or outside, you decide. That's who loves it.

Day 3: Beauties of Ancient Greece and modernity

Today you will visit the famous ancient port city of Corinth, drive over the bridge over the canal connecting the Corinthian Gulf with Saronicos Gulf, taste wonderful dishes at restaurants on the shore.

Ancient Corinth (Αρχαία Κόρινθος)

Well how to visit Greece, this cradle of civilization, and not to visit the places of grey antiquity! In the morning, we're going to ancient Corinth! This largest city in ancient times meets, as it is befitting in Greece, with columns! What kinds! Yes, the ancient Greeks knew where to build cities! Lovers here can ask about the excavation, and we just wander around the old city.


Old times, and dine at a fish restaurant by the sea - what could be better! You can just sit here, admire and enjoy the views and the air! But we're also going to eat! They ordered clams and different fish. Above all praise. And the service is friendly. I'd sit here till tonight... But we have to go!

Isthmos Old Bridge (Παλιά Γέφυρα Ισθμού)

Our way is through a bridge over a canal. The view is wonderful and even a little creepy. Unusual, though! You can see all the layers. You walk like this and you don't know what the rock of the mainland is made of, but you come to the canal - look, please, here it is all in the cut. There are more boats and bigger ships passing through the channel. Unusual.


We're having dinner at Cafe Gargantua. Corresponds to the name. The dishes are very tasty, peculiar. All done with the soul. Service at height. I liked it. The big plus is that it's on the beach. Dining on the coast is a pleasure.

Day 4: The charm of Lake Doxa

Today you will find a wonderful mountain lake, long trips, accommodation in a new hotel and an impressive cuisine.

Lake Doxa (Λίμνη Δόξα)

Right in the morning we're going on a trip to a picturesque lake. It's a long drive, but it was worth it! It's so beautiful here! Located in the mountains, surrounded by emerald greenery, is very conducive to a leisurely holiday. Hold still for a moment and appreciate this paradisiacal beauty! Breathe crystal air in full chest! Still, there's something unusual about these mountain lakes!

Ταβέρνα Πλανήτερος

It's time for lunch! Fresh mountain air gives you a good appetite! The trout is especially delightful for visitors. But we also liked the other dishes on the menu. It's delicious. All right. That's great.

Ostria (Όστρια)

Let's go explore new places! Let's take a walk along the promenade. We're having dinner by the sea. Beautiful views and delicious accompaniment. That's great. Total relaxation.

Day 5: The charm of the forest and the sea

Today you can travel to the charming forest on the coast and take a ferry to Zakynthos Island!

Δάσος Στροφυλιάς

Charming forest is located on the very beach! How beautiful it is! The scent of pines in the sun permeates everything around, mixed with the sea breeze... The air is unique in its saturation, so rare where you meet! It was a pleasure to wander. Driving slowly, with the windows open. Enjoyed.


We have lunch at a fish restaurant, and as usual, with a view of the sea. It's delightful. They ordered fish and vegetable dishes. Sardines, shrimps, octopuses, everything was delicious.

Port Killini

After lunch, we'll go to the port of Killini. Here we take a ferry and go to Zakynthos Island.

Port of Zakynthos

Gently off the ferry, and here it is, Zakinthos, the next point of our journey!

Panos Restaurant

The island is quite big, you can travel here not only on foot, but also by car. Let's have dinner! Visitors consider this restaurant the best on the island. Come on, let's evaluate! Indeed, it is. Very tasty dishes, large portions and good service.

Day 6: Variety of beaches oh. Zakynthos

Today you will find beaches, lookout points and delicious food. Sibaritvuyte!

Agios Nikolaos

And so began our active holiday on the island of Zakynthos! It's wonderful, very atmospheric. We start the morning by visiting the beach. There he is, rest full!


After the bath, let's go climb the observation deck. Let's take a picture. The pictures are just great!

Lighthouse restaurant Katelios Kefalonia

For lunch - favorite seafood, fish and vegetables. Who does, and I really like it!

Porto Sellina

It's the beach again, only somewhere else. Wonderful lagoon among the rocks. Beautiful! Diving from the soul. No crowd of tourists. Bathing in your own pleasure.

Shipwreck Bay Lookout

We decided to go around the whole island, if possible. This is very interesting. And there's the picturesque bay again, very beautiful. It's not for nothing that there is an observation deck. We take pictures and go downstairs, we can go swimming. It's a beach, too. What azure water... Beautiful! And up in the mountains is the St. George's Monastery.

Το Στέκι του Μιχάλη

In the mountains, above the sea, there's a restaurant. Here, we'll have dinner. Dinner at sunset - great! The cooks tried, we felt it at once - the dishes were cooked perfectly.

Day 7: Diverse adventures

First, a visit to a diving center, then you will enjoy Greek island cuisine, visit the ancient fortress of the island. Zakynthosa, take a ferry, check into a new hotel, taste drinks - a day of diverse activities.

Turtle Beach Diving Center

For active travelers right in the morning - visit a popular diving center. You may have discovered that you're missing some kind of equipment? No problem, you'll find what you want here. If you've never dived before, don't worry, instructors will tell you everything and help you make your first dive an unforgettable experience. And the views of the underwater world - well, that's fantastic!

Zorbas (Ζορμπάς)

And for lunch, back to the restaurant on the beach. Here we will taste the famous Greek pies, scones, and of course, fish and vegetables. And you order what the soul wants, the choice is rich.

Fortress of Zakynthos (Κάστρο Ζακύνθου)

Let's go see the old days. There's no way in Greece without it. The fortress is one of the local attractions and is open until 4 pm, so let's go right after lunch. The views of the city are excellent, the fortress itself is quite deserted. We've been out for an hour, and it's time to move on.

Port of Zakynthos

The ferry again. Well, we're not surprised by that anymore. It's familiar.

Port Killini

They docked at the port of Killini. Real sea wolves. And we're going to get settled into a hotel.


Some people eat, some people drink, but no one leaves here hungry. I liked it. Cozy atmosphere, good service, rested.

Day 8: Olympus today

Today you will visit the famous antiquities, move to a new hotel and enjoy new dishes.


And for breakfast, we'll go to where we had dinner last night. I liked it. The menu is completely different.

Ancient Olympia (Ολυμπία)

Olympia... Remember when you were a kid? We were told that the Olympic gods lived there and the Olympic Games were held. Majestic ruins, beauty and antiquity. You can run around the stadium, feel the spirit of the place, so to speak. You can wander around here for how long.


We're having lunch at the Zeus Cafe, but what do they call their cafes here? There was no thunder, there were deliciously prepared and beautifully decorated dishes, excellent soft drinks and wonderful coffee.

Temple of Apollo Epicurius (Ναός Επικούριου Απόλλωνα)

It's historic travel day. We'll visit the temple of Apollo in Basses. And now there are still slim beautiful colonnades, though not centuries have passed, but millennia! They were able to build, considering that seismically Greece is not a very stable place. We went for a walk. It's beautiful. The spirit of antiquity.


We're not going far for dinner. Let's choose a classic menu. It's delicious. Dinner in the mountains tonight.

Day 9: Mycenaean castle

This morning you will stop at the beloved lake, visit ancient Mycenae and enjoy Greek mountain and coastal cuisine.

Lake Doxa (Λίμνη Δόξα)

We'll go to Lake Doxia again, enjoy the views, breathe in the freshness.

Το Στέκι

We'll have lunch at the classic village tavern. Cheese, fresh bread, Greek salad, lamb dishes we liked. It's kind of peasant.

Archaeological Site of Mycenae (Αρχαιολογικός Χώρος Μυκηνών)

We arrived at another popular place in Ancient Greece - Mycenae. It's a famous fortified settlement now, too. Passing through the Lion's Gate. And there it is, the story, on the surface! Well-preserved stone structures.

Takis Thalassas Gefsi

We're having dinner at a restaurant on the coast. Once again our favorite seafood!

Day 10: Admiration for vineyards

Today we study Greek winemaking and vineyards, enjoy fish and fruits, walk along the shore and have a rest.

I'm Going Bananas

We have breakfast in a cozy cafe on the beach. Open arbours, breeze from the sea. Very cozy and comfortable. Delicious desserts and dishes of fruits and berries. It was a fun, hearty breakfast.

Domaine Helios (Σεμέλη)

And we're going to the vineyards. Magnificent views, gentle terraces, bright green mighty grape bushes. Everything pleases the eye. We were shown the cooking process. We could try some wine. Sun, sea, peculiar soils - everything contributes to the taste of wine.

Φάρος Ψαροταβέρνα

And here we are at the lighthouse tavern. Another restaurant on the coast. Delicious fish, wonderful freshly baked bread, the freshest seafood. It's delicious.

Day 11: Beauty of mountain roads

Today you will travel, have tasty lunches in meat restaurants, return to Athens and check in at a new hotel.

Άγιος Μερκούριος

Today we leave the coast in the morning, climb the mountains, and after 100 kilometers we stop for lunch. Wonderful restaurant, all well fried, steamed and baked. Unexpectedly good. It's delicious. I liked it a lot.

Kafeneio (Καφενείο)

In the evening we came to Athens and found ourselves in another cozy restaurant, in the heart of the city. Tried traditional meat dishes. It's delicious, quiet and atmospheric. Compared to lunch in the mountains. The dishes are different, but I liked both.

Day 12: Return to Athens

Today you will thoroughly explore the sights of Athens, climb Likavit Hill, visit the museum and the National Garden, and learn the intricacies of Athens' cuisine.

Tower of the Winds - Horologion of Andronicos (Αέρηδες - Ωρολόγιο του Κυρρήστου)

We're going to explore the city today. We'll start with the Wind Tower. This ancient building was built around 51 years BC! Given that it has been worth more than two millennia, it has been perfectly preserved. This tower is considered the ancestor of all watch towers on Earth! The images of eight winds were carved on its eight edges. In XIX century it was used as a bell tower. And look at the views from this tower, as if you were right in ancient Greece.

Yiasemi (Γιασεμί)

After this experience, breakfast would be nice. The cafe is right next to the tower, in a historical place, so it's never empty. It was delicious and atmospheric. If you're not hungry, you can at least come in for a cup of coffee.

Acropolis of Athens (Ακρόπολη Αθηνών)

Athens Acropolis, the seat of the king and ancient Greek temples, is a 15-minute walk away. A rocky hill with a flat area at the top. The Parthenon is a bulwark of democracy. The pages of textbooks come to life. Walk, admire, take pictures.

Acropolis Museum (Μουσείο Ακρόπολης)

Another 15 minutes' walk will take you to the new Acropolis Museum, where you will be able to return the antiquities that were exported earlier. Although it has been opened relatively recently, the collection is rich and constantly growing.

Strofi (Στροφή)

After examining the antiquities, there was a serious appetite. We'll have lunch right away, near the museums. Very tasty, exquisitely decorated dishes! Well, how did you want it? Some of the Hollywood stars have lunch here, too. We have to hold the brand!

Temple of Olympian Zeus (Ναός Ολυμπίου Διός)

Now let's see the temple of Zeus. The ancient Greeks worshipped him here long before the temple was built. Despite the antiquity, many columns survived, although it was then used for defensive purposes and took the material for construction.

National Garden (Εθνικός Κήπος)

After the historical monuments - to nature! Let's go to the National Garden! This is a real oasis in the center of an ancient city! Let's take a walk, get some fresh air! It's quite large, and there are over 500 different plants growing in it. Here people walk and jog, you can have a picnic with your family or friends, and just read a book under the crown - you can do whatever you want. And we just went for a walk and explored the local flora.

Lycabettus Hill (Λόφος Λυκαβηττού)

After a walk in the garden, we decided to climb a high hill in the middle of the city. It offers a wonderful view of Athens. Licavit, the wolf's hill. Legend has it that wolves used to love hiding here. Well, maybe they did. What for? To get a better view of the surrounding area? After all, the views from the hill are delightful.

Ζάχαρη & Αλάτι

We go down a delightful green hill and have dinner. It's a nice atmospheric restaurant. We made a reservation in the patio. Cozy and delicious.

Day 13: Time to go home.

On this journey comes to an end, it's time to give up the car before the flight home!