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Nature and architecture of the Leningrad and Novgorod regions

Nature and architecture of the Leningrad and Novgorod regions
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Saint Petersburg


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3 Days


874 km



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There are many places in the Leningrad Region worth visiting for the inquisitive traveller. There are many beautiful manors and palaces, unique monuments and mighty castles in this region.
Our trip will take place in the south: first we'll visit Gatchina, and then we'll head to Veliky Novgorod. We will finish our journey in Valday National Park, see the local sights and head back to St. Petersburg.
Alexandr Kosar
Alexandr Kosar
  • Visit Valday National Park.
  • Walk among Gatchina Palaces.
  • Bypass Novgorod Detinets.
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Travel Itinerary

Trip to Veliky Novgorod
Day 1270 km

Trip to Veliky Novgorod

Today we leave for one of the most interesting cities in Russia - Veliky Novgorod. On the way we will stop at several beautiful and memorable places, and by the evening we will reach our destination.
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The beauties of Valday
Day 2309 km478 m

The beauties of Valday

Our journey continues, and today the plan is to visit Valday. We will visit the national park, as well as visit some interesting city places.
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Monuments and Manors of the Leningrad Region
Day 3296 km

Monuments and Manors of the Leningrad Region

Today marks the end of our little journey. But don't hurry to be sad! On the way you will visit several interesting places and estates, as well as the famous Novgorod Detinets.
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