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Parks, ancient estates and accessible extreme in Moscow region

Road Trip Route. Visit the mysterious estate in Bykovo village, Find the characters of your favorite fairy tales in Tomilino Park., Visit the famous Freestyle Extreme Park..

Every trip is a new experience for a child. Exploring the world together with their parents is very useful for a little one. And when an adult is happy to explore new places and try new things, the trip will be a success for sure!

Families with Kids. From: Moscow

Elena Sadchikova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Bykovo Estate, Tomilino Fairytale Park, Freestyle Extreme Park.

A short trip with children on a clear day promises to be a real holiday and leave the warmest memories. Walk in the parks, explore ancient manors, kayak and kayak - it's so much fun!


Усадьба Быково

The estate complex in the park of Bykovo village occupies about 30 hectares. It was founded in the second half of the XVII century by a favorite of Catherine II Mikhail Izmailov. He built his residence in the Masonic style, as he was among the adherents of the Order. After the Izmailovs the estate was taken over by Vorontsov-Dashkov, and after them the estate was headed by engineer Nikolay Ilyin. It is said that he won the estate in cards from the previous owners. The palace has not been preserved in its original form - now we see the restored building. The mansion is abandoned, but still makes a lasting impression. Also in territory there is two-storeyed Vladimir church in pseudogothic style, a bell tower, a pond with ducks and an arbour on an island.


Stop for lunch at the modern family restaurant "Vasilki". Here you can taste both traditional Russian and European dishes and unusual author's findings - for example, potato waffles with caviar.

Парк Сказок

In the village of Tomilino you can find a great place for relaxation and walks - Fairytale Park. It is called so because of the sculptures of fairytale characters placed here. Heroes from the works of Pushkin, Baba-Yaga and hut on chicken legs, Immortal Cat, Swan Princess - who only here you can not meet! The park has playgrounds with rubber cover, a small rope park, a garden of stones, comfortable paths. Entrance to the park is free for everyone.

Экстрим-парк Фристайл / Freestyle Extreme Park

The Seasonal Extreme Park Complex ["Freestyle"]( has been in existence for almost 20 years. On an area of 4.5 hectares visitors will find a thousand and one entertainment for every taste and age. In winter the complex turns into a ski resort, where, in addition to skis and snowboards, you can ride on snowmobiles and tubing. In summer, athletes practice the art of wakeboarding, go kayaking on an artificial lake, learn SUP surfing and much more. In the off-season you can visit the rope park or take a trolley ride. In the complex you can rent a gazebo or break a picnic, have a snack in a cafe and steam in the sauna. Check the available activities in the dates of your interest at [official website](


For a full dinner we offer in the restaurant ["Beach"](, near the park. The menu includes Japanese and European cuisine, there is a separate Lent menu, dishes on chargrill and pizza.