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Old European city of Vyborg

Road Trip Route. Vyborg castle, Burger's estate, Big Bucket Embankment.

It is quite easy to see with your own eyes a medieval European city without leaving Russia. All you have to do is come to Vyborg. Despite the fact that this border town has experienced many wars, it has preserved its original appearance and historical identity. A variety of architectural monuments (both ancient and modern) will attract the attention of even a traveler who has seen the views.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: One day in Vyborg

The travel program is very busy. We will learn the history of Vyborg from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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Vyborg Castle (Выборгский замок)

One of the main sights of Vyborg. Be sure to visit this well-preserved historic site. The first mention of this historic building dates back to the XIII century! The history of the castle is as rich as possible, built by order of the Swedish king, it served for many years as a fortification that protected Vyborg, and came into possession of the first Russian emperor only in the early 18th century. In the buildings adjoining the castle there were barracks and a prison in different years, where some of the participants of the Decembrist uprising were imprisoned.

Torkel Knutsson monument (Памятник Торгильсу Кнутссону)

Torgils Knutsson was a medieval knight who built the Vyborg Castle, so he is considered the founder of the town. The monument and the Town Hall (City Council) look very nice in the photos, so take a moment!

Петровский парк

The park is at the highest point of the city. A beautiful panorama of old Vyborg opens up from here. There is a monument to Peter I and the only monument in Russia to Fyodor Apraksin - admiral general, who in 1710 commanded Russian troops during the capture of Vyborg.

Часовая башня

An ancient building that used to be used as a bell tower, and then the first chime clock was installed on it.


After a short walk around Vyborg, I recommend dining at the local tavern. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages has been completely recreated here. The menu is also creative: you can taste specialities based on ancient recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Усадьба Бюргера

This house has a permanent exhibition of items related to the life of a medieval city dweller (burger). Charming tour guide Gretchen will guide you through all the rooms, from the attic to the wine cellar. The museum house is open from 10 to 18 hours every day.

Лавка стеклодува

Very interesting place where you can buy unusual handmade souvenirs and see the process of their production.

Town Hall Tower (Башня Ратуши)

The Old Town Hall Tower, recently renovated, is located in the city center as a Gothic monument. It is an interesting place for photography.

Собор святых Петра и Павла

The only functioning Lutheran cathedral in Russia. The interior is ascetic, in the evenings you can hear the organ playing.

Набережная Большого Ковша

The Viking drakkars, located in the bay, remind us that this is where the famous trade route "From the Vikings to the Greeks" started. With ancient ships in the bay, you get great photos!

Парк им. Ленина

It has another name - "Esplanade". There are a lot of interesting places to go for a walk. On the territory of the park is the famous building of Alvara Aalto library in the style of modernism (windows are located on the roof). Trees with carved faces, the Moose monument and other unusual objects make the park area very attractive for both locals and tourists.

New Бриг

A small café with an excellent selection of drinks and delicious food is perfect to get a closer look at the atmosphere of this unusual city. Enjoy your appetite and have a good evening!

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