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Not far from Sochi

 Not far from Sochi
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13 Hours


By Car


35 km




Arts and Creativity
We will take a trip to unexplored places which will surprise even a native of Sochi. Only 30 kilometres from the city we will find ourselves in the Sochi river valley, where we will walk along an ecological trail, laid out in an untouched by man natural area. We will plunge into the world of the new and wild, rest from the bustle of the city by a waterfall, and afterwards get to know the culture of the village of Plastunak.
Bring comfortable clothes and shoes, you will need them!
Xena Fedchenkova
Xena Fedchenkova
  • Get into a quiet protected area.
  • Have lunch at a waterfall.
  • Learn about Novikov ceramics.
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Just around the corner from you.
Day 135 km51 m

Just around the corner from you.

We will visit amazing places very close to Sochi. It's a trip you'll remember for a long time.
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