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Non-tourist places and a creative manor

Non-tourist places and a creative manor
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2 Days


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300 km






Arts and CreativityActive LeisureUnique Locations
This scenario is suitable for those who love the most unusual things. Especially contemporary art lovers, or those who are in search of the most unusual locations for plein airs and photo shoots, will love this trip.
You'll see the always-white mountain, get a closer look at the huge and unusual excavator, and try your hand at various crafts in the creative farmstead.
There's nothing better during lockdown and pandemic than escaping the crowded city!
Itinerary features:
  • Unforgettable hikes;
  • Exciting tours;
  • Don't forget sunscreen and a raincoat or umbrella to keep the weather at bay.
  • Take comfortable clothes and shoes for hiking.
  • It is important to keep a social distance when visiting public places as well as on excursions, and to use personal protective equipment.
Olesya  Ponomaryova
Olesya Ponomaryova
  • Tractor monument.
  • Walking excavator.
  • White Mountain.
  • Art Residence.

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Very strange places.
Day 1171 km848 m

Very strange places.

Ladies and gentlemen, today in the program: a monument to a tractor, a giant excavator, a white mountain formed as a result of fertilizer production - by the way, a great place for taking pictures, if you choose the right angle and keep secret the place where the pictures were taken. Ah, in the evening, to add a pinch of adequacy to the journey, let's look at the ancient architecture of Egoryevsk.
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Immerse yourself in creativity.
Day 2130 km

Immerse yourself in creativity.

Today we offer you to go to the art estate "Guslitsa" - here you can not only find many unusual locations for photo shoots, but also attend workshops on sewing, ceramics, painting and sculpture. It is better to get acquainted with the schedule of master classes and make an appointment in advance.
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