New Jerusalem Monastery. Skete of Patriarch Nikon. Resurrection Cathedral of the New Jerusalem Monastery. The Garden of Gethsemane. Museum New Jerusalem. .

New Jerusalem

Istra is the unique place where one can study and feel the fairytale beauty and historical value of the Moscow region in the most detailed way. The main sacred place of so-called New Palestine is the Resurrection cathedral created in the image of the Temple of Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. For better acquaintance with the history of the complex, it is offered to visit one of the oldest museum and exhibition complex "New Jerusalem".

New Jerusalem

1 day itinerary by Матвей Тимофеев - History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: The Holy Land in miniature

A place of attraction for pilgrims, located very close to Moscow.
Visiting: Istra, Moscow, Zyuzino