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Panacea for fatigue: active weekend from St. Petersburg

Road Trip Route. Take a walk on the plane or fly in the air tube, Find Radon springs and Kopor waterfalls, Climb the mysterious Dolozhskaya Cave, Make selfies with ostrich and take a horseback ride., Walk through a snow-covered forest at Lake Cheremetskoye., Ice skating in the Meadow., Play miniature golf and billiards, Get to Pechersk Spring and Luga Canyon., Have a good time at Tuutari Park..

Museums, galleries, palaces - put all this beauty aside another time. This weekend, take a break from the endless streams of new information: spend time actively. Walks through snow-covered woods and horse riding, snowboarding and skating, caves and waterfalls - less thought, more movement! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Active Leisure, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Saint Petersburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Aerial walk, radon springs, mini-golf, beauties of Koporje

On the first day of the trip you will take an aero walk or fly in the aerotube at the airfield "Gostilitsa". Then you'll explore radon springs in the village of Lopukhinka, play miniature golf, find waterfalls and medieval castle in Koporje. For dinner you'll drop in Kingisepp - there are a couple of cozy restaurants, a good billiard club and decent hotels where you can relax after a long day.

Saint Petersburg

Hospitality Airport

Start the day by visiting the largest airfield in the Northwest Federal District. More than 100 aircrafts are based in ["Hospitality"](, some of which are used for air tours. Also from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. [air pipe]( works here, the flight in which costs from 1800 rubles. The airfield works every day, but the tour must be arranged in advance. You can buy a ticket and get answers to all your questions, for example, at [this website](

Радоновые Источники И Озера

Deep canyon with steep slopes, outcrops of ancient limestone, water of emerald color, dense forest along the banks, many springs - radon lakes in Lopukhinka look impressive at any time of year. If you want a therapeutic dose of radon, you can dive into the water. One of the lakes is equipped with a swimming pool, which does not freeze all year round (water temperature is always about 5 degrees). Behind the lower lake you can find the remains of an ancient manor house of the famous navigator Bellingshausen (who organized in Lopukhinka a free resort for veteran sailors) and a trout farm.

GORKI Golf Club Restaurant

During the winter months the restaurant at the club GORKI Golf & Resort is open from 12:00 on Fridays and from 9 am on Saturday and Sunday. On weekdays the restaurant is closed. You can make a reservation at [restaurant]( by phone +7(812) 318-09-90. In the afternoon, visit the mini-golf course or try other winter activities.

Copor waterfalls

All waterfalls in Coporje are small - no more than 1.5 meters - but very beautiful. In relatively easy accessibility there are two waterfalls on the Koporka River, but by the third one you will have to struggle to climb through the forest. However, the first two will be quite enough to make an impression of this attraction.

Копорская крепость

If the sun has not set yet, wander around the Kopor fortress, which is almost 8 centuries old. Over the years it belonged to German knights, Novgorodians, Swedes. Unfortunately, access to the fortress is temporarily impossible: it is under reconstruction. But no one will forbid you to admire the grandiose building from the outside - she looks really impressive!

family cafe (ХоРоШо)

And off we go again, this time to Kingisepp, where you'll have a delicious dinner at the cozy cafe "Good". It's open daily from 12:00 to 22:00, and closes an hour later on Friday and Saturday. Phone for reservations is 8 (921) 412-80-92.

Billiard club "Yamburg"

Fans of billiards can visit the local club "Yamburg" (by the way, this is the name that Kingisepp had until 1922). The club works every day from 12:00 to 2 a.m. You can book a table by calling +7 (960) 277-73-76.

Day 2: Ostrich farm, cave, horseback riding, Cheremenetsky Nature Reserve, ice rink and cinema

On the second day of the trip you will visit the mysterious Dolozhskaya cave and ostrich farm, wander in the snowy forest near Cheremenetsky lake and go horseback riding. Go ice-skating in Luga, and the ideal end of the day will be dinner at the ArArAt restaurant.

Dolozhskaya Peshchera

The Dolozhskaya Cave is the second largest cave in the Leningrad Region. It is wrapped in myths and legends. It is said that in the first half of the XVIII century a monk lived in Dolozhskaya cave and met his death here. The cave is two horizontal galleries connected by a narrow aisle. The length of the larger gallery is 11 meters. At the end of the gallery there is an underground lake with healing water and a small altar. And in the river Dolgoj near the cave there is a stone with the footprint of the Virgin Mary (but it is almost impossible to see it in winter). You should study the cave with a flashlight, walk slowly and carefully: the vaults are low, and on the walls of the winter moths and bats.

Fazer Baker's Market

Stop by the bakery to buy a couple of cakes and hot tea: lunch today will be a little later, but a refreshment on the way will do.

Lion Ostrich Farm.

The Lion Ostrich Farm is home to free grazing czars, turkeys, pheasants and, of course, African ostriches. Birds can be fed and photographed with them. The owner of the farm can have a short excursion, and then is allowed to wander around the farm by himself. Poultry meat is on sale, but only 3-4 days in advance. The farm receives guests from 10:00 to 16:00 every day. For more information, search [here]( and call 8 (911) 198-99-67.

State Natural Reserve "Cheremetsky"

[Cheremetsky reserve]( was established in 1976 to preserve preglacial lakes and the dense forests surrounding them. Take an hour to wander through the winter forest and admire the beauty of Lake Vrevo and Lake Cheremetskoye. If you want you can reach the St. John the Theological Monastery, which is more than 5 centuries old.


Chaplin Restaurant is an unexpectedly good place in small Luga. On the outside the building doesn't look that attractive, but inside you will feel incredibly good and cosy. The portions here are big, the food is delicious, and the price tag is very low by St. Petersburg standards. In the evenings there are quite a lot of visitors in the restaurant, so it's better to book a table in advance by phone +7911 235 08 62.

Kalganovsky horse factory

The horse factory "Kalganovsky" has been growing Oryol trotters for over a hundred years. Besides, excellent conditions for rest are organized here. For example, you can sign up for an individual riding lesson with an instructor or take a ride in the forest. For those who are not yet ready to climb the saddle, there is riding in a carriage, crew or sleigh. You can come to [the factory]( any day of the week from 10:00 to 21:00. The telephone number for contact is 8 (911) 924 99 08.

Ice rink in Zarechny Park

After a hearty late lunch, get your blood pumping at the ice rink in Zarechny Park. Skates can be rented and entry to the rink is free - you can skate until the park closes!


Restaurant "ArArAt" is designed for elegant dinners in a slightly nostalgic atmosphere. Huge two-storey main hall, several banquet halls, separate houses-hostels for small companies - you can stay anywhere. The menu is extensive, the price tag is pleasant, in the evening cover bands periodically perform. Be sure to book a table in advance by calling +7 (965) 006-74-71. Restaurant opening time is from 11:00 till 23:00.

Day 3: Tuutari Park, spring and canyon, memorial in Bolshoye Zarechye

The third day of the trip is devoted to walks in the open air: you'll find Pechersky spring and Luzhsky canyon, visit the memorial on the ashes of the wartime village Bolshoye Zarechye, and spend the evening in Tuutari Park, a year-round center of outdoor activities.

Pechersk spring

They go to the Turov or Pechersk holy spring for purification and hope for healing. It is also just a beautiful place for a walk in the morning hours. In 1996, a new font was built at the spring - the previous one was destroyed in the 30s of the last century.

Small Luga Canyon

In the 80s of the last century there was a sandy quarry on the bank of the Luga River. Due to active ground waters, sand mining had to stop, equipment was removed and the quarry quickly turned into a lake in the middle of a pine forest. Small Luga Canyon created an ordinary forest stream flowing into the lake. For several decades the stream of water has created a real natural wonder. At the bottom of the canyon you can walk all the way to the "waterfall". However, in winter it is a bit difficult to get to the canyon, at least you can leave your car and walk - the places here are incredibly picturesque.

U Samsona Vyrina

Dinner time! Dine on Russian classics at the inn near the station master's house.

Мемориал Б. Заречье

Visit a very important monument in the village of Bolshoye Zarechye. To be more precise, the village does not exist today: it was destroyed by German fascist troops on October 30, 1943. From the village with dozens of houses remained only stoves in the middle of an empty field. The place is sad, but it's important to visit.

Tuutari Park

In the snowy season, the Tuutari Park turns into a European-class ski resort. Alpine and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skating and ice skating - spend the rest of the day fun and useful! All relevant information can be obtained by phone numbers indicated at [site]( The park is open daily from 12:00 to 21:00.

Hamlet + Jacks

A nice end to the day would be dinner at Hamlet + Jacks restaurant, located near the St. Petersburg Museum of Printing. The restaurant is housed in the building of a former jewelry workshop. The menu features dishes made with products of Russian origin and terroir wines from small farms. You'd better reserve a table in advance by phone + 7 (812) 907-07-35, in the evenings the restaurant is fully booked. **Taste the original dishes and receive a glass of wine or a cup of coffee as a compliment when paying with a Mastercard. To receive the privilege, tell the waiter that you are a Mastercard Reward cardholder when you order. **[Full Promotion Rules](**

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