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Ohio and Michigan State Natural Heritage

Road Trip Route. Let's visit James Abraham Garfield's memorial., Let's stop by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..., We'll visit the greenhouses and the arboretum., We'll visit a huge number of different parks., Let's take a few tours of the most interesting museums., .

Ohio is one of the states with a rich and diverse history that has not lived in this territory: Indians, French, English and many other ethnic groups. Let's take a trip to find out what's got people from all over the world so drawn here. Numerous walks in the country's national parks await us and we will learn how people are trying to preserve these incredible natural beauties for future generations. We will plunge into the fun, crazy world of rock and roll and learn more about the conquest of space. One of the main goals of our trip will be to travel through the protected areas of northern Michigan, where we will also enjoy the magnificent and unique nature.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Cleveland

Jonathan May. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Park and the First Dollar Billionaire

Our journey is just beginning, let's not rush too fast. Today we will enjoy a walk in the huge park and have a delicious dinner, and then go to the hotel to rest to gain strength for a new day that promises to be truly exciting. It's time, friends, let's go to the great mood and the fresh air!

Forest Hill Park

We'll start with Cleveland in this 248-acre park. Do you know the name of the first official dollar billionaire? It's okay if you don't, I'll give you a hint, John Davison Rockefeller. I guess now you're thinking about how the park and this man are connected? It's very simple: up until 1936 (when the park was officially handed over to the two cities) the whole area was part of the Rockefeller family estate. Although the manor itself has not survived to this day, it was destroyed by a large fire in 1917, a walk here will certainly bring a lot of positive emotions.

Urban Farmer

The steak house chef stays true to the Midwestern U.S. cuisine tradition by successfully using organic products supplied by local farmers. The usual dishes are served in a unique style, which shows the chef's great imagination. Food and drinks meet the highest standards.

Day 2: Mix: President, Science, Indians and Rock-n-Roll

In one day we will have time to get acquainted with the unique architectural structure dedicated to President James Abraham, we will start to understand science better, after we have had a couple of real experiments, we will learn to care for nature, as the Indians once did, and finally we will learn absolutely everything about rock and roll and the world stars of this musical direction.

On The Rise Artisan Bakery & Pastries

We decided to start the day in a small but cozy bakery On The Rise Artisan Bakery & Pastries. Incredibly friendly and positive staff works here - we were greeted with smiles and joy from the threshold. The menu is mainly different baked goods and sweets, we took a couple of sandwiches, as well as a few cakes with coffee and were very pleased. However, when planning your visit here, you should remember that the cafe is closed on Mondays.

James A Garfield Monument

To give us more time to travel and sightseeing, we had a solid breakfast at the hotel. The James Abraham Garfield Memorial, the 20th President of the United States, was designed by architect Jerge Keller and built from sandstone mined in Ohio. This monument is decorated with skilfully executed bas-reliefs, telling about events from the life of the president. Windows made of stained glass and mosaics in the Greek style create a unique environment. The architectural monument deserves careful study.

Great Lakes Science Center

It has always been difficult for me, as a man of humanitarian mind, to be given mathematics, and even engineering, many modern technologies and some other scientific fields in general, as the alien world. After visiting this museum, much became clear. Interactive exhibits and a simple explanation of complex things will conquer anyone. If you travel with children, be sure to plan a visit to this science monastery, if you travel without children, come here anyway! I really liked the exhibition visited by space research. I don't want to reveal much, try everything on your own experience. You're bound to have some fun.

Lake Erie Nature & Science Center

Ohio was inhabited by Indians several thousand years ago who lived in peace and harmony with nature, honored and thanked the land. This science center has a similar mission. Here you will be told about wildlife, space and Lake Erie, and most importantly - you will be taught to take care of the environment and take responsibility for our common home - Planet Earth. There are excellent interactive programmes for children and while your kids are busy you can stroll around the grounds.

AJ's Urban Grill

Since we're traveling the five of us this time, not all establishments are suitable for us, sometimes it's difficult to find a large enough table. There was no such problem in this restaurant. Before we got in, we were immediately offered a great table for a big company. From the extensive menu I chose URBAN LEGEND burger, guys took author's dishes: Pretzel Crusted Chicken and rban Tortellini, and a couple of fresh salads. They say the chef comes up with new dishes every week. Please note that on Sundays the restaurant is open until 14-30.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

It's no secret that rock and roll originated in America. So where, but not here, should there be a museum dedicated to this musical genre that has conquered the hearts of many millions of people? The scale of the collection is stunning: we've come from the very beginning to the present day. It is a full journey through styles and directions, here you can get acquainted with all the performers who have made a great contribution to the development of this genre. Charles Edward Anderson opens the doors to the world of rock and roll, and Janet Damita Joe Jackson closes, that is, we are told the story from 1986 to 2019. If you are a fan of music, just like us, stock up on time, you will not want to leave the museum!

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

When native American tribes came to Ohio, they loved these beautiful places and lived here until the early 1600s. In the subsequent period until the 1730s, the national park was used as a transport route for traders and as a hunting ground. After the signing of the Greenville Treaty in 1795, the American Indians lost the right to these lands, which gave the pioneers the opportunity to develop the territory. Get ready to get around the whole park, you won't have the energy and time. Choose a priority route on the park's website. We went to Ritchie Ledges because everyone wanted to see huge stones covered with moss - it's so picturesque!

Lola Bistro

This restaurant has repeatedly received awards for food, serving and decor. Chef Michael Simon cooks with the soul, he has developed a special menu for modern Americans and is proud of what his creations call dishes "with a deep flavor". Ask the waiter for advice, I think he'll offer the best. We relied on the choice of staff.

Day 3: Beauty in the South of the State

Today we start in Cleveland. With plans to head south, many people have told us about the beautiful nature of Ohio, so we decided to see it for ourselves. It's planned to arrive at Columbus by tonight.

Presti's Bakery

Our day started pretty early, we packed our bags and went to the Presti's Bakery for breakfast. The atmosphere here is very nice and cozy, the staff turned out to be very friendly and competent. We tasted some chicken sandwiches as well as a couple of salads, namely Sicilian and Mediterranean.

Kingwood Center Gardens

The first stop for us today was the botanical garden of Kingwood Center Gardens - an inexpressibly beautiful place. Careful alleys along which a variety of plants are planted, creating an unforgettable color palette. The garden is divided into several parts, some of them are planted with roses, and somewhere peonies and other flowers.

Donatos Pizza

We went for a walk in the beautiful gardens, and then, a little hungry, went for lunch to the nearest Donatos Pizza. In addition to fantastically delicious and very large pizzas, there is also a variety of snacks, including salads, sandwiches and fried chicken. After we placed the order, we had to wait very little, literally within minutes we received our order.

Apple Valley Lake

After a busy lunch, as well as a long and very long transfer, we just needed to get some air and walk a little, and for this we stopped at the picturesque Apple Valley Lake, which offers truly romantic landscapes, you can also swim or play beach volleyball on the court.

Cedar Falls

We've already seen and understood that Ohio's nature is incredibly diverse and interesting, yet another proof of this is the Cedar Falls, a small but truly beautiful waterfall deep in the wooded landscape. Various paths and routes lead here and you can also enjoy the peace and quiet of these places.

Mitchell's Ocean Club

By this time we have already traveled quite a few kilometers, many places to walk, so we wanted to spend the evening relaxing in a restaurant. Our choice was at Mitchell's Ocean Club. They make great oysters here, I ordered my favorite onion soup and lobster and I was completely satisfied. We were lucky to have a visit to the restaurant on a weekday, and the restaurant was open until 11 pm, because on Sunday it closes two hours earlier.

Day 4: There are Butterflies on the Wings

The fourth day was a day of admiration and tenderness. First we discovered new facets of art, then we were surprised and admired by the evolution of the natural landscape. It was like we spent lunch in Italy, although we stayed in the state. A little later we plunged into the world of flowers and butterflies, and finally enjoyed a wonderful walk.

Fox in the Snow

Breakfast was quite short, but very tasty! The cafe has pleasant bright interiors, positive staff and excellent aromatic coffee. When we got there, the baking was still warm, which made it even more delicious.

Columbus Cultural Arts Center

So the Columbus Cultural Arts Center is a place where the boundaries of understanding art are blurred. Here, creativity takes its strangest forms and takes on new scales. The center constantly offers various master classes that will be interesting for both adults and children. A great place to spend your holidays with friends and family. I tried my hand at pottery, my friends preferred just to enjoy the exhibits.

Caesar Creek Visitor Center

The visitor center tells and shows the history of this place from the dinosaur times to the present day. Everything is colorful and clear, there are monitors and buttons everywhere that you want to press. First we deepened our knowledge, and then we went for walks on special paths. The Center offers a wide range of programs, be sure to read the information on the Internet, because the programs vary depending on the month. This time we wanted to visit a live corner.


The menu of the restaurant is not extensive, and we asked the waiter why they have so few offers. We were told that the art of cooking this or that dish is revealed over the years and sometimes you do not need to try to master everything, but to focus on one thing. After the food was brought to us, we fully understood the meaning of these words, the food is really very tasty, and desserts are just something!

Krohn Conservatory

From the outside, the greenhouse looks like an art deco arch, and, frankly speaking, it doesn't make much of an impression, but when you go in, everything changes. It's hard to believe the human hand could have created something so beautiful. There are over 3500 plant species, a small waterfall and comfortable paths. A place safe for educational walks with children and, if you are lucky, butterflies will fly over you.

Cox Arboretum MetroPark

We continued our acquaintance with the nature of the state in this park, the arboretum made a special impression on us. It's amazing how diverse the natural world is! Naturally, we visited the butterfly house and the garden of stones. It is unbelievable that a person can create something like that: the stones were not just beautifully laid out, but were intricately finished compositions.

Bonefish Grill

Time to enjoy fresh seafood! This time, everyone ordered for their own taste. We tried crab and tuna and salmon and shrimp. Excellent taste, spices for seafood are chosen that fully reveal the taste and do not interrupt it. Our compliments to the chef. Please note, the restaurant is open until 9pm on Sunday.

Day 5: On my Way to Detroit.

The purpose of today's trip is Detroit, on the way we expect to visit several places, including museums, parks and many other interesting things.

Butter Cafe

There is a beautiful day ahead, a lot of interesting plans and ideas, and to get up early, have breakfast and go without wasting time. So the first thing to do is to eat at Butter Cafe, where great pancakes, toasts and other traditional breakfast dishes are prepared. It is worth noting that despite the fact that the restaurant specializes in vegetarian cuisine, there are still some dishes with meat.

Tawawa Park

First stop today is Tawawa Park. It is quite a large picturesque city park and has everything you need for various kinds of recreation: a variety of sports fields, including a football field, equipment store, small tidy paths along ponds and lakes, as well as bike paths.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

During the whole period of our trip we stayed in different restaurants, but Mexican cuisine restaurants were less common, so we decided to correct this mistake and went to Chipotle Mexican Grill. There are good tacos and burritos, tortillas and various national salads.

Toledo Museum of Art

The Toledo Museum of Art is undoubtedly one of Toledo's most important cultural sites. So interesting and diverse collections of art of different styles and genres are exhibited here that everything just might not have enough time. For example, we are very busy with the collection "Everything is rhythm", which reveals the connection between the visual and musical arts. There are also exhibitions devoted to various light effects and, of course, modern painting and sculpture.

Promenade Park

After a long excursion in the museum we decided to get some air and went to one of the main city parks - Promenade Park. It is in close proximity to the waterfront, so you can admire the good views and take many memorable photos.

Guardian Building

We arrived in Detroit and first headed for the famous Guardian Building, an amazing and architecturally outstanding skyscraper located on Griswold Street. In addition to the very impressive appearance of the building, it also boasts an interesting interior design - huge halls with painted ceilings, which are more like a Catholic temple than the business center of the city.

The Standby

Today was quite a long day, we finally arrived in Detroit and after a short walk we decided to have dinner in the atmospheric cafe The Standby. The environment here is cozy and calm, dimmed light creates a very relaxing atmosphere. The menu includes a variety of American and Mexican dishes. We liked the tacos and the fried wings.

Day 6: Detroit Museums

Today we plan to visit some of the most significant and interesting museums in Detroit. However, our day will not be limited to excursions only, because we also plan to walk in the most beautiful and picturesque places of the city and its surroundings.

Detroit Institute of Bagels

In the early cool morning we got together on the road, today there were many interesting things to do, and before leaving we decided to stop for breakfast at the Detroit Institute of Bagels. And I must say, we were not mistaken in our choice - there are magnificent bagels with a variety of fillings, sandwiches and fish dishes deserve attention as well.

Rivera Court @DIA

Detroit is not only the largest city in Michigan, it is also a real cultural center, there are a lot of different museums and galleries. And the first thing we did was go to Rivera Court @DIA. Every day there are various exhibitions, from Impressionist paintings to car design demonstrations of the past, present and future.

Trains @ Henry Ford Musem

Another important museum of these places is Trains Henry Ford Musem. Here you can find stunning examples of various techniques. The exhibitions include a visual demonstration of key technical solutions in mechanical engineering and steam generation technologies. In addition, it shows the aircraft of the past, a variety of machines and other innovations in technology that have changed our world.

bd's Mongolian Grill

After exciting and long excursions, we were looking for a place to rest and have a snack to go further. For our luck, we got caught on bd's Mongolian Grill road. Mostly Mongolian cuisine is prepared here, although there are also well-known American dishes. Crab Rangoon deserves special attention, as does egg roll.

Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

We could not deny ourselves the pleasure and made a small hook to visit the greenhouse and botanical garden Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory, located on the island of Belle. Due to its beautiful landscapes, the place is in demand among couples in love who want to spend their wedding in an unforgettable place. And this success is not surprising, because there are incredibly beautiful flowers and trees on an area of about a thousand acres.

Indian Springs Metropark

Our way further north, so we leave Detroit today and head for Waterford Town Bearing. And the first stop for us was a picturesque and quite large Indian Springs Metropark. The main task of the park is to preserve the environment, so some common leisure activities such as picnics are prohibited here. However, it is the most beautiful nature here, which is undoubtedly worth being seen.

Kruse's Deer Lake Inn

After a rather long walk in the park, we were pretty tired and decided to finish our dinner today in some restaurant. And as we drove through the park, we noticed an Italian restaurant called Kruse's Deer Lake Inn. Here you can make great pizza, as well as pita and various salads. Really, you should be more careful, because the restaurant closes early on Sunday.

Day 7: On the Beaches of Michigan.

Today we have planned to visit some of the state's famous beaches, although this is not the only thing, of course - we will also appreciate the variety of natural beauties that will meet in our path.

Stuffed Bun

We woke up early today to pack up and go on the road. Breakfast was decided in a small cozy cafe Stuffed Bun. The atmosphere here was home-like, the menu was full of various baked goods. For example, we liked the toast here. Of course, there was also the traditional omelette with bacon and a cup of strong coffee.

Imerman Memorial Park

After breakfast, we went on the road. After a long drive, it was decided to make a small stop to take a breath and get some rest from the car. We stopped by Imerman Memorial Park for this. From playgrounds for children to canoe rentals for river walks, there are all conditions for a variety of activities.

Red Eye Cafe

After having had a good time, it was decided to go for a snack, because we had another long journey ahead of us. We went to the Red Eye Cafe. The atmosphere here was very friendly and hospitable. We were greeted from the doorstep with smiles. The menu mostly contains familiar American dishes, such as pancakes with syrup, various sandwiches, as well as great coffee.

Higgins Lake

Heading north, we decided to stop at a small picturesque Higgins Lake State Park. The park itself is not very large, and its main attraction is a very large lake of the same name. Fishing, picnics, boating and a full beach holiday are allowed here.

Big Bear Adventures

Once in the small town of Indian River, we decided to have a little rest after the move and headed for the local beach Big Bear Adventures. The place is very popular with boat lovers - a small river that stretches into Lake Burt from the depth of the peninsula.


After resting and recovering on the local beach, it suddenly became clear that we were pretty hungry, so without wasting time, we headed for a nice Italian restaurant Vivios, which is located on Sturgen Street. The menu, in my opinion, is very unusual, it serves delicious scallops, also we did not deny ourselves the pleasure and tasted the frog's legs.

Day 8: Beauties of the American North

Today we are going to visit the famous protected areas located in the north of the Michigan Peninsula. We're going to see fabulous scenery of forests, rivers and waterfalls, and we're going to make a small circle through the most beautiful parts of the peninsula and head back to Cleveland.

Big Boy

The day has started, we need to eat thoroughly, because we are heading to the very north of the country - protected areas, where it is unlikely to meet any cafe on the way, so you should take food with you. For this we went to a small cafe Big Boy. It serves a traditional American breakfast - omelette with bacon. Sandwiches, burgers and strong coffee.

Bridge View Park

Before arriving at the bridge, we decided to pull off the road and visit the famous Bridge View Park, a place that offers truly stunning views of the majestic Makinak Bridge. The peculiarity of this park is that the views here are beautiful in any, even the most rainy weather, also there are several interesting monuments.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

The pearl of our trip will undoubtedly be the Takwamenon State Park. It covers an area of about 50,000 acres, a large part of which is woodland, where roads are not even paved. The cherry on the cake here is the Takwamenon River and of course its breathtaking waterfalls, which are almost 50 feet high.

Epoufette Scenic Turnout

Driving through the most beautiful places of the peninsula, one couldn't help stopping by the observation deck of Epoufette Scenic Turnout. Indeed, there are unique landscapes: the incredible and bewitching distances of Lake Michigan, as well as the picturesque wooded area near the shore, where you can take a few bright shots to remember.

City Park Grill

After enough long walks and a very tiring move, we wanted to take a little breath and get some refreshments, so we headed to the City Park Grill restaurant. In the evenings there is a rather festive and energetic atmosphere. We ordered ourselves fried shrimp with vegetables, and a couple of medium rare steaks.

Lake Margrethe

We were already on our way back to Cleveland and after driving a huge distance we decided to take a break and landed near Lake Margrethe. Of course, the scenery of this place could not surprise us today, but we just had a pleasant evening, walking along the shore and looking at the waterways.

Day 9: On the Way to Cleveland.

Today will be the last full day of our trip. We plan to have a lot of time to get to Cleveland, and on the way to visit several beautiful and famous places, including beaches, parks and other attractions.

The Diner

We have already come close to the end of our journey, our last full day on the trip it was decided to start a cozy cafe The Diner. What could be better than large portions of delicious food in retro interiors? This morning, we decided for ourselves that nothing. We really liked the maple syrup pancakes.

The Spartan Statue

We went on the road and, having arrived in the first relatively large city, we could not deny ourselves the pleasure and made a small stop in the center near the sculpture of the Spartan warrior for a walk. The monument itself is quite interesting - a beautiful neat pedestal, and around planted various plants and flowers.

Bird Hills Park

We kept heading south as we decided to make a short stop at Bird Hills Park in Ann Arbor. The location near the park is very good - right near the Guron River, so the views are very romantic and soothing. Dog walks, picnics and sporting activities are also possible here.

River's Edge

We were on our way to Cleveland after we had had a good time, and suddenly we realized we were hungry. For a long time on the way, we didn't find the right place, when suddenly we saw River's Edge. It serves good old Uncle Sam's country cuisine. We ordered ourselves some sandwiches, fried potatoes, and chicken wings.

Whitestar Quarry

We decided to make another stop on the way to the Whitestar Quarry, a small but very popular quarry among locals. Here is a very active practice of diving - there are services for the rental of necessary accessories. It is also possible to hire an instructor. Personally, we decided that we would have enough of a simple swim and rest on the beach.

Huron Lighthouse

One of the most important places on Lake Erie is the Huron Lighthouse. I must say that he still performs his basic functions properly, although there is no urgent need to do so. Now the territory of the lighthouse has become more of a tourist attraction, and the breakwater is increasingly used by local residents as a fishing pier.


By the time we arrived in Cleveland, we were barely left with anything, so it was decided to just spend the evening having a quiet dinner at some quiet restaurant. With a little thought, we headed to Sittoo's. It serves a fantastic spinach pie, as well as a pretty good falafel and pita sandwiches.

Day 10: Morning on the Lake of Erie

Today, as we planned our day, we spent a lot of time looking for a suitable place to take a morning stroll before our flight, and finally we remembered the picturesque Edgewater Park, which is located on the shores of Lake Erie. It is there that we intend to go after the park today to leave a final warm memory of Cleveland and our journey.

West Side Market Cafe

It was the last morning of our trip and we wanted to spend it with maximum benefit and pleasure, so we decided to have our breakfast at the West Side Market Cafe and then go for a walk. The cafe served wonderful chicken wings, burgers, as well as salads and snacks, including a variety of tacos, as well as Caesar salad and chicken tortilla.

Edgewater Beach House

After breakfast, we went for a walk in Edgewater Park as planned. However, when we arrived here, we immediately noticed the magnificent beach and could not deny ourselves the pleasure of spending our last morning basking in the sand and swimming in Lake Erie. A little to the right of the beach is a picturesque pier, where you can also have a good time.