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Old pubs in the City of London

Old pubs in the City of London
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A direct descendant of ancient Roman taverns, the public house or simply the pub has very quickly become a part of national British culture. After all, the pub is first and foremost a meeting place where social classes are erased and you can not just have a pint of ale, but also learn all the latest news and gossip of the neighbourhood or village. The pub is an unmistakable part of British culture.
Most people have a favourite pub and the older it is the more popular it is with the locals so it is possible to walk into one pub half-empty and still beehive-like around the corner.
We take a walk through the oldest pubs in the City of London with our guide Irina Belousova.
Irina Belousova
Irina Belousova
Travel Expert
  • Visit some of the oldest pubs in the City of London.
  • Have a pint.
  • Sit at Charles Dickens' favourite table.

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Old pubs in the City of London
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Old pubs in the City of London

There are interesting pubs in every part of London - if you're in Hampstead, make sure you visit the atmospheric 1700's The Spaniards Inn. But the greatest concentration of interesting historic pubs within walking distance is nowadays in the City business district: here almost every pub is like a living history. The British often visit more than one in an evening, so let's take a look at some of the City's oldest pubs.
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