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Old and New Ladoga

 Old and New Ladoga
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


11 Hours


By Car


277 km




History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
You will visit Ladoga - one of the most ancient cities, the first capital of Russia, where several years Rurik ruled, and where, according to ancient Novgorod chronicles, Prince Oleg the Prophetic was buried on a 10 meter high mound.
Here you'll visit the walls of the ancient Old Ladoga fortress, enjoy the beauty of Gorchakovskaya waterfall, visit Nikolsky male monastery, visit the burial mound where Oleg the Prophetic was buried and enjoy local landscapes!
Eugenia Laputina
Eugenia Laputina
  • Old Ladoga Fortress.
  • Gorchakovshchino Waterfall.
  • Burial mounds of Prophetic Oleg.
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To the first capital of Russia.
Day 1277 km128 m

To the first capital of Russia.

In the first half of the day you will visit the Old Ladoga Fortress, picturesque Gorchakovskiy waterfall, St. Nicholas male monastery and have lunch in a Russian restaurant with a real stove. And after lunch you will go to the mounds of Prophetic Oleg and see the place where he is buried.
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