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Not with gingerbread alone: a weekend trip from Moscow to Tula

Road Trip Route. Modern urban spaces in Tula, Old pharmacy, Switzerland near Moscow.

What associations do you have when you mention Tula? Surely, its samovars, gingerbread men, and the Museum of Arms. This mini-trip will allow you to look at the city from a different angle: you will visit new cozy urban spaces, relax in modern restaurants and get a portion of inspiration. On the way to Tula and back you will have the opportunity to look at other interesting places. Walk with the bison in the forest, visit the museum-estate of Polenov Museum and dine at some of the best restaurants near Moscow. **Book hotels along the route with up to 10% cashback.**

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Bisons, a horseshoe flea and Tula's most fashionable urban space

It's time to hit the road! On the way make a stop near Serpukhov, take a walk along the paths of Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve and take a photo with the bison. Back in Tula, you'll have a walk along the Tula Arbat, an unusual museum and a pleasant evening in the Iskra space.


Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve

On your way to Tula, stop by to visit the bison that live in Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve. This bison reserve is the only one in the Moscow region! Please note: you can visit the reserve only with a guided tour. Excursion groups are formed from Monday to Friday at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. On weekends, excursions take place every hour from 09:00 to 16:00.

Kitchen Market

"Kitchen Market is already a well-known grill restaurant in Serpukhov among foodies. And after you've had your fill, be sure to take some delicious crispy pastries with you on the road.

Metalist Street

Metalistov Street is also called the "Tula Arbat". This is the place to start exploring the city.

Staraya Tul'skaya Apteka

"The left handed flea" - do you remember the plot of Leskov's story? If you have always wanted to know what this flea looks like, you just need to go to the museum "Ancient Tula pharmacy". Find a microscope there, look through it and voila - a flea has an even metal horseshoe on each leg! And here you can also find out what was used for treatment in the Tsarist Russia and the USSR. The main thing is to take an audioguide, as it's not so interesting to look at ancient bubbles without it.


Ask a Tula man about the most atmospheric urban space, and he will most likely name Iskra. Walk around, take beautiful pictures in front of the installations, and if you are lucky enough to be in Iskra at the right time, you can listen to live music.


WhatElse? - is a real concentration of modern gastronomy in the heart of Tula. Here you can taste cuisine from all over the world: Italy, South America, Asia and the Middle East - go on a culinary journey!

Kazanskaya Naberezhnaya

End the day with a walk along the Kazan embankment and discuss your impressions.

Day 2: CyberFly and Switzerland near Moscow

Getting to know the urban spaces of Tula continues! And today you will see one very unusual monument. The way back will be interesting: you will have to visit the manor of a famous artist and the most unusual church of the Moscow region.

Pamyatnik Blokhe

You're already familiar with the life-sized flea. Now welcome the technologically advanced steampunk flea, also in heels. She lives in the "Liquor Loft" space.

Likerka Loft

Have a photo shoot in the loft space, and then go shopping for souvenirs? Or maybe rent a bike or scooter and ride around Tula's streets for an hour? Or why not just sit in one of three coffeeshops? It's up to you to decide!


If you didn't stop for a bite to eat at Liquorice coffee shops, you can stop in for a late breakfast (or early lunch) at Mr. Cup Café Not hungry? Then order a snack and a coffee to go and have lunch in the vastness of "Switzerland Podmoskovaya".

Музей-заповедник В. Д. Поленова

Magnificent landscapes, Swiss-style houses, creative atmosphere - all this you will find in the museum-reserve V.D.Polenov. The names of the buildings, by the way, are quite curious: the artist called the workshop "Abbey" and the building, where today the diorama is located, "Admiralty". Walking around the territory of the museum, you will find a windmill and an amphitheatre. Please note: the museum-preserve is open from Wednesday to Sunday. The last Thursday of each month is the sanitary day.

Church of the Sign of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Incredibly beautiful and completely atypical for Moscow region architecture church. It is so special that they didn't even agree to consecrate it at once. But when the ceremony took place, Emperor Peter himself attended it. The temple is located on the territory of the Dubrovica estate which can be seen only from the outside. And if you are interested in its history, you can visit the [virtual museum](

Fish Point

The final point of the trip will be dinner at Fish Point restaurant. Excellent service, cosy wooden interiors and the most delicious fish and seafood dishes. And if you like fishing, you can catch your own dinner!