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Palaces, parks and horseback riding

Road Trip Route. Walk in the picturesque parks of Gatchina, Visit the royal palaces, Walk along the walls of an ancient fortress., Horseback riding.

This scenario is good for families with children. You will visit the Catherine Palace and visit the famous Amber Room. You will visit the Gatchina Palace, which is built in the style of an English hunting castle. You can also walk around the famous picturesque parks of the palaces and visit the house with the secret inside. Touch the walls of the medieval fortress, visit the town of Andersengrad, which is based on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, and take an unforgettable ride on horses. Bring comfortable clothes and shoes and, of course, do not forget about the good mood! Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](

Families with Kids. From: Saint Petersburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Palaces and parks

On the first day we will go to Pushkin and visit the picturesque parks, Catherine Palace. In Gatchina we will visit the Gatchina Palace, an unusual house and take a walk in the park.

Saint Petersburg

Alexander Park (Александровский парк)

The first point of the route is Alexandrovsky Park. The park is an architectural monument of XVIII-XIX centuries. The Alexandrovsky Palace, the residence of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, is located on the territory. You can also see the White Tower, the Arsenal, where the collection of weapons was kept, the Children's House, the ruins of the Chinese theatre, the Big Chinese Bridge, Dragons Bridge and much more!

Catherine Park (Екатерининский парк)

Another most important attraction, located in the Pushkinsky district, is the Catherine Park. Let's take a walk here, enjoy the scenery, take some beautiful pictures, and then go on a tour of the Catherine Palace.

The Catherine Palace (Екатерининский дворец)

The palace was built in XVIII during the reign of Catherine I. Here you can visit several halls: the Big Hall, the Picture Hall, the Chinese Lounge of Alexander I, the Portrait Hall, the Amber Room, dining rooms: the White Parade Hall, the Green Hall, the Cavalry Hall, the Small White Hall, the Waiter's Hall and the Buffet Hall. Warning! Tuesday's a day off.


Lunch will be held in a cozy cafe "Museum for Friends". The menu offers dishes cooked according to preserved recipes of the XIX century, as well as some modern snacks and desserts. Polite staff, pleasant atmosphere!

Gatchina Palace (Гатчинский дворец)

The Great Gatchina Palace was built in the 18th century. Here one can visit the Avant Gardens, the Tower Study, the White Room, the rooms of the family of Emperor Alexander III, the Crimson Drawing Room, the Marble Dining Room, the Oval Boudoir, the State Dormitory, the Throne Room of Paul I and the Toilet Room. More information is also available [on the website](

Берёзовый домик

Let's go to the Palace Park and visit an unusual building - the Birch Cabin. On the outside it is decorated with birch logs, and behind a rather modest façade there are rooms with luxurious interiors.

Palace Park (Дворцовый парк)

We will walk through the adjacent parkland, where in addition to the Birch House you can also see the Humpback Bridge, Turkish tent, amphitheatre with four passages, Eagle Column, forest greenhouse, terrace pier on the Long Island and many other small but unusual places.


Dinner will take place in a small cafe where European and Asian dishes are prepared. Snacks, soups, hot dishes, meat, fish and poultry dishes, pastries, desserts, sushi and rolls. Even the most demanding visitor can find something for himself!

Day 2: Copor Fortress, Andersengrad, horseback riding

On the second day of the trip we will walk around the territory of the Kopor fortress, then go to the fairytale town of Andersengrad, and after the horseback riding.

Копорская крепость

The fortress is a monument of medieval defensive architecture. It was mentioned in chronicles from 1240. The fortress was rebuilt several times. At the present stage the restoration works were practically not carried out, which allowed to preserve the authenticity. The fortress includes defensive walls, gates, bridge, chapel and church. Warning! The entrance to the inside of the fortress is still closed, emergency operations are underway. However, you can walk along the walls and feel the full spirit of the past!


Let's go to Andersengrad. The complex is a fairytale European town dedicated to H.H. Andersen. Here you will see an extraordinary fountain with the Little Mermaid and the dolphins guarding her, meet the Steadfast Tin Soldier and have your photo taken under the umbrella of Ole Lukoyer. There are often events on the grounds, in which you can also take part. In addition, you can ride a bicycle and buy branded products (magnets, T-shirts, cups, plates) in the souvenir shop. You can cross the road and take a walk in the White Sands Park Entrance is free!


Lunch will be held at the restaurant "Amarone". The menu includes dishes of European and Japanese cuisine: snacks, salads, soups, pasta, meat and fish dishes, rolls, baked rolls, various desserts. There is also a children's menu.

Мыс "Серая Лошадь"

A picturesque place on the shore of the Gulf of Finland: a view of the water surface, tall pines and large boulders. Nearby are the ruins of a military fort, overgrown with moss. Some of the structures look quite unusual and will definitely appeal to those who are looking for interesting places to take pictures.

Conno Travel Club Peterhof

Horseback riding is a great way to relax in the countryside and have fun. You can choose from several routes of different lengths. You can get more information [on site](, as well as book your walk in advance.


Dinner will be held in a restaurant with soft sofas and various vases, pots, figures on the shelves. Here you will taste dishes of Russian cuisine: borscht, dumplings, dishes of Japanese cuisine: rolls, sushi, Italian cuisine: pasta, pizza. There are also various salads, appetizers, desserts, meat and fish dishes in the menu and much more!

Saint Petersburg