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Road Trip Route. Learn the history of Moshkovsky district, Take a photo near "Siberian Kizhy, See cave paintings of ancient people, Get acquainted with mining industry, .

An exciting two-day journey full of new discoveries awaits you! You will learn interesting facts about Moshkovsky area, see many preserved ancient rock paintings, touch the art, visit the capital of the mining region, where you will learn the history and development of the coal industry in Kuzbass, and even visit the mine! Hurry up to adventures and bright impressions!

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Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Culture and History Day

The first day of the trip includes an introduction to the history of Moshkovsky district and a walk through the museum-reserve, where you will see the petroglyphs of ancient people.


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Moshkovka Museum of Local Lore

You'll learn the history of Moshkovskiy district, you'll learn about the highway that connected the central part of Russia with Eastern Siberia. The museum has a collection of items related to the peasant life, old photos and documents, archaeological finds found on the territory of the district. Working schedule: Monday - Thursday: 10.00-18.00, Friday: 10.00-17.00, Saturday: 10.00-16.00, Sunday: off. More details are available [on the website]( of the museum.


Please note that the road here can be difficult in winter if it has not been cleared. If you have no off-road vehicle and the road is not clear, it is better not to risk and go further on the highway to the next destination, where you will have a chance to rest from a long road in the fresh air. If you do get here, it's better to return by the same route, as Yandex.Navigator suggests. The wooden church in the name of St. Seraphim of Sarov was built of pine wood at the beginning of the twentieth century. Some say that it is the most beautiful wooden building in Siberia and is among the monuments of wooden architecture in Russia and in the world. Interestingly, it is often called the "Siberian Kizhi".

Томская Писаница

Here you will see a unique archaeological monument - petroglyphs of ancient people of IV-I millennia B.C. 300 drawings made in different techniques and depicting people, birds and animals. Further you will be able to visit the dwelling house of well-to-do Shoreman, see the bathhouse, the cattle yard, and learn about the religion of the small people. More detailed information about the museum-reserve is available [on the website]( There is a cafe on the territory, where you can relax and have lunch. The menu includes salads, hot dishes and drinks. The park is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m, Monday and Tuesday are days off.

Городская набережная

Arriving in Kemerovo! A promenade along the city embankment is a great way to stretch your legs after a long drive and take a walk before dinner. The embankment is illuminated by lanterns, so you can take a leisurely walk here even in the dark.

Port 42

Dinner will take place in one of the best restaurants in the city. Modern cosy interior and sumptuous dishes will make your evening truly special. Here you can taste a variety of salads, cold and hot appetizers, grilled dishes, dumplings, Asian dishes, desserts. Please note. You need to reserve a table in advance. You can do it by phone, listed [on the website]( restaurant.

Day 2: The capital of the mining region

The second day of the trip includes a visit to a monument dedicated to the miners, a museum where you can learn more about the coal industry and a museum where the art of Siberia, Kuzbass, and more is represented!

Монумент «Память шахтёрам Кузбасса»

The monument is executed in the form of a seven-meter bronze figure of the miner and devoted to memory of workers of Kuzbass, and also to importance and complexity of miners' work.

Музей-заповедник «Красная Горка»

In the museum you will dive into the history of the coal industry of the region, learn its characteristics, see the machinery, visit the mine, where you will learn more about the complex mining professions. You can find more detailed information about tour prices [on the website]( Working hours: daily from 10:00 till 17:30.

Музей ИЗО

It's time to touch the beauty. In the museum you will see a large collection of paintings, arts and crafts and sculptures, created both by the hands of famous Russian masters and local craftsmen. Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday from 11:00 till 19:00.

Mama Roma

Lunch will take place in a restaurant with Italian cuisine. The menu includes salads, soups, pasta, ravioli, pizza, juicy steaks, fish dishes and desserts. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff!

Lake Tanai

Relax after a long drive and take a walk along the lake shore. It is very picturesque and peaceful.

Gazpromneft petrol station No.130

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ТБК Лонж

The journey ends with dinner at the Longe restaurant. Juicy steaks, a large choice of seafood, exquisite desserts - the institution will pleasantly surprise you. Try dishes from the seasonal menu and discuss impressions of the past day.