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Patriotic family trip

Patriotic family trip
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The history of Russia is incredibly complicated. Even the most educated people can find it hard to understand. In this trip we intend to go to places where the events that once changed our lives and the lives of millions of our compatriots took place directly. On the first day it is planned to tour the places of childhood of the famous Russian writer and poet Alexander Pushkin, in addition, we will visit the famous park of the Ministry of Defense "Patriot", where all the details about a variety of military equipment and major historical events. The second day of our trip we'll be spending on one of the three race fields, Borodino. There are plans to go on several excursions, as well as to visit monuments to the heroes who protected our country from invaders.
Alexander Polyakov
Alexander Polyakov
  • Visit the Patriot Park.
  • To visit the places of Pushkin's childhood.
  • Visit the Borodino field.

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Cultural and patriotic walks
Day 1154 km

Cultural and patriotic walks

On the first day of our trip we will go to the southwest direction of Moscow suburbs. Ahead of us there are such sights as Patriot Park, as well as the manor, where he spent his childhood years, perhaps, the most famous Russian poet and writer Alexander Pushkin.
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Excursion to the home field
Day 2189 km

Excursion to the home field

Today promises to be an incredibly interesting day. Our plans include a trip to one of the three race fields - Borodino. There is no doubt that the battle that took place here changed the course of the Great Patriotic War, as well as history in general. We will visit several museums that tell about these events in detail, as well as walk to the monuments of the fallen wars.
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