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One day in the center of Sergiev Posad

Road Trip Route. Go to the Chernigov hermitage., Visit the exhibition at the Horse Yard., To pet the hares at the monument to Peter and Fevronia..

To the north of Moscow is located one of the most beautiful cities in the Moscow region - Sergiev Posad. Many places here are associated with the revered Orthodox St. Sergius of Radonezh. We will visit Gremyachiy Klyuch, Chernihivsky sketch, visit one of the exhibitions "Horse Yard", admire the views of the pride from the observation deck and be sure to visit Krasnogorskaya Square, where the main attraction is the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

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Polina Zagoryanskaya. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Historical sights of Sergiev Posad

Today we are going to spend a day in one of the famous cities of the Moscow region - Sergiev Posad. Thanks to its long history, the city has accumulated a lot of interesting places. On the way we will visit a natural spring called Gremyachy Klyuch. In Sergiev Posad we will visit the Chernigov hermitage, go to the exhibition in the "Horse yard", see the sights in Krasnogorskaya square, enjoy the views of the city at the observation deck and find out who hid behind the backs of Peter and Fevronia.


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Водопад «Гремячий ключ»

Our journey begins with a stop in the village of Vzgjadnevo, where the Gremyachij Key is located. It is worth coming here to see the natural keys, which form a few meters high waterfall. If you wish, you can take a dip in the spring, where the water temperature does not change during the year and is 6 degrees Celsius. *" It's important to note that the road to Gremyachey's key is very rough and it's better to walk a couple of kilometers

Черниговский скит

Arriving in Sergiev Posad, the first thing we do is go to the Chernigovsky skit. This sketch is the courtyard of the Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra. There are monastic cells, cave temples and a holy spring available for tourists. The Chernigov sketch attracts attention not only because of the caves, but also because of the unique architectural ensemble of the temples.

Сергиевская кухмистерская

There is a Russian cuisine café in the Sergievsky Kitchen Museum, where you should stop for lunch. Here you can taste "exhibits" cooked according to ancient recipes in the atmosphere of the early 20th century. If you have a desire, you can take a short but interesting excursion.

Музейный комплекс «Конный двор»

The next stop for our trip is the museum complex "Equestrian Yard". 6 days a week (except Mondays) in the "Equestrian Yard" there are exhibitions on various topics, as well as several permanent exhibitions. *" The museum complex isn't open on Mondays and Tuesdays

Красногорская площадь

Before dinner you should take a walk on Krasnogorskaya Square. The square can be called the center of the city's attractions: the Holy Gate, New Trade Rows, Drying Baths, squares and the symbol of Sergiev Posad - the Trinity Sergiev Lavra. Before the entrance to the Lavra stands the monument to the founder of the monastery Sergei Radonezhsky. Here you can feel the spirit of the city.


The Landau Café is named after the physicist Lev Landau, and the interior is decorated with scientific themes. Visitors are surrounded by flasks, test tubes, voltmeters and ammeters, and portraits of scientists. Dishes are served in the same way - drinks are served in beakers. Here you can not only have a tasty meal, but also learn something new about famous figures of science.

Смотровая площадка

On Pancake Mountain there is an observation deck with a beautiful view of the temple complex. The mountain takes its name from the Pancake Yard, where the most delicious pancakes in town were served. Next to the site there is a monument to Sergei Radonezhsky "Miracle of birds" in honor of the 700th anniversary of the saint.

Памятник Петру и Февронии

Before leaving Sergiev Posad, we will stop at the monument to the patrons of family and marriage. The monument to Peter and Fevronia was erected near Kelarskoe Pond in 2014. They say that if you rub the bunnies behind the saints' backs and make a wish, it will come true.