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🎥 New Riga Highway from a Different Angle

🎥 New Riga Highway from a Different Angle
Starts from



3 Days


By Car


580 km




History and CultureUnique LocationsGastronomyAnimals and Farms
A journey that includes cultural sites and luxury restaurants, old towns and noble estates, leisurely strolls, postcard scenic views, tastings of cheese, and fashionable shopping. The itinerary is carefully thought out so that you can truly relax and get the most out of your experience.
New Riga – beautiful roads and scenic countryside life await!
Konstantin Naprienko
Konstantin Naprienko
Travel Expert
  • Cheese dairies and wine cellar.
  • Restored park and manor house.
  • Russia's first organic farm.
  • Perfect content for your social networks.

Travel Itinerary

Art, culture, cheeses and luxury holidays
Day 1123 km3 km

Art, culture, cheeses and luxury holidays

We'll say "cheese" and see how it's made, visit the museum complex "New Jerusalem", take a walk in the relic forest, relax in the sauna and hamam, try the author's dishes with the view of the lake and the wine in the real wine cellar.
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Places for unusual photographs
Day 2239 km92 m

Places for unusual photographs

We will have a walk in the Volokolamsk Kremlin, climb the bell tower, visit an abandoned hydroelectric power plant and noblemen's estates, take a gondola ride in an English park and taste some farmer's cheeses.
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Organic food, chocolate and fashion shopping
Day 3219 km

Organic food, chocolate and fashion shopping

We will visit an organic organic organic farm, have lunch at "Dacha" among pine trees in the village of Nikolina Gora, enjoy the aromas of melted cocoa beans and natural chocolate, and visit Russia's only outlet with luxury and premium brands.
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