Let's visit James Abraham Garfield's memorial. . Let's stop by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... . We'll visit the greenhouses and the arboretum. . We'll visit a huge number of different parks. . Let's take a few tours of the most interesting museums. . .

Ohio and Michigan State Natural Heritage

Ohio is one of the states with a rich and diverse history that has not lived in this territory: Indians, French, English and many other ethnic groups. Let's take a trip to find out what's got people from all over the world so drawn here. Numerous walks in the country's national parks await us and we will learn how people are trying to preserve these incredible natural beauties for future generations. We will plunge into the fun, crazy world of rock and roll and learn more about the conquest of space. One of the main goals of our trip will be to travel through the protected areas of northern Michigan, where we will also enjoy the magnificent and unique nature.

Ohio and Michigan State Natural Heritage

10 days itinerary by Jonathan May - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 8 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Park and the first dollar billionaire

Our journey is just beginning, let's not rush too fast. Today we will enjoy a walk in the huge park and have a delicious dinner, and then go to the hotel to rest to gain strength for a new day that promises to be truly exciting. It's time, friends, let's go to the great mood and the fresh air!
Visiting: Cleveland, East Cleveland

Day 2: Mix: President, science, Indians and rock and roll.

In one day we will have time to get acquainted with the unique architectural structure dedicated to President James Abraham, we will start to understand science better, after we have had a couple of real experiments, we will learn to care for nature, as the Indians once did, and finally we will learn absolutely everything about rock and roll and the world stars of this musical direction.
Visiting: Cleveland, Bay Village, Westlake, Cleveland Heights, Peninsula

Day 3: Beauty in the south of the state

Today we start in Cleveland. With plans to head south, many people have told us about the beautiful nature of Ohio, so we decided to see it for ourselves. It's planned to arrive at Columbus by tonight.
Visiting: Cleveland, Mansfield, Hocking, Howard, Columbus

Day 4: There are butterflies on the wings

The fourth day was a day of admiration and tenderness. First we discovered new facets of art, then we were surprised and admired by the evolution of the natural landscape. It was like we spent lunch in Italy, although we stayed in the state. A little later we plunged into the world of flowers and butterflies, and finally enjoyed a wonderful walk.
Visiting: Columbus, Waynesville, Cincinnati, Dayton

Day 5: On my way to Detroit.

The purpose of today's trip is Detroit, on the way we expect to visit several places, including museums, parks and many other interesting things.
Visiting: Dayton, Toledo, Sidney, Findlay, Detroit

Day 6: Detroit Museums

Today we plan to visit some of the most significant and interesting museums in Detroit. However, our day will not be limited to excursions only, because we also plan to walk in the most beautiful and picturesque places of the city and its surroundings.
Visiting: Detroit, Dearborn, White Lake, Clarkston, Waterford

Day 7: On the beaches of Michigan.

Today we have planned to visit some of the state's famous beaches, although this is not the only thing, of course - we will also appreciate the variety of natural beauties that will meet in our path.
Visiting: Waterford, Saginaw, Indian River, Pontiac, Roscommon, Cheboygan

Day 8: Beauties of the American North

Today we are going to visit the famous protected areas located in the north of the Michigan Peninsula. We're going to see fabulous scenery of forests, rivers and waterfalls, and we're going to make a small circle through the most beautiful parts of the peninsula and head back to Cleveland.
Visiting: Cheboygan, Paradise, Petoskey, Saint Ignace, Township of Hendricks, Grayling, Mount Pleasant

Day 9: On the way to Cleveland.

Today will be the last full day of our trip. We plan to have a lot of time to get to Cleveland, and on the way to visit several beautiful and famous places, including beaches, parks and other attractions.
Visiting: Mount Pleasant, Gibsonburg, East Lansing, Huron, Ann Arbor, Dundee, Parma, Cleveland

Day 10: Morning on Lake Erie

Today, as we planned our day, we spent a lot of time looking for a suitable place to take a morning stroll before our flight, and finally we remembered the picturesque Edgewater Park, which is located on the shores of Lake Erie. It is there that we intend to go after the park today to leave a final warm memory of Cleveland and our journey.
Visiting: Cleveland