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Nature and Culture: from Chicago to Minneapolis

Road Trip Route. For nature lovers, even in the centers of big cities, Impressive beauty along the shores of Lake Michigan, The natural diversity of this part of the country.

Our fascinating route will pass through three states - Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. We will enjoy the unique nature and culture of these places, try to feel the spirit of the people living here. The scenario begins in the city of Chicago, whose modern appearance cannot be imagined without huge skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, but we will try to appreciate local natural wonders, because the city and its surroundings are really rich in various scenic spots. Further, we will continue our tourist pilgrimage along the unique and immense Lake of Michigan, famous for its picturesque shores, clean sandy beaches, emerald hills and excellent infrastructure. The final destination will be the city of Minneapolis, which is also known as the "City of Lakes". Indeed, within the boundaries of Minneapolis, there are many picturesque lakes with bicycle paths and nature walks. Also, a considerable part of the city sights are museums and theaters, so that any traveler can find something to the taste here.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Chicago

Alexandr Kosar. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Trip arrangements

Upon arrival in Chicago, rent a car if you came not with your own one, and enjoy free time in the city. In the evening, visit one of the most popular and best Greek restaurants in Chicago.

Greek Islands

Greek Islands is a dream come true: a group of immigrants opened their business after many years of hard work. From the very beginning, they became practically the most popular Greek restaurant in the United States. Owners continue to follow their fundamental principles to this day. They select and send to their restaurants olive oil of the highest quality, excellent wines, the best cheeses, herbs and seafood from Greece. Enjoy salads, appetizers cooked from fresh ingredients, which, along with seafood and excellent wines, are the highlights of the restaurant's menu.

Day 2: First travel day - “City of Winds”

Today we begin our journey and move along the beautiful lake of Michigan going to interesting local restaurants. In addition, the wonderful parks and beaches of the city also deserve some attention, so we will visit them as well.


Eataly is a small but nice restaurant with a light and unobtrusive atmosphere. Restaurants of this chain, located in close proximity to the supplier, use the highest quality ingredients to cook their dishes. The facility is mainly focused on Italian cuisine, as its name implies, therefore such classic dishes as pizza, pasta, lasagna are the highlights of the menu.

Chicago Water Tower

The Chicago Water Tower is a structure richly decorated with leaf dent elements in the Gothic style built, in fact, just to hide a drainpipe. Despite this, its intricate design serves as an excellent illustration of the value and importance given to the infrastructure and water supply at the end of the 19th century. Today it is indeed one of the main attractions of the city.

North Avenue Beach

Beautiful North Avenue Beach is located in Lincoln Park. It is one of the most popular beaches in Chicago. There is an original viewpoint, which area is 22,000 square feet. This smooth structure in the form of an ocean liner, decorated in bright blue and white colors, offers one of the best views in the city. You will be particularly pleased to watch the endless horizons from here.

Del Seoul

Del Seoul is a small family restaurant, which owners, inspired by the Korean street food, decided to bring it to Chicago. Residents of the city visit this place mainly for Korean chicken-barbeque wings, however, the restaurant’s menu offers a large selection of not only appetizers, but more substantial meal, such as Korean noodles, soups and traditional mandu as well.

Lincoln Park

To relax in a bustling day, there are many beautiful places in the open air, one of which is Lincoln Park. The extended area of 1 208 acres with a free zoo, open all year round, a museum of nature and greenhouses. And in good weather, you can go to the path on the shore of the lake or to the beaches of Lake Michigan, offering an opportunity to enjoy water sports.

Montrose Beach

Montrose Beach is located in Lake Shore Drive, Montrose Avenue at Lake Michigan, near the Uptown area. This popular beach offers visitors the convenience of kayak and beach volleyball equipment, showers and toilets and sites for picnics. You can also rent a motorless boat. Tourists travelling by car can park for a fee on the street in front of the beach. Dogs are allowed in the northern part of the beach.

Ras Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant

We are lucky to visit the restaurant, recognized by Michelin, and enjoy the cuisine of Ethiopia. The interior of the facility is very extravagant and helps to feel the whole originality of the culture of this country. The bar offers fine honey wine and African beer. Those who want to immerse themselves in the culinary culture of this country, should start dinner with a light note - Zenash's salad, the marinated bacon and lamb stew with spicy vegetables are also the highlights of the menu. Many guests of Chicago want to visit this restaurant, so book a table to skip the lines.

Day 3: Walking Along Lake Michigan

Dear friend, we leave the city of winds and continue on our route. Today we are to visit the not very big, but interesting and original city of Milwaukee. We walk along the beautiful promenade, visit wonderful museums and restaurants.

Walker Bros The Original Pancake House

2019 marks the 59th anniversary of the birth of Walker Bros Original Pancake House. Based on their many years of experience in the culinary field, the owners offer authentic national and ethnic pancake recipes. Their comprehensive knowledge helped to create an original menu recognized at the national level and chosen by chef and culinary critic James Byrd as one of the top ten in America. In addition, the restaurant is known for its own recipe for coffee, which is also one of the calling cards of the facility.

Grant Park

In 1844, the city council approved the creation of the so-called “Lake Park”, which later became Grant Park. After the Great Chicago fire in 1871, the area between Randolph Street and Roosevelt Road passed into the possession to Grant Park. By 1901, when there was a beautiful landscape with spruce trees and neat paths, the place became popular not only among locals, but also among visitors. Today this beautiful site is an integral part of the city, here a cultural center is built, which is a kind of connecting link between commercial and educational activities.

Milwaukee Lakefront

To easily explore the city of Milwaukee, it is worth starting a walk from the Milwaukee Lakefront promenade, which runs through the city center. In the immediate vicinity are three main districts - the Historical Quarter, the City Center and the Eastern Quarter, where the best restaurants, beer bars, shops and night clubs of the city are located. The embankment is also the location of the art gallery, where both permanent and temporary exhibitions take place. Ranging from small fanciful sculptures such as Gertie, the most famous duck in the world, to significant social works, there are currently 20 sculptures by national, regional and local artists.

Harbor House

Harbor House is a bright, spacious seafood restaurant beloved by locals and tourists, furnished in a new English style and located on the shores of Lake Michigan. The restaurant offers first-class dishes and fresh seafood, delivered daily from both banks. The facility has a three-sided bar, an open kitchen and a separate dining room for special events and parties. The seasonal open-air courtyard also has a full bar and offers a unique view of the lake and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Harley-Davidson Museum

A walk through the Harley-Davidson Museum is a walk through the history of America. With an unrivaled collection of motorcycles and Harley-Davidson memorabilia, a 20-acre park yard and calendar, full of events, the H-D Museum is one of Milwaukee’s premier tourist sites for visitors from around the world. A visit to the H-D Museum is a life-long experience.

Smoke Shack

Smoke Shack is one of the best restaurants in the city, where smoked meat is served. Certified meat products are spiced, slowly smoked and served. In some cases, the meat can be smoked all night so that customers can get a dish of perfect quality. In addition, the restaurant offers a variety of drinks, you can order a fine wine, or just tea or non-alcoholic cocktail.

Day 4: The beauty of nature near Green Bay

Our journey along the lake continues and today we drive to the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is famous for its unique natural sites, beaches and parks. We also dilute our day by visiting some really cool local restaurants.

Doctors Park

Doctor's Park is located on the border of Fox Point and Bayside on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. It is part of the Milwaukee County Park system, and it covers approximately 49 acres on a cliff near the lake. There are several play- and sports grounds, as well as a secluded beach. The park administration is actively engaged in the preservation of planted plants and keeping the landscape.


TCBY is more than just a yogurt shop. This facility has developed its own specific cooking method for ice cream, yogurt and other desserts. Get in here, you smell the scent just by the entrance: fruit, vanilla, very different, this is due to the fact that the filling for the products is prepared here in the facility, from fresh ingredients.

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful 600-acre urban reserve that supports wildlife and gives home to various animals. In addition, there are educational expositions, many hiking and skiing trails, and various opportunities for exploring wildlife. There is nothing like staying in natural areas with their favorable microclimate, and the opportunity to watch the animals in their natural habitat bringing pleasure to both children and adults.

White Dog Black Cat Cafe

The cozy café, located in the Broadway District in the heart of Green Bay, boasts not only phenomenal food, but also a creative and unusual atmosphere. Like the unusual interior of the facility, the menu combines excellent taste and originality. Try French fries, chili soup, and onion soup. Enjoy the Greek salad, Caesar salad and tuna sandwich. Please note that the cafe is open until late at night from Monday to Saturday, on Sunday it closes at 2:00 pm.

Algoma Beach

Algoma Beach is a clean and well serviced beach, local authorities are careful to preserve unique nature of this place. The shore is suitable for a pleasant walk along Lake Michigan, as well as to relax and lie down on the soft sand, contemplating the horizon of the water surface in the distance. It also offers all the necessary conditions for a beach holiday, from changing rooms to parking near the beach.

Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park is perhaps the most significant natural object in this district. This place is respected by divers, photographers, and just tourists, because the landscape of the beautifully carved stone cliffs lining the blue waters of Lake Michigan leaves no one indifferent. Although this park has no status of a national reserve, it is great and significant. Local county authorities make a lot of effort to preserve its unique look.

Island Fever Rum Bar & Grill

Island Fever is a rum bar and grill serving festive seafood, steaks, hamburgers and many Mexican dishes. Ingredients in the restaurant are supplied by local farmers, so that the freshness and quality of food here is always at the highest level. Facility staff is competent and strives to create all the necessary conditions for a good holiday of the visitor.

Day 5: Outdoor Activities in Wisconsin

Today is full of movings between the most beautiful parks in this part of the state.

Kavarna Coffeehouse

Kavarna Coffeehouse is a cafe in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin. The food here is prepared using only natural ingredients of local production. Facility's menu has many vegetarian dishes, and lovers of meat delicacies will be also pleased with a large selection of sandwiches and burgers. The menu is also replete with worth tasting salads and soups. A diverse selection of coffee is the undoubted advantage. As already stated, despite the positioning of the place as a vegetarian restaurant, here, nevertheless, are dishes with meat, so that any taste preferences will be satisfied.

Green Bay Botanical Garden

The Green Bay Botanical Garden is a beautiful island of quiet nature in a bustling city. 23.5 acres of the 47 acres of the garden are planted with lush gardens and shady forests, and are also built up with beautiful architecture. Here, both children and adults can enjoy a variety of educational programs and special events dedicated to gardening, culture, and just leisure, including popular open-air concerts.

Sunny's Chinese Noodle House

To diversify our daily ration, consisting mainly of traditional American cuisine, the Sunny's Chinese Noodle House Chinese restaurant is perfect. The atmosphere of the place is quite simple, but cozy. The menu highlights are chicken in orange juice, rolls with egg and shrimp and Sunny's noodles. The selection of drinks is also quite rich: the restaurant offers many varieties of tea and cocktails.

Kronenwetter Forest Unit

Warm up and take a walk in the beautiful forest after a long journey. Do not go off the trails, so as not to get lost.

Marathon Park

Marathon Park is located near downtown Wausau. Here it is beautiful in the evenings, at sunset. You can walk before dinner.

Milwaukee Burger Company

Milwaukee Burger Company is one of the most worthy representatives of quality fast food in Milwaukee. The facility has got good press. The “Do Gooder” burger, favorably noted by numerous visitors, is the highlight of the menu.

Day 6: Beautiful Minneapolis and its attractions

Our journey is coming to the end, and we are in one of the largest cities in the state of Minnesota, Minneapolis. The city is full of interesting places and memorable sights, so there is a lot of fascinating things ahead.

Lucy's Delicatessen

You need to take the last shot - to Minneapolis, so get up early and hit the road, you would wake up and have a really good meal. Lucy's Delicatessen is a place where you can enjoy excellent pastries and strong invigorating coffee in the morning. The restaurant staff is very careful in preparing any dishes so that customers always remain satisfied with the quality. Facility's menu is replete with all sorts of sandwiches, salads, groceries, as well as different types of coffee. Among other things, the restaurant also has its own small shop where you can buy some food for the road.

Lake Harriet

We've arrived! Tired? Lake Harriet is a very beautiful and popular holiday destination in the southwest of Minneapolis. It is surrounded by picturesque hills, forests, parks and gardens, as well as with three miles of cycling and speed-skating tracks, there are benches and walkways for pedestrians. On weekends, various concerts, performances and other events take place on the northern shore of the lake.

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a must-visit place for travelers of all ages. The park exhibits a lot of stunning sculptures by different artists. A large number of artworks are devoted to important people in the history of Minnesota. Some sculptures are designed in such a way that it is possible to catch the author's message only in rainy weather when the sculpture is wet. Incredibly interesting and informative pastime in the park is guaranteed.

Red Cow

Red Cow is a great facility, offering both traditional dishes and beloved burgers. For example, you can't go wrong with a red cow salad, and ahi crisps and blues burger are also the menu highlights. The interior of the facility is rather simple, and the restaurant atmosphere is very relaxed, exactly what you need to have some rest during the day.

Mill City Museum

Mill City Museum is an architectural monument towering over eight floors in the ruins of the Washburn mill, a national historic landmark and once the world's largest mill. The museum exhibits local and regional artists. Exposure reveals various periods of life and some specific problems of society. Such famous artists as Joann Verburg, Tom Maakestad, Kim Lawler, and other state leaders present their works here.

Stone Arch Bridge

The James J. Hill Stone Arch Bridge was built between 1881 and 1883 to lay a rail track across the Mississippi River. The bridge originally had 23 limestone arches with spans from 40 to 97.8 feet. After the bridge was no longer used for railway communication in 1982, it was modified for pedestrian traffic and became part of the St. Anthony road. The bridge is located in the St. Anthony Falls Historic District and is a national historical monument of architecture.

Water Power Park

This small park with a magnificent view of the man-made waterfall is located in the St. Anthony area on the eastern shore. The information boards offers interesting facts about the construction of an artificial rift for industrial purposes. The park is equipped with walking, cycling paths and benches. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent views of the river and the dam, which contributes to its rapid flow. The stands also illustrate the rich history of this region.

Café Alma

Café Alma is a small, welcoming facility, well-known for its excellent bar menu, as well as a wide range of quality traditional dishes. There is a lot of tasty dishes on the menu that you can try, but, of course, meat dishes prepared exclusively from fresh ingredients with different herbs and spices deserve special attention. Many visitors also find the pastries great for dessert.

Day 7: Farewell to Minneapolis

The culmination of our journey is the beautiful city of Minneapolis. We have already explored some of its attractions, and today we are going to end our journey in a really good place, the City Museum of Art.

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea offers a huge selection of coffee of different varieties and methods of preparation. Even if you are not a fan of this drink, you can still find coffee to your taste, because the range of flavors presented here is so diverse and interesting that no one will stay indifferent. In addition to a cup of coffee, you can order a cake, muffin or pancakes with syrup.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

And finally, enjoy some art! Minneapolis Institute of Art is a great place to touch art and learn to understand it. Outstanding works of art from different cultures of the world are collected under the arches of the museum and available to anybody. These include American art of the war in Vietnam, the exhibition of Chinese painting, glorifying poetry and lyrics, and an exhibition of Turkish carpets of the XVI century, and many more temporary exhibitions, and you can easily find the schedule on the museum website.