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Old European city of Vyborg

Old European city of Vyborg
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


12 Hours


By Car


278 km




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It is quite easy to see with your own eyes a medieval European city without leaving Russia. All you have to do is come to Vyborg.
Despite the fact that this border town has experienced many wars, it has preserved its original appearance and historical identity. A variety of architectural monuments (both ancient and modern) will attract the attention of even a traveler who has seen the views.
Valeria Azuevskaya
Valeria Azuevskaya
Travel Expert
  • Vyborg castle.
  • Burger's estate.
  • Big Bucket Embankment.

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One day in Vyborg
Day 1278 km4 km

One day in Vyborg

The travel program is very busy. We will learn the history of Vyborg from the Middle Ages to the present day.
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