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Natural reserves of the Leningrad region

Road Trip Route. Visit Lindulovskaya Grove, Have a picnic on the lake shore, Walk around Gladyshevsky reserve.

If you are tired of the city bustle and constant stress, this scenario is perfect for you! We will get acquainted with the diverse nature of the Leningrad region - we will walk through a larch grove planted by order of Peter the Great for the needs of the Admiralty and visit a unique reserve Gladyshevsky, the main purpose of which is the conservation of valuable species of salmon fish and pearls. Be sure to bring comfortable clothes and shoes!

Uninhabited Nature. From: Saint Petersburg

Anna Akimenko. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Lindulov Grove and Gladyshevsky Nature Reserve

Our journey will begin with a visit to the Lindulowska Grove, where we will walk along carefully laid paths and admire the unique larch cultures. Then we will have a picnic on the lake shore and then visit the Gladyshevsky wildlife preserve.

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Today we are going to spend in nature reserves, so I suggest having a picnic in the open air and enjoy the deserted nature to the maximum. In the hypermarket you can buy everything you need for a picnic.

Линдуловская роща

Our first stop will be the Lindulivskaia Grove, which is a pearl of the national forestry industry. The larch grove was established by decree of Peter the Great for the needs of shipbuilding, and work on its planting began in 1738. There are 4 types of larch trees in the botanical reserve: Arkhangelsk, Kamchatka, Siberian and European. Today, the Linduliv Grove is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and its territory is equipped with special ecological trails.

Гладышевское озеро

The next stop will be Gladyshevskoe Lake, which is included in the reserve of the same name. The area around the Gladyshevsky lake is picturesque, pines grow on the banks. The lake has the source of the Gladyshevka River, and at the bottom there are a lot of ice keys - so it is undesirable to swim here. I suggest having a picnic on the lake shore, or if you want you can sit with a fishing rod on the bridge or fish on an inflatable boat. According to the stories of fishermen, here is a pike of unprecedented size and can weigh up to 5 kg.

Гладышевский заказник

The Gladyshevsky reserve was founded in 1996 and is one of the largest in the Leningrad region. The main objects of protection on the territory of the reserve are salmon fish and freshwater molluscs - European pearls, they are included in the Red Book of Russia. While walking around the reserve we will see Karelian coniferous forest, picturesque bog landscapes, various representatives of the fauna of the Leningrad region and much more!

Гора над заливом

In the Gladyshevsky Reserve there is an observation deck with an incredibly beautiful view of the Gulf of Finland. Be sure to take photos as a souvenir!

Русская рыбалка

I suggest to finish our trip in a cozy restaurant on the Gulf of Finland "Russian Fishing". The interior of the restaurant combines Scandinavian design and country style, and the menu offers an international selection of dishes. The main feature of the restaurant is a small pond with fish, which you can catch yourself to prepare it for you in the kitchen.

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