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Nature and Culture of Mallorca

Road Trip Route. Enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca, Explore the island's historical heritage, Visit two amazing caves, Try the best local dishes and wines, Spend the day at the amusement park.

Mallorca is the largest one of the Balearic Islands, which attracts tourists from all over the world for the unique warm and mild climate and rich cultural heritage. The first colonization of Mallorca was carried out by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, later the island fell under the influence of the powerful Roman Empire, whose historical evidence has survived to this day in the form of massive ruins. From the XII century AD, Mallorca was influenced by the Moorish people, and this made the mark on architecture, folklore, culinary traditions and culture in general. In the XIII century, Mallorca became an independent state under the leadership of King Jaime, and a half century later became part of the Spanish kingdom. Many palaces and fortresses, striking their power, are silent witnesses of the heyday of the island. The most convenient way to travel around the island is by car, so in a short time you can see the most beautiful places in Mallorca. Enjoy both natural sights, which are definitely worth a visit, and cultural heritage sites from medieval castles to modern art galleries in one route. A gourmet will have a chance to taste the best local dishes and wines.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Palma

Juan Coustillas. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Adventure Starts Now

You’ve finally arrived in Palma, a city that is also known as Palma de Mallorca. Luxurious city with beautiful residential areas, lanes and shopping streets that you'll find hard to leave. After the flight, you can go to bed early, or take a short walk after dinner.


A pleasant and modern restaurant OMBU is located in the historic centre of Palma. Experienced chefs create real masterpieces of culinary art based on the usual local dishes here. The menu ranges from french fries and burgers prepared according to theoriginal recipe to oysters and truffles. The wine list offers many different local wines, including domestic ones. The restaurant is popular with holidaymakers, so it’s best to book a table in advance. Do this online.

Day 2: Introduction to the island

On the first day, you will see the places of worship of Palma, the Cathedral and Royal Palace of La Almudaina. Stroll through the streets of the city and go to the park, appreciate the local architecture and enjoy the beach.

Cappuccino Palau March

Before you start exploring the most famous and beautiful sights of the capital of Mallorca, have breakfast in a cosy cafe in the city centre. You can sit in the laconic interiors of the main hall, or under umbrellas on the outdoor terrace.   The cafe has a special breakfast menu that offers dishes for every taste, from dietary yogurts and muesli to hearty sandwiches and bacon and eggs. Indulge in a cup of coffee, the cafe offers an excellent cappuccino.

Hort del Rei

The garden, which is now a favorite place for walking of tourists and residents of the city, belonged to the palace area in the Middle Ages. The park acquired its current appearance as early as the XX century, according to the creators' idea, here the features of the royal gardens of Mallorca and Andalusian architecture are combined.

Catedral de Mallorca

The monumental and, at the same time, light and airy building of the Palma Cathedral is the brightest example of the Catalan Gothic. The construction of the cathedral was begun in 1230 on obeying the order of James I the Conqueror, in honor of the liberation from the Moorish people, and completed at the end of the XVI century. The interior of the cathedral contains the Renaissance and pompous Baroque elements.

Banys Àrabs

Part of the historical heritage of Mallorca is hidden in a humble courtyard reminiscent of the time when the island was ruled by the Moorish people. The landmark is surrounded by a beautiful garden with lots of unusual tropical plants. This is the right place for an interesting photo shoot.

Ca'n Joan De S'aigo

Ca'n Joan De S'aigo is the oldest cafe in Palma. In the XVIII century, the owner of the place offered guests drinks from melt water from the mountain peaks, and today it offers excellent coffee, aromatic, tasty pastries, hot chocolate and large portions of ice cream of domestic production.

Royal Palace of La Almudaina

The palace, built in the X century, and served as the residence of the Arab viziers and the King of Aragon, is one of the oldest and most famous monuments of Moorish architecture. The interiors of the palace are decorated with trellis and paintings, depicting members of the royal dynasty.

Mayor Plaza

It is an ideal place to feel the atmosphere of the old city. There is always a lively, friendly atmosphere, street musicians and local artists. On the sides of the square are small souvenir shops and restaurants.

Platja de Can Pere Antoni

Explore a spacious sandy beach, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest, walking through the city streets and the promenade. The beach offers an unusual and breathtaking view of the Gothic buildings of the historic part of Palma.

Las Palmeras

It is a great place to enjoy a variety of delicious local dishes for little money. Try the grilled octopus, the dish is truly off the charts. Other seafood is also very tasty cooked, and the best addition to a good dinner is a glass of aromatic homemade wine.

Day 3: Underwater world and its inhabitants

Today you are going to to visit one of the largest aquariums in Europe, where you can feel like a real diver and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. You will also visit a church with distinctive architectural features, and go to a restaurant by the beach in the evening.

Cafè Es Pes de sa Palla

A visit to the Mallorcan aquarium, beach rest and exploration of very extraordinary and original object of modern architecture is planned for today. To spend the day actively and not feel tired, have a good breakfast. A suitable option is a cosy authentic cafe located in the historic part of Palma de Mallorca. Please note that the cafe is closed on Sundays, and opens at 10 am on Saturdays.

Palma Aquarium

More than 700 species of marine fauna inhabit the Palma de Mallorca aquarium. Aquariums are beautifully highlighted and equipped with interactive information stands. For thrill seekers, there is a shark diving service.

Franciscanos TOR La Porciúncula

This church is a unique example of modern architectural solutions based on age-old traditions. Locals call this church "crystal" for stained glass windows depicting scenes from the New Testament around the perimeter of the building. Near the church is a small museum, the exposition of which offers a closer look at the history of the city and the island.

Restaurante Rincon Gallego

If you dreamed of trying real seafood paella from the very first day in Mallorca, then Restaurante Rincon Gallego will definitely not disappoint you! The restaurant also serves excellent steaks and wines.

Palma Beach (Playa de Palma)

The mild climate of Mallorca is ideal for a beach rest. The next hour and a half is just for relaxation and enjoying the sea and the sun.

El Chiringuito Beach House

El Chiringuito Beach House is a beautiful, laconic restaurant located on the seafront. It is especially charming in the evenings, when the soft light comes on. Enjoy seafoodperfectly cooked here. The staff serves guests quickly, efficiently and friendly. When the light fades, it's getting really crowded in here, so book a table in advance.

Day 4: Tracing the History

Want to learn more about the culture of Palma de Mallorca? Museums and the famous Bellver Castle await you. Among several interesting sights planned for today, there is one very unusual museum, the Spanish Village. It houses models of the most important buildings of Spain in the open air. You can explore the architectural features of all country's regions here.

ES REBOST Restaurant Jaume III

The philosophy of the restaurant ES REBOST Restaurant Jaume III can be described as "Slow fast food". The place is good for a quiet start to an interesting day or reunions. Mostly locals visit the restaurant, which is a measure for quality. In the menu are rethought and modern dishes and snacks of traditional Spanish cuisine. Be sure to try tapas here, visitors gave them a rave review.


The small art gallery contains very interesting works of modern authors. Who knows, perhaps they will become world masterpieces years later.

Poble Espanyol de Mallorca

The open-air museum presents the life of a Spanish village from the middle ages to our time. Here you can get acquainted with the local architectural styles and everyday life of residents.

Castell de Bellver

Two kilometers from the city centre is the majestic and monumental Bellver Castle. The grand Gothic castle was built in the XIV century as the summer residence of the King James II of Mallorca. The castle has an unusual round shape, and its four towers are oriented according to the corners of the earth. On the first floor of the castle were household buildings, so there was no windows, only narrow loopholes, and on the second floor were royal chambers. The roof of the building was castellated until the XVII century. The castle is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday.

L'Artista Pizzeria Napoletana

If you want to mix the daily diet up and have an Italian lunch, visit the cosy L'Artista Pizzeria Napoletana pizzeria with bright modern interiors. Pizza, pasta, classic Italian tiramisu dessert and delicious ice cream - there is a dish for every taste here.

Miró Mallorca Fundació

Miró Mallorca Fundació is a museum in Palma de Mallorca, which presents the work of the artist Joan Miro. The museum includes the main building, which exhibits more than six thousand paintings and sculptures created by the artist, a workshop, a library and a sculpture garden. Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays.

Cala Major Beach

Today has been a very full and eventful day. It's time to relax and have some rest in the warm Mallorca sun.

Mojo Beach

Near the beach is a nice bar, on the terrace of which you can spend a pleasant evening, slowly enjoying the local cuisine and a good selection of wines and cocktails.

Day 5: Entertainment Day

Have an Entertainment Day after exploring the museums! Have some rest and a lot of fun. Enjoy the beaches and Mediterranean Sea, water park and dolphinarium, and last but not least, Katmandu Park!

Cala Comtesa

Today you have only entertainment and relaxation. The first point of the day route is swimming in the warm turquoise waves of the Mediterranean Sea.


Before heading to the local dolphinarium, have a breakfast in the pleasant seaside restaurant Flanigan. The portions for breakfast are very large, and an amazing apple pies are also cooked here.

Marineland Mallorca

Marineland is, at the same time, a zoo where you can get acquainted with land animals and birds and inhabitants of the deep sea, a dolphinarium where killer whales, bottlenose dolphins and fur seals regularly perform, and an aquapark where you can relax in the summer heat.

Katmandu Park

The active absolute relaxation continues and Kathmandu Park offers all the conditions needed! Kathmandu is the second best amusement parks in Spain, and there are good reasons for this. There are 10 main attractions offered to visitors to choose from, the most famous of them is an inverted house, where you can not only make funny photos in unusual interiors, but also be creative to find the answers to riddles and exits from labyrinths. For active and sporty holidays lovers there is a 16 meter climbing wall with a lot of complex elements and obstacles in the park. And for those who prefer to splash in the pool, there are two water attractions.

Blackbeard´s Beach Bar & Grill

To feel like a pirate, you don't have to go on a long voyage and rob oncoming ships, you just have to drop in for a lunch at the Blackbeard´s Beach Bar & Grill. The interior is decorated in the style of a pirate ship, and the portions are surprisingly generous. The bar serves excellent thick steaks and huge tasty burgers, salads, snacks, desserts and a large selection of drinks. Seasoned pirates swear there's the best sangria on the whole island.

Cala Banyalbufar

Leave your car in the free parking in the village of Banyalbufar and drive to the beautiful sandy-pebble beach. The bay, located at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana, is surrounded by massive high cliffs and dense pristine vegetation that make this area even more picturesque. The water in the bay is very clean and clear, which makes this place especially attractive for diving. You can also rent a small boat.

Restaurante CA'N Paco

It is an intimate family restaurant overlooking the sea bay. There is always a warm and friendly atmosphere, the hosts take part in serving guests themselves. The local specialty is paella with seafood, the grilled vegetables are also delightful.

Day 6: Road to Alcudia

Your route runs through several estates where you can leave your car, take a walk and explore the territory. You will also pass along Gorg Blau lake, and Santuari de Lluc. The endpoint is the city of Alcudia.

Restaurant Es Brollador

In 2001, two brothers and a sister, in love with authentic Mediterranean cuisine, decided to open a restaurant on the first floor of an ordinary village house, since then, Es Brollador has delighted the visitors with a wonderful atmosphere and tasty dishes. An enormous amount of attention is given to the quality, all products are purchased from proven local farmers and fishermen. In the courtyard is a small fountain ("brollador" in the local dialect) which has given the name to the restaurant.

Museu La Granja d'Esporles

You can explore the life of local residents of the XIX century, watch the process of dyeing fabrics and other daily worries and entertainment at the old manor. You can see small natural streams animals - ducks, rabbits, peacocks - in a beautiful green garden. Horse shows take place in the manor’s park on weekdays, check the schedule online on the museum's website.

Jardines de Alfabia

Leave the car in the parking lot and go up the pathway to Jardins d'Alfàbia. This is another manor house, notable for its magnificent garden and park ensemble. On the territory are several small ponds, surrounded by palm trees, climbing vines and other rare beautiful plants.

Església de Sant Bartomeu

The Basilica of Saint Bartholomew acquired its modern view at the end of the XIV century, however, since then it has been repeatedly completed and updated. Now the church combines the features of the Spanish Gothic: thin steeples adorn the roof, windows are decorated with stone laces, and elements of luxurious baroque, that are particularly high in the interior.

Galeria Cafè Sóller

In the town square, in front of the cathedral is a cafe with special atmosphere, which is just hard to miss at least because of the figure of the horse looking out of the window. Although this cafe is famous for confectionery, buns and cakes, the main dishes for lunch here are also very tasty, and the tapas are delightful.

Gorg Blau

It is an awesome place to feel the pristine beauty of nature, spend some alone time, reflect on your thoughts and take picturesque landscape shots. Please note that swimming is not allowed in the lakes of the reserve.

Santuari de Lluc

The Santuari de Lluc is a monastery, built in honour of the Mother of God and considered the spiritual centre not only of Mallorca, but of all the Balearic Islands. The place where the monastery is located was considered sacred even before the Christian time. Archaeologists discovered the ruins of ancient shrines. The first Christian church, which paved the future construction of the monastery, was built here in the thirteenth century. According to legend, the local shepherd found the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary in this place. The main part of the monastic buildings dates from the seventeenth century and contains the architectural elements of the Renaissance and Baroque. And the famous Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi worked on the reconstruction of the facade.

Ca'n Costa

Indulge in the finest seafood and homemade wines in authentic vintage interiors.

Murada Medieval d'Alcúdia

The high stone fortress was built at the end of the XIII century as a defensive structure. Now it offers the possibility to climb the fortress wall and see the new side of the city.

Day 7: Ancient Mallorca

The island is full of sights of different eras. Today you are going to have a walk through the streets of Alcudia, visit the Eglesia de Sant Jaume and touch the ruins of an ancient Roman theater. You will go to the Capdepera Castle and Caves of Artà later this afternoon.

Porta de Vila Roja

The visit to Alcudia, an old port city in the north of Mallorca, is planned for the first part of the day. Acquaintance with the historical part of the city will begin with the fortress surrounding the part of the city, built in the Middle Ages.

Església Sant Jaume

Construction of the church in honor of Saint Jaime, a patron of the King of Mallorca, began in the XIV century. Initially, the church building performed not only reliogious functions, but also strategic and defensive ones. The current building of the church has been designed in neo-gothic style, the original one collapsed in 1870 under the weight of time and was reconstructed only a quarter of a century later. Inside the church, special attention should be paid to the altar pattern, which is a masterpiece of Baroque art.

Carlos V

Carlos V is one of the small city cafes in the centre of Alcudia. It offers a very fast and friendly service, good price and, of course, delicious food. Even the most hard-working chefs need a rest, so Wednesday is a day off. If you find yourself in the centre of Alcudia on Wednesday, you can easily find a place for breakfast among the small coffee shops, bakeries and shops of the old town.

Teatre romà de Pol·lèntia

The Romans knew a lot about entertainment - gladiator battles, epic naumachiae, battles with dangerous predators - all this took place on the stone arenas of amphitheatres, which at present are mere wreckages. Get acquainted with the even more ancient history of Alcudia, visiting the ruins of the ancient theater, just do not forget to take water and hats, they will definitely be needed in the open space on a hot day.

Muro Beach (Playa de Muro)

Before continuing to explore the historical heritage of the city, spend a pleasant time on a clean sandy beach, which offers everything you need for a comfortable rest and swimming.

Castell De Capdepera

The first fortifications on this site were built by the Moorish people in the X century AD. The monumental fortress was built already in the XIV century by order of the King James II, whom we've heard about before. The fortress is located at an altitude of 130 meters above sea level, it offers an amazing view of the nearest bay and the bay that separates Mallorca and Menorca.

Coves d'Artà

Coves d'Artà is a wonder of nature you should see in Mallorca. Stalactites look mystically beautiful, and the color lights make the place even more attractive for all travelers and vacationers. Organised group excursions in English, German and Spanish are held in the caves. It is pretty cool inside, so take your outdoor clothing with you to spend time comfortably.

Restaurant Sestiu

Te restaurant offers gorgeous dishes cooked on the grill, whether it be vegetables, fish and seafood, chicken, or a whole suckling pig, every dish is delightful. Chefs and staff are pleased to offer guests the best meals and fast, high-quality and friendly service from Monday to Wednesday and from Friday to Sunday. Thursday is a day off.

Platja Son Serveta

The day has been really eventful - we have visited the medieval fortresses and ancient ruins, admired the beauty of man-made temples and natural caves. Have sone rest and enjoy a beach and pleasant sound of waves in the evening.


This small cafe is called the "Italian pearl of Mallorca" by the guests for the delicious dishes served here. Spend a pleasant evening in a intimate and quiet atmosphere, enjoying delicious thin crust pizza.

Day 8: The Caves of Drach

The Caves of Drach are one of the favorite places of tourists! The place is definitely worth a visit if you are in Mallorca. Have a little walk along the beach in the morning and then hit the road! Have some new experience! The endpoint in the exploration of the island is the San Salvador hill peak, which offers a stunning view.


The tapas bar offers tasty breakfasts from Tuesday to Sunday. The bar opens at six in the morning, so even the early risers can enjoy delicious tapas with a variety of additions before starting an active day.

Cala Morlanda

Take a walk along the massive high cliffs and go down to the small charming bay. In the mornings there are not very many tourists here; one can spend some time alone with the natural beauty of Mallorca. The water in the bay is warm, clean and clear, ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Drach Caves

You won't meet a living dragon in a cave, perhaps that's for the best. But fully enjoy the miraculous beauty of the underground landscapes. When, passing under the arches of the fabulously beautiful caves, you reach the underground lake, you will find a fascinating performance of musicians, accompanied by a spectacular light show. The temperature inside the caves is usually about 21 degrees Celsius, warm clothes may not be needed. But do not forget to take comfortable, non-slip shoes.

Restaurante Ca'N Toni

It's time to get something to eat! Near the Dragon Caves is a small restaurant with casual interiors and simple, but very tasty food. The doors of the restaurant are open for guests on any day of the week.

Sanctuary of Sant Salvador

The steep winding road leads you to the San Salvador hill peak, where the monastery of the same name is located. The monastery was built in the XIV century on the site of the former Moorish fortifications, monastic life proceeded here until 1992. At the very top of the peak is a viewpoint, where a magnificent monument is installed, San Salvador statue tops the viewpoint. This place offers a breathtaking scenic view of the island.

Es Trenc

Spend a pleasant evening on the spacious sandy beach. The seabed here is not very deep, the water is perfectly warm. You can rent a boat or catamaran. The beach is equipped with sun loungers and changing rooms.

Restaurante La Mar de Bo

This is your last dinner in Mallorca before leaving, visit the seafood restaurant Restaurante La Mar de Bo to explore and remember all the colours of the local cuisine. The basis of the menu is fish and shellfish, there are several seemingly unusual dishes, for example, black paella or pasta. If you prefer meat delicacies, jamon, steaks and grilled meat are at your service. The restaurant has a large selection of tapas and other traditional snacks. The wine list also does not disappoint connoisseurs.

Day 9: Have a nice flight back home

Your journey to the magnificent island of Mallorca has come to an end. You have no attractions and historic buildings planned for today. Spend the rest of your time by the sea and enjoy the sun.

Platja de S'Arenal

You are supposed to go to the airport soon, but there is still time for a beach holiday. Swim in the warm waves of the Mediterranean and enjoy the soft rays of the morning sun. And do not forget to throw a coin into the water for luck and to come back.


A cosy cafe is more popular among locals than among tourists. It offers good prices, fast service and fairly diverse menu. There are options for breakfast for adherents of a healthy diet.