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On the ground and above the ground: a trip to the south of Moscow region

On the ground and above the ground: a trip to the south of Moscow region
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2 Days


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351 km






Unique Locations
Sometimes it seems impossible to have a good rest in two days. How about disproving that statement?
In fact, in two days you can manage to do a lot of things, such as visit two ancient manor houses, go horseback riding, get acquainted with the traditions of Russian horse hunting, take to the sky and jump with a parachute, and finish your trip with a visit to the creative garbage museum, which is located near the Sparrow Bird Park.
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Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Visit to the airfield.
  • Museum of Garbage "MU-MU".
  • Equestrian club "Favorit".
  • Bird Park "Sparrows.
  • Museum-shop "Plyushkin Yard.
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Noble traditions
Day 1137 km

Noble traditions

On the first day you will visit two old farmsteads, then there is lunch, and after that you will go horseback riding in the equestrian sports club.
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Are we flying?
Day 2215 km

Are we flying?

The second day: visit to the airfield "Sky as a gift" for a flight with elements of aerobatics. After - Museum of Garbage "MU-MU", which is located near the airfield. Then - arrival to the bird park "Sparrow" and "Plyushkin Yard" - a colorful antique shop-museum.
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