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Outdoors in the Leningrad region with children

Road Trip Route. Have fun at Okhta Park Resort, where everyone will find entertainment to their liking., You go to deer and ostrich farms., Enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Finland on the banks of the picturesque Dubkovaya Bay., You'll see a lighthouse operating since the 19th century., Visit the mystical park of Maryina Mountain., Follow the eco-trail at the Lindulovskaya Grove., .

Sometimes you want to go somewhere out in the countryside for a walk away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get some fresh air. We understand you, so we have created a short two-day trip where you can relax with your soul. All the places have been designed to be interesting for adults and children alike. It is recommended to schedule this trip for Saturday-Sunday, because most of the show sites currently only accept visitors on weekends. Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Multivan](https://www.volkswagen-commercial.ru/ru/model-overview/multivan.html?utm_source=Multivan&utm_medium=cpm&utm_content=Multivan&utm_campaign=LCV_Road_Travel&tc=oa-LCV_Road_Travel-Multivan-cpm-Keyword_Multivan-banner).

Families with Kids. From: Saint Petersburg

Volkswagen Multivan.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Along the Gulf of Finland

In the morning, check out the deer farm: there are interesting excursions that even treat guests to delicious tea from a real samovar on the coals. The best place to relax and have some fun is Ohta Park. Right after the deer walk, go there. Few people know about the Soviet-Finnish war in details, so go to the exhibition complex "Sestroretskiy Frontier", where you can visit the most interesting excursions and hear a detailed story about the events of the 1930s. In the evening, look into the mystical place where once was the estate of Russian writer M.V. Krestovskaya.

Saint Petersburg

Forest Hut

The adventure begins literally 30 kilometres from Peter in the village of Mendsara, where the cozy deer farm is located. We suggest to take a tour here during which you will get acquainted with all animals of the farm (even with the cat Dymka), feed the deer and horses by yourself, listen to the story about the life of reindeer and drink fragrant tea from a real samovar on coals. A visit to the farm is possible only by appointment, you can contact us on +790433430777. More about this place [on the official website](https://www.olenikoni-spb.ru/). Please note: the farm is open on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10 a.m. to the last visitor.

Ohta Park

After the farm, visit the all-season resort of Ohta Park, located in a picturesque location surrounded by mountains, rivers and forests. Everybody will find something to enjoy here. For the youngest visitors there is a rope park and a children's club. For adults there is a spa complex and swimming pool complex. Those who like to sit with a fishing rod can go fishing, and for fans of outdoor activities there is a rental of bicycles, roller skates and electric scooters or a paintball club. Bicycle rides can be taken along the routes of Toksovo Forest Park, and the route has long hills and steep descents. If you are going to come in autumn, in the off-season there is a swimming pool complex, spa-bath complex "Zen", fishing, equipment rental. During the cold season there is a luxurious forest skating rink, 10 ski slopes of various complexity with a total length of up to 2,885 meters and a height difference of up to 55 meters, a cable car and other winter fun. Learn more about the resort [on site](https://www.ohtapark.ru/about/).

Après Ski

Before you go any further, visit a cozy restaurant on the resort's premises. It creates a pleasant homely atmosphere for the comfort of guests, and waiting for the order is to the soothing sounds of wood crackling in the fireplace. The menu offers both exotic dishes, such as oysters, and classic Russian, Caucasian and Asian dishes. And, of course, be sure to try freshly caught fish from your own pond cooked according to the best recipes.

Sestroretskiy Rubezh

It's time to move to a resort town on the northern shore of the Gulf of Finland Baltic Sea. There is an exhibition complex "Sestroretskiy Border". In 1930s there were fierce battles in this place, now there is an open-air museum, where visitors are introduced to the events of the Soviet-Finnish war. On the territory of the complex there is not only a large collection of military structures of that time, including the APK-1, the observation tower of 1938, the Izhora Tower, but also restored the life of soldiers. Please note, the complex is open only on weekends, until 18-00.

Марьина Гора

To diversify this journey we offer a walk in a historical place. Go to the park "Maryina Gora", which keeps in its depths a lot of interesting things. Walking in the park you will come across the ruins of the church, the monastery fence, the foundations of the famous estate, which was built on the bank of the Black River and from where according to popular belief one could see the mysterious illusionary island. In general, the place was named after the Russian writer M.V. Krestovskaya, earlier the estate "Marijoki" was located here. Many Russian painters and writers have visited the estate. By the way, I.E. Repin, who lived nearby, also liked to visit her. We suggest not to stay here, but to go to the picturesque Dubkovaya Bay of the Gulf of Finland and stay there overnight.


For dinner, stop by the chic panoramic restaurant with its magical views over the evergreen forest. Here you will be offered European salads and snacks, Mediterranean dishes from seafood and fish, "forest grill", author's burgers, as well as a special menu for young guests.

Day 2: Amazing nature of the north

A good night's sleep and a lot of walking is the plan for today. In the morning, walk to a local attraction, the chapel at the bottom of the bay. Afterwards, relax and have fun at Okunevaya Holiday Camp and visit Australia's northernmost emu ostrich farm.


Take a little walk before breakfast. Walk to the beautiful wooden chapel of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, located on the shore, or rather on a stone embankment that leads deep into the bay. It's an unusual and very picturesque place. Inside there are several icons, the main one of which is Admiral Fyodor Ushakov.


After a stroll along the Gulf of Finland, drop by for breakfast at Watercolour Restaurant with its panoramic windows offering charming views. The menu offers fine Russian and European cuisine.


After breakfast, explore all the most interesting services of "Okunevaya" recreation center. There is a rope park within walking distance from here, where the latest equipment, experienced instructors, as much as 6 tracks of different levels of complexity and 15 zip-lines, both for children from 4 years old, and for extreme older. Please note the work schedule, you can visit the park only on weekends. There are also several modern playgrounds and a rental office for ATVs, bicycles and snowmobiles. In winter you will have the opportunity to skate on the Gulf of Finland or rent skis to explore the surrounding area. In addition, children will be delighted to skate on wooden slides in the recreation area or a winter banana. You can book the services you are interested in by phone indicated [on the official website](https://okunevaya.ru/services/).

Australian farm

The rest house is good, but the ostrich farm is even better. It's time to visit Emu, Australia's northernmost ostrich farm. Please note that the Ostrich Farm "Australian Farm" is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday. Start of tours: 13:00 For more information, please visit the official [Vkontakte Group](https://vk.com/club5710715).


We are sure that yesterday you were delighted with the cozy atmosphere, quality service and magnificent views, so for lunch we offer to visit the already familiar restaurant "MoreShal".

Маяк «Стирсудден»

The walk does not end there, go to the Ozerki and take a look at the active lighthouse on the northern shore of the Gulf of Finland. It has been illuminating the road for sailors since 1872.

Линдуловская роща

Rest in nature will turn out to be incomplete without a walk in a wonderful corner of nature - Lindulivskaâ Grove. Four species of larch trees are planted in the Reserve - Arkhangelsk, or Sukachev, Kamchatka, Siberian and European. A 5.5-kilometre-long eco-trail has been laid on the territory. It leads along the Roshchinka River and is interesting because there are spawning grounds for Atlantic salmon and kumzhi. During the walk you will learn a lot about the inhabitants of the nature reserve "Lindulovskaya Roshcha" and the reason for its creation. [Here](https://ooptlo.ru/ecolindulovskaya-roshha.html) you will find a detailed description and map of the route.


To complete this unforgettable journey we offer not far from the Lindulovskaya Roshcha in the restaurant "Shishkin". Here Russian and European cuisine is presented in the best traditions, and each dish is thought out to the smallest details.

Saint Petersburg