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Neskuchny rest near Krasnodar!

Road Trip Route. Dubrava Rifle Club, Guam Gorge narrow gauge, Kiselev Rock, Psyfabe Fortress, Dantove Gorge.

You can rest on a scale without driving far from Krasnodar. In the shooting club "Dubrava" we'll try our hand at sport shooting, in the afternoon we'll take an old train ride on the narrow gauge railway in Guam Gorge. Then we will visit the stunning objects created by nature: the cave in Mount Heaven, Kiseleva Rock and Mouse Burrows with a wild beach. At the end of the trip we will climb the mountains to make a tour to the fortress of Psyfabe, walk along the narrow Dante Gorge and take memorable photos on the happy bridge. The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Volkswagen Amarok.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Nature and Shooting

The first day: visiting the Dubrava Rifle Club, where you can not only safely shoot with different types of weapons, but also to visit the rope park. Then we'll head towards Guam Gorge, where we'll take a ride on a narrow gauge and admire the incredible beauty of nature.


Стрелковый клуб "Дубрава"

The shooting club provides an excellent opportunity to shoot safely with different types of weapons. In addition to shooting and paintball, there are billiards and a rope park nearby. You can make a reservation at [official website](

Tavern "At Yegor's."

Before you head out to conquer Guam Gorge, you need a snack. At Yegor's, you can stay for lunch or take food and drinks away so you don't waste time and find yourself in this incredible natural setting as soon as possible.

Narrow rail in Guam Gorge

The most beautiful location today is Guam Gorge. We suggest that you start by taking the ancient train, where you take a sightseeing tour and learn a lot of interesting facts about the history and nature of the Guamca Farm. It is necessary to make an agreement about the excursion on the spot, the departure of trains on the narrow gauge railway is from Wednesday to Sunday, from 9-00 to 17-00.

Guam Gorge

Of course, a short sightseeing tour will not be enough to fully enjoy the beauty of Guam Gorge, so we suggest you take a leisurely walk, explore the area and take simply stunning photos against the backdrop of thick foliage, rocky ledges and rough mountain streams. We recommend that you bring the most comfortable shoes with non-slip soles.

Café Big Bear

There are plenty of guesthouses, recreation centres and campsites around Guam Gorge, but alas, there are not many cafes. You can have dinner at the Big Bear Pension, the local café serves excellent grilled dishes, and the simple but very cosy interior with wooden furniture invites to relaxation. Please note: if you are a guest of another hotel, dinner must be booked in advance, this can be done by calling the [site](

Day 2: Natural Architecture

Before arriving in Tuapse, visit the cave in Mount Heaven. On the sea coast of the city you will see other unique natural objects: Kiselev Rock and "Mouse Burrows" with a wild beach.

Cave in Mount Heaven

The cave in Mount Heaven is called Krivenkovskaya and is located 22 kilometers from the town of Tuapse. Its unusual shape, reminiscent of a railway tunnel, attracts travelers and photographers here. Self-guided visit to the cave is officially allowed, most importantly, do not forget comfortable shoes, warm clothes - the temperature in the cave can be much lower than outside, and a flashlight. It is also worth taking a stock of drinking water with you.


We'll stop by the Varenychnaya for lunch. This family cafe serves mainly dumplings, dumplings and manty, but you can also order something else, such as salad or fish. Everyone will find a dish to their liking.

пляж @ скала Киселёва

A unique natural monument, located in the village of Agoi. A wild beach next to a smooth steep rock, named after the artist Kiselev, who repeatedly depicted it on his paintings, is the highlight of this place.

Мышиные норки, дикий пляж

Small and close to each other hollows in the rugged rocks resemble mouse holes, hence the name. Here you can not only walk on a wild beach, but also take many creative and just beautiful pictures!

Grand Paradise Restaurant

We'll have dinner in Jubga town at the Grand Paradise restaurant. It has everything you need for a pleasant stay: quality service, laconic design, relaxing music that will help you refocus on relaxation after an active holiday.

Day 3: Active rest in the mountains

The last day of the trip is as intense as the previous ones. In the morning we will visit the unusual museum "Forest Vagaries", then visit the Psyfabe fortress on the top of Abadzeh Mountain and Dantovo gorge, which is nearby.

Причуды Леса

Having visited a small museum of wooden sculpture, you can learn a lot of interesting things about the small resort town of Dzhubga. The exhibits are made with soul and great imagination. Visitors of any age will be delighted.

Psyfabe Fortress

This medieval fortress is located on the steep top of Mount Rooster. The name translates as "warm water", thanks to which the resort town of Hot Key got a similar name. The fortress protected the locals from the raids of enemy tribes. There were trade routes and active commercial activity. Its mysterious ruins still attract curious travelers here.

Georgian cuisine restaurant "Chacha"

And before you go exploring Dantova Gorge, we recommend a tight lunch. You can do it in the Georgian cuisine restaurant "Chacha". It has everything you would expect from such places: excellent shish kebabs, delicious khinkali, khachapuri and other pastries and, of course, traditional hospitality.

Дантово Ущелье

On our way we will meet another amazing natural monument. Still there are disputes: the gorge was created by the will of nature or a man put his hand to its creation? One version of the origin says that during the construction of the hospital and therapeutic resort for the Tsarist officers who took part in the battles in the Caucasus, the mighty Cossacks manually made a passage in the rocks to cut the way. And the name of the gorge, as you may have guessed, sends us to Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy".

Счастливый мост

The Happy Bridge completes today's walk through picturesque natural locations. Take some photos against the background of the river and dense vegetation, have a rest and go towards Krasnodar.


Before returning to Krasnodar we will have dinner at ProSushi restaurant. At this facility you can order not only sushi, but also pizza, fresh salad, hot soup and delicious coffee. Cozy atmosphere, pleasant prices and friendly staff can please the traveler even after a long journey.