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⚡ New York – Pittsburgh: Memories of Civil War and Bridges of Pennsylvania

⚡ New York – Pittsburgh: Memories of Civil War and Bridges of Pennsylvania
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New York


3 Days


Electric Car

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140 kg


986 km






⚡ Electric RoutesHistory and CultureSights in Nature
This route includes Tesla Superchargers. For CCS/SAE charging stations, please follow this link.
On this trip, you'll visit the site of the bloodiest battle in US history. The tragic events are marked by dozens of monuments and several museums. This was a tragic period in the history of our country, and this tour celebrates the memory of those events.
You'll drive down amazingly beautiful roads through the Appalachian Mountains with hundreds of beautiful vantage points and vistas. You'll visit several historic covered bridges and wonderful museums that will surprise you with their unusual displays.
Please note that a tour to the Fallingwater House (at the end of the second day of the journey) must be booked in advance.
Bring hiking shoes and comfortable warm clothing as you will be outdoors a lot. It will also be helpful to bring Nordic walking poles.
  • Memory of the Civil War.
  • Interesting museums.
  • Covered bridges.
  • Incredible views.
  • Nature, waterfalls, and hiking.

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Travel Itinerary

The Bridges of Pennsylvania
Day 1470 km478 m

The Bridges of Pennsylvania

Today you'll visit some very interesting and varied museums and walk to one of the best observation platforms in the area. In addition, the road will pass through several historic covered bridges.
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Memories of the Civil War and the Appalachian Mountains
Day 2507 km304 m

Memories of the Civil War and the Appalachian Mountains

Today you will visit one of the most important memorials of the Civil War and will be able to pay tribute to the soldiers who laid down their lives here. It will be a day of beautiful roads, so we suggest you drive at a leisurely pace and admire the delightful nature of the area. On your way west, you're going to cross the Appalachian mountain range. During the ride, you will pass several fabulous scenic lookout points, which will be indicated by roadside signs. Choose a few of these sites for a short stop and enjoy the gorgeous mountain scenery.
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A Day in Pittsburgh
Day 39 km

A Day in Pittsburgh

A day to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Pittsburgh - the City of Bridges.
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