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Day 2221 km

Historical sites of Ivangorod

In the morning you will be taken to the border with Estonia - Ivangorod. There are several very remarkable places on its territory, which will appeal to history and art lovers.

Day Itinerary

2 km5 min
09:0030 min


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Buy your groceries for the road at the store, as all the local cafes are still closed.
24.5 km30 min
Ivangorod castle (Jaanilinna linnus)
10:0045 min

Ivangorod castle (Jaanilinna linnus)

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Ivangorod museum complex includes several historical sites, one of which is the fortress of the same name. A tour here is inexpensive, and a walk through the fortress walls and other rooms, which offer great views of the Narva River, leaves a very strong impression.
In order to get to the borderland, you need to make an application at least three days in advance. You can find out how to do so in the official museum community.

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On the splinters of antiquity of the Leningrad region
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On the splinters of antiquity of the Leningrad region
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