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Pastila, mead and more.

Pastila, mead and more.
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Gastronomy🎅 Winter Trips
Many of us have had time to try many delicacies from around the world, but you must agree that the most delicious and closest to the heart cuisine is Russian!
In this journey we offer you to plunge into old Russian traditions and taste the tastiest sweets, which were considered delicacies in Ancient Russia!
  • It is important to keep a social distance when visiting public places, as well as to use personal protective equipment.
  • It is also worth remembering that when checking into hotels and visiting museums you may need a valid QR code or a negative PCR test for no more than 72 hours.
Yana Levchuk
Yana Levchuk
Travel Expert
  • Learn how to cook kalachi.
  • Taste mead.
  • Taste marshmallow.
  • See the toughest gingerbread.
  • Learn to cook kulebyaka.
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Gastronomic pride of Kolomna
Day 1191 km

Gastronomic pride of Kolomna

When you ask locals about traditional dishes of Kolomna, everyone immediately mentions apple marshmallow, fragrant kalachi and mead. And it is quite obvious, as this is the city where they make sweets and drinks according to ancient recipes. It is even safe to say that they are the brand of the tourist town!
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Oh, yes, the Tula gingerbread!
Day 2321 km

Oh, yes, the Tula gingerbread!

Welcome to Tula - the city of Tula gingerbread and Belevskaya Pastila! Today, in addition to visiting the museum, we will learn how to make kulebyaka and puff pastry!
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