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On the way to the dolmens.

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The Early Bronze Age has left its mark in the form of dolmens - cult buildings. To one of these monuments of archeology we will be poisoned! The main attraction of our trip will be the only fully preserved monolithic dolmen. On the way to it we will visit the monastery, look at a real apiary and an unusual tree.

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Day 1: Monastery, bees and dolmens

Today our journey will be rich and memorable! In the first half of the day we will visit the Monastery of the Desert of the Cross, visit the bees in the apiary and see a tree with "tulips" growing on it. In the afternoon we will dedicate the whole afternoon to the dolmens and Volkon Gorge.


Монастырь "Крестовая Пустынь"

Our journey will begin with a visit to the Monastery of the Desert of the Cross. There is a font, a shop at the monastery and the beautiful nature around it. It is worth coming here at least to walk along the footpaths in the forest nearby.


There is an apiary not far from Golovinka village, so we will leave the car at the shop parking and walk along the Shakhe river.


Here is the apiary. Here you can take a tour of the apiary, find out how honey is produced, taste it and buy something in the shop for yourself or your friends as a memento of the place. *It is better to notify in advance about your visit to the apiary, and all the contacts can be found on [website](http://7-sochi.ru/page/Paseka-kontakty)*.


We head back to the car and set off on our route.

Тюльпанное Дерево

In the village of Golovinka itself there is an unusual tulip tree. The tree got its name because of its flowers. The fact is that they are shaped like tulips. Near the tree there is a monument dedicated to the Decembrists.

Кафе "Сухум"

We'll have lunch at Cafe Sukhum. Here you should take a "boat" in Abkhazian or shashlik.

Волконский Дольмен

The last but most important attraction in our journey will be Volkonsky Dolmen. It's the only completely preserved monolithic dolmen. The dolmen itself is in the reserve, where you can also walk along Volkonsky Gorge and other natural wonders. It's a fantastic place!

Кавказский Дворик

Before returning to Sochi, we will go to the restaurant "Caucasian Yard" for dinner. Cozy atmosphere, pleasant staff and delicious food is a great place to relax after a long journey.