Not in St. Petersburg to drink, but in Rostov region to taste the best cheeses and wines. – Road.Travel

Not in St. Petersburg to drink, but in Rostov region to taste the best cheeses and wines.

Road Trip Route. Drive to Pukhlyakovsky farm and visit a tasting wine cellar during an ethnographic program, A real Cossack feast at the Cossack Stan interactive museum., Delicious cheese and wine tasting at Sarkel Estate., A little industrial tourism at a handicraft enterprise, Adventures in the first capital of the Don Cossacks., Horseback riding at Manor "Sweetheart"..

If you are not a fan of classical tours and are always looking for something new and interesting, we have a special gastronomic journey with notes of industrial tourism for you. That's something you've never tried before. You will visit the most delicious places in the Rostov region. You'll visit a wine cellar at the Pukhlyakovsky farm and the estate where cheese varieties are produced. Moreover, you'll have to visit a real Cossack feast and engage in industrial tourism at the factory producing ceramic products. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Gastronomy. From: Rostov-on-Don

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Gastronomic allowance: Wine cellar and Sarkel Estate

Go from Rostov-on-Don to Volgodonsk, but on the way visit Pukhlyakovsky farm, where an architectural complex of the early 20th century has been preserved. Here you'll visit the 'History of Winegrowing and Winemaking on the Don' exhibition, where you'll learn about the traditions of private winemaking and go down to the wine cellar, where a delicious tasting awaits you.


Favorite farmstead

This short journey into the world of gastronomic tourism begins with the equestrian club "Favorite Estate". Why here? Because communication with animals always gives a charge of good mood for the whole day! The manor house is located in a very picturesque place and offers a wide range of services. On the territory you can order horse riding or individual training, if you have never been on horseback. You can make an appointment at [site](

Wine cellar

In Puhlyakovsky farmstead, which is also called the wine capital of Don, the very gastronomic pleasure begins. It was here at the beginning of the nineteenth century that an educational institution, the Model Wine Cellar, was opened, where specialists from France taught the Cossacks the finer points of winemaking. The farmstead has preserved the architectural complex of the Voivoy school of viticulture and winemaking, where there is a tasting wine cellar and two exhibitions: "Puhlyakov art gallery" and "History of viticulture and winemaking on the Don". You are to visit the exhibition "History of viticulture and winemaking on the Don", where you will learn about the traditions of private winemaking and get acquainted with the objects of winemaking in the early twentieth century, you can become a real taster and take part in a wine ethnographic program. Depending on the season the excursions change - if in the spring you take part in pruning the grapes with a winemaker, in the autumn you will make wine with your own hands. You will find more information about the excursions and booking contacts on [website](

РЭМЗ ( Раздорский Этнографический Музей Заповедник)

Next, you will go to the first capital of the Don Cossacks, which is the core of the Razdorsky Museum-Reserve. The main federal historical and cultural monuments are concentrated here. In the village Razdorskaya, you can visit the former house with a shop of Cossack Frol Maksimovich Guskov and the Cossack kuren of the late XIX century. [More information about the exhibitions and contacts for signing up](


On the way you can stop at the cafe "Randeva" in Konstantinovsk for lunch. The food here is delicious, the portions are large, and the interiors are clearly inspired by antiquity.

Цимлянское водохранилище

Tsimlyanskoye reservoir is also called the local sea for its vast expanses and the noise of waves. Walk along the beach after a long road, take atmospheric photos. Industrial aesthetics lovers will love the views of the local power plant, built more than half a century ago.

Seaside Park

In the evening we offer a leisurely stroll through the architectural ensemble of the Seaside Park. By the way, there is an excellent restaurant complex on the territory.

Restorannyy Kompleks "Imperial"

It's a great place to spend an evening in good company with a glass of wine. In the menu you will find a great variety of classic and author's dishes. We advise you to take a look at the fish dishes, which are prepared here perfectly, and do not forget to try the assortment of grilled cheese.

Day 2: Another couple of delicious places in the Rostov region

Today the day starts with buying the most unusual cheeses, then you will visit the private winery of the Khimichev family "Wine Bani", which was founded in 1977. After - go to the restaurant of Don cuisine and visit the real Cossack feast. On the way you can have a look at the excursion on the enterprise of national-art crafts.

Sarkel Estate

On the bank of the Tsimlyanskoye reservoir in the village of Sarkel there is an estate, where delicious wine and cheese are produced. In the store at the estate you can buy both well-known and very exotic varieties of cheese. An important nuance: since all products are fresh and delivered directly from the cheese factory, the presence of cheeses should be clarified in advance. All necessary information can be obtained from the administrator, contacts can be found at [site]( And having called by phone +7(918)523-25-45, it is possible to order excursion to a wine cellar.


From Volgodonsk go to the farm Malaya Martynovka, where the private winery "Wine Bani" is located, which has one of the widest lines of wines among the Don producers. Visitors are always welcome here, sign up for a tour and find out more about this place on [site](

Zao Aksin'ya Semikarakorskaya Keramika

We offer to diversify this trip a little in Semikarakorsk, where you can engage in industrial tourism at the enterprise of folk arts and crafts. See how painted faience is made, or feel like an artist and create your own little masterpiece in a master class. Contacts for making an appointment for the excursion can be found at [site](

Kazach'ya Pristan'

After such a serious excursion, it's time to have some fun. Go to the cultural and entertainment complex "Kazacja Wharf". The complex is decorated in the style of an ancient Cossack farm with relevant items of culture and everyday life of the Don Cossacks. There is an excellent restaurant of Don cuisine on the territory, you can start your tour of the complex with a hearty dinner, and then - to see the interesting territory, go down to the Don River and, of course, take memorable photos with numerous sculptures.

Войсковой Воскресенский Собор

Troops' Resurrection Cathedral is a real local pearl. It was built over three hundred years ago by order of Emperor Peter I. The exterior decoration of the temple looks quite modest, but it is worth looking inside and you will see a stunning iconostasis made in the Baroque style.


It's a great place to end this gastronomic adventure. **Pay your bill at restaurants of Novikov Group with exclusive discount of 10%. Warn the waiter that you are the holder of the World Elite Mastercard® before receiving the invoice and pay with the World Elite Mastercard® bank card. [Full promotion terms](**