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 Not far from Sochi

Road Trip Route. Get to a quiet protected area, Dine by the lake., Learn about Novikov ceramics, Watch a movie from the car.

We have to make a journey to unknown places, which will surprise even the native of Sochi. Only 30 kilometers from the city and we will find ourselves in the valley of the river Sochi, where we will walk along an eco-trail laid in untouched nature. We will dive into the world of new and wild, relax from the hustle and bustle of the city by the lake, and then enjoy the culture of the village Plastunaka and watch a movie in a car cinema. *" Bring comfortable clothes and shoes, you'll need them!

Arts and Creativity. From: Sochi

Xena Fedchenkova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Right next to you.

We will visit amazing places very close to Sochi. Such a journey you will remember for a long time.


Магнит на КСМ

Buy picnic food for lunch.


We'll have breakfast at the cafe on the way. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the river Sochi. The very thing to tune in to a fascinating journey that we have to make today. *" Closed on Sundays.

Ажекский экопарк

The route along the eco-trail Azek to Orekhovsky waterfall stretches 2 km along the Sochi River. Be ready to get to a quiet protected area and see the most unimaginable landscapes, the existence of which you have not even guessed. It is always recommended to go on a scythe between the rivers and feel the power of nature there! *" Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Озеро на пластунке

We'll have lunch outdoors by the lake. After all, we bought picnic food in advance.

Церковь на Пластунке⛪

We will visit a unique temple in the village Plastunka. It is made in Georgian style and is Orthodox. Earlier on this place there was a church of XIX century, now a new building has been erected.

Дом-Музей Керамики Имени Новикова

Ceramic artist Novikov made a museum of his works in his own house, grouping the exhibits by themes and techniques. During his life he independently conducted excursions where he told guests about each exhibit: about wall dishes, vases and panels, about tiled fireplaces and stoves, about interior compositions. Today the wife of the artist cherishes his heritage and tells the visitors of the museum the most interesting facts about the life and work of the master. The museum has a ceramics school, where you can create a small masterpiece and take it with you. *The museum is open daily, but you have to sign up for tours in advance. You can do this by phone at [site](* After the tour, take a walk in the garden and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Автокинотеатр "Кино-Трек"

After the museum we will have a cinema evening in the car cinema located on the territory of karting. That's an interesting idea, isn't it? After all, many of us are familiar with such places, rather, the American series, and it would be extremely curious to try such an unusual way to relax. *It is possible to specify the schedule of screenings in [the cinema group]( and even to book an individual screenings. Please note that requests for visits are accepted until 15-00.*.


We'll have dinner at a restaurant with Caucasian cuisine, and then go home.


**Hope you enjoyed our trip!