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Nature of the South-West of the Moscow region

Road Trip Route. Visit Ugra National Park, Walk through the dearest forests of the Moscow region., To visit the picturesque banks of regional rivers and lakes.

The Moscow region is well known for its beautiful nature. It has picturesque beaches, national parks, forest parks and reserves. Many of our friends told us about the nature of the southern, northern and eastern parts of the region, but few could tell us anything about the western direction. That's why we decided to explore these edges ourselves by car. First we will go towards Vyazma, and then we will turn south, and after passing through the Ugra National Park, we will go back to Moscow. Stops are often planned in absolutely deaf places, but it's more interesting!

Uninhabited Nature. From: Moscow

Alexandr Kosar. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The road to Viazma

Today begins our little trip to the countryside. We intend to move southwest towards the town of Viazma. On the way we plan to make several stops in places of quiet and remote nature.

Берег реки Москвы

The first stop on our trip is the coast of the Moscow River near the small village of Savvinskaya Sloboda. Our walk took place near a small island in a place where birches and other trees rarely grow right near the coast. If you walk a little further, you will have a breathtaking view of the endless fields on which such small villages are located.

Можайское водохранилище

One of the most suitable places for both secluded and company recreation in nature is the Mozhaisk Reservoir. On its shores there are many beaches and there is also a dense forest growing in the area of Kovalevo and Old Village. If you go southeast, you can reach a small dam.

Piu del Cibo

For lunch we decided to stay in Mozhaisk in a small cafe Piu del Cibo. The menu here is very extensive, there is a huge number of snacks, burgers, salads, soups. Our choice was chicken with teriyaki and spaghetti salmon. For dessert we had chocolate fondant and cherry strudel.

Усадебный пруд в Потапово

On our way to Vyazma, we decided to make a small stop in the village of Potapovo. Near the southern part of the local pond there are private houses, and if you move a little north, you can walk along the coast or walk three hundred meters from the coast into a small forest.


Once upon a time in the southeastern suburbs of Viazma there was a rather large sandy quarry, where one could swim and sunbathe. Now much of it has dried up, and there is only a narrow strip of water left, which is surrounded by thick deciduous forest on the east side. So, now the place is suitable for a Martian-style photo shoot.

Кафе Шоколад

For dinner we arrived at a nice cafe in the center of Viazma. The atmosphere here was generally very hospitable, the service was fast. Among the offered dishes we remembered most of all the puff cake with chocolate glaze, as well as various cakes.

Day 2: Beauties of Ugra National Park and Obninsk forests

Today we leave Vyazma and head southeast. We plan to visit the Ugra National Park first, and after that we will go towards the Obninsk forests, where we will also stay for a short while.

Пицца Марио

Before going on the road, we stopped at a small pizza place downtown. Here we had a warm and welcoming welcome. The range of dishes here, by the way, is not limited only to pizza, you can also try a variety of pancakes, salads and cakes for dessert. Make sure you get a good meal, we'll have lunch outdoors!


Our next stop is the bank of the Ugra river near the chapel of Znamenka village. In general, the coastal area to the north-east is occupied by private houses, but if you move west along the coast, you can see a good descent to the river or just wander on a slope among trees.

National Park "Ugra"

The main event of today, of course, can safely be called a visit to the famous National Park Ugra. On its territory there is a huge number of forests and swamps, rafting along Ugra and other rivers is especially popular here. And we will find a picturesque place by the river and have a picnic!

Вселенский разум

Moving towards the Nikola Lenivets Park. In the season when no festivals are held here, the places are quite deserted and even more remarkable. It is nice to walk among giant wooden sculptures and enjoy the natural beauty.


Beaver - a real symbol of the park, but what symbolizes the wooden sculpture itself, everyone decides for himself, as to me, it looks like a lot of wind pipes, or trunks of elephants, standing in a circle. Anyway, the impressions are indelible.

Gazpromneft filling station #79

It's a great trip, isn't it? And for it to be dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Royal Palace

We decided to spend our dinner in a rather elegant restaurant "Royal Palace" after the forest outdoor walks. The room was very spacious, bright and pleasant. Delicious meat dishes, especially kebabs, excellent desserts. Another surprise that was waiting for us at the restaurant was live music.

Day 3: Nature along Kiev highway

Our little trip ends today. We will drive through Naro-Fominsk towards Moscow, along the way we plan to stop in the dense forests and thickets, walk in the swamps and lakes, in short, a full acquaintance with the nature of this region. It is better to have breakfast in the hotel to have time to visit as many interesting places as possible.

Озеро Прогнанка (Прогнанка)

Our first stop today was the lake shore near the small village of Spas Prognanje. As there are many rural houses on its southern shores, we decided to take our walk in the dense forests of the northeast shore, where there are also quite comfortable descents to the water.


Before going to lunch, we made a stop in the woods, a little before reaching Naro-Fominsk. Thick woodlands here are located on both sides of the Kiev highway, right after a small development. We decided to take a walk near SNT Kommunar, as here the forest no longer borders on the other side with villages or the city.


In Naro-Fominsk on one of the main streets is a very good grill bar "Pride". The menu here offers a choice of pasta, soup, salads and a variety of meat dishes. We like Bavarian sausages and fried eggplants with tomatoes.

Торфяное озеро

In the Moscow region there are also many dense forests, for example, near the village of Ozhigovo there is a dense thicket, where we stopped in the afternoon. The area as a whole is quite swampy, you can often stumble upon peat lakes, but the distance from urban noise fully compensates for these inconveniences.

Тимонинское Озеро

And before going to dinner, we made a not very long stop near Lake Timoninskoye, which is located in the village of the same name in the Moscow region. The area is no longer so isolated and remote, but the beach and the endless plain on the other side of the lake are also very picturesque.

Ресторан «Александр»

In the village of Vlasovo of the Moscow region there is a recreation center "Alexander", in the restaurant of which we decided to have dinner. The menu here is full of various exquisite dishes, as well as extensive tea and coffee cards. Norwegian salmon of spicy salmon and venison tar-tarts are also among the snacks.