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Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah

Road Trip Route. We're expecting the incredible natural beauty of several states, We will visit national parks, nature reserves and famous resorts, The route will run through the three states.

A man stuck in the hustle and bustle of the city just needs to go outdoors, and better for that place than the state of Colorado and its neighboring states are unlikely to be found. Yes, the main part of our way will be in Colorado, but we won't stop there, because the natural beauties are not interrupted on the border of one state, we will also pass through Wyoming and Utah. The incredibly beautiful rocky mountains rising near Denver will be the first stop on our journey. Some of the national parks in Colorado deserve to be recognized as natural wonders of the world, and I think that once you have been there, you will fully share my point of view. In addition to nature walks, there are many other attractions ahead of you, including museum tours, amusement rides and outdoor activities. You can go on such a trip with your friends and family.

Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure. From: Denver

Edward Harrington. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Arrival in Denver

Denver is the starting point of our journey, we will see a lot of interesting things here, but since we don't have much time left today, we will devote it to the organizational aspects.

Denver Biscuit Co. @ Stanley

Having arrived in Denver, the first thing you need to do after the road is to get some refreshments. We chose a cozy restaurant Denver Biscuit Co. What's definitely worth ordering here is huge delicious sandwiches and burgers. The menu also offers a good selection of snacks and soft drinks.

Day 2: The unique nature of Colorado Springs

Today, the plan is to go to a small, hospitable city near Denver, Colorado Springs. There is much to learn about the nature of these places, and the views here can be compared in beauty only with the Grand Canyon.

Four Friends Kitchen

The day begins with a lot of interesting things to do, and before we go on our way we stop by the Four Friends Kitchen Café for refreshments. For breakfast here you can order pancakes, omelette with bacon and vegetables or dressed with caramel syrup chicken breast with salad. I chose the last option and did not regret, the meat is very tender and delicious. And if you want to have breakfast on the road and not stay in a cafe, you can take delicious sandwiches and burritos here.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

The first stop will be in the city, in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. I simply admired the diversity of Colorado's nature, and I was as happy as a child to see the deer family. And according to the information on the signs in the park, there are also bison here. At the entrance, we were warned that it was better to move around the park only along the paths and not to climb into the thicket to protect ourselves and not to harm the animals by accident.

Phillip S. Miller Park

Phillip S. Miller Park is not only a unique natural site, but also a popular entertainment center. In addition to the park, there is an event centre, an outdoor amphitheatre and the Challenge Hilloutdoor wooden staircase, and if you're travelling with children, they can also have fun on the playground. In addition, the park boasts an impressive indoor water entertainment center.

Garden of the Gods

Probably the most beautiful views of Colorado Springs open up in the Garden of the Gods, which is a registered national natural monument. Stunning views of 300-foot towering sandstone cliffs against the backdrop of snow-covered Pike Peaks and the bright blue sky impress even the avid traveller. This natural and tourist centre is the most visited attraction in the region, which is greatly facilitated by the numerous museums and exhibitions in the park.

The Saraha Cafe

The Sahara Cafe is a clean and inexpensive restaurant where most travelers prefer to eat. It serves both the usual sandwiches and lavash meat, as well as Israeli dishes and snacks, such as hummus and falafel. I took a well fried meat steak, by the way, one of these dishes will be enough for a full-fledged lunch for an adult - in addition to the meat, a portion of salad and a flatbread is served.

Glen Eyrie Castle & Conference Center

Glen Eyrie Castle is a building that was once the home of one of the founders of Colorado Springs, General William Jackson Palmer. Nowadays, the old building houses the hotel, as well as a conference room. The area around the estate is very well-groomed and represents a picturesque and peaceful landscape. We didn't stay in this place too long, but we had time to go for a walk in nature and see the building, which, by the way, is not a small one.

Daniels Park

On our way to the hotel we were lucky enough to meet the sunset in one of the most picturesque places in Colorado - Daniels Park. Mesmerizing views of the mountain ranges surrounding the park from almost all sides, many paths, paths and picnic spots. In the park, we met some local guys who said there was often a herd of buffalo or other animals.

Homegrown Tap and Dough

Now we're back in Denver, and it's time for a refreshment. Nearby, there's a good cafe called Homegrown Tap and Dough. It serves mainly Italian cuisine, there are also some American dishes, but there are not many of them on the menu. The pizza here is excellent, with plenty of delicious stuffing and crispy crust. And if you're not driving today, buddy, don't deny yourself the pleasure of a couple of dark beers.

Day 3: National forests east of Denver

On this day, the plan is to go to the so-called National Forest "White River", which is located east of the state capital. Here you will find world-famous ski resorts, many resorts, and nature types resemble the landscapes of the European Alps.


What do you need to do first to make the day go by actively? The correct answer is to have a good breakfast. And you can do that at the Snooze Cafe, it's open from 7:00 a.m. These guys know a lot about nourishing and delicious breakfasts, which are only worth their signature punk with ice cream and nuts - fingers lick!

The Rocky Mountains

The views along the way are breathtaking, but especially against the backdrop of wooded terrain, the breathtaking scenery of the rocky mountains east of Denver stands out. It must be said that many mountains in these places are called The Rocky Mountains, but only a small part of them create the same majestic landscape around them.

Sapphire Point Overlook

Sapphire Point Overlook is located between Keystone and Breckenridge on the Swan Road, at an altitude of about 9500 feet. From here you can enjoy stunning views of the Dillon Reservoir, surrounded by the mountain ranges of Gore and Tenmila. This observation deck is adjacent to the White River National Forest, which has a total area of about 2.3 million acres. All these forested areas can be seen from this point.

Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain is one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado. When all the slopes are closed for the season, the resort organizes many summer activities, including some of the longest roller coaster in North America and other attractions, cycling trails, hiking and funiculars.

Lost Cajun

Creole cuisine is undoubtedly the basis of the American culinary tradition. Of course, it wasn't born here, but it's spread all over the country, so nowadays there are a lot of good creole cafes and restaurants, an exemplary example is Lost Cajun. If your idea of a perfect meal matches mine and includes a large plate of delicious soup, fried meat and baked goods with powdered sugar, this is the place to be.

Loveland Pass

The Loveland Pass is another place to enjoy incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. I was lucky to be here in the summer to see the fields where flowering has just begun and to find not only a beautiful view, but also a pleasant aroma that is mixed with the mountain air. The access here is very convenient, so you can get to the site by car without any problems.

St. Mary's Glacier

The next stop is St. Mary's Glacier, a place that resembles the Scandinavian landscapes - mountains slightly covered by snow on top, and in front of them a small lake with a blue as in the ocean, water, terrain to the horizon dotted with trees. If you want to go for a walk inland, you need to put on rubber boots, because even in the summer there is a chance to wet your feet.

Beau Jo's Pizza

On our way to the hotel, we met a nice Beau Jo's Pizza. Its distinctive feature, perhaps, is quite a wide choice of dishes. There are seven menus to choose from, including children's, dessert, gluten-free and alcohol-free menus. Seasonal dishes include stuffed peppers, various types of pizza and pasta. For dessert, there's a large selection of cookies, cocktails and cakes.

Day 4: The Rocky Mountains of Colorado

We're leaving Denver today for Fort Collins, and on our way to one of the state's main reserves, where we have incredible scenery of mountains, rivers, plains and waterfalls, so don't forget to charge your camera.

Illegal Pete's

On the way from Denver, we'll stop at Illegal Pete's. It serves traditional Mexican cuisine. For breakfast here you can order various tacos, burritos, salads, to which you can choose dressing and, of course, pork, beef steaks. And the very affordable prices of the restaurant also justify the visit.

Boulder Scenic Area - Davidson Mesa

The first stop today will be the Boulder Scenic Area - Davidson Mesa. This is one of the places that you just need to visit when you're passing through Louisville. And indeed, some incredible views of the Eldorado Springs mountains and plains at their foot are undoubtedly worth recording. In addition, there are plenty of footpaths near the observation deck where you can walk or cycle, leaving your car in the nearest parking lot.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park welcomes visitors at the entrance with a panorama of snow-covered rocky mountains. The fauna, which grows here, is characteristic of the natural zone of Tundra and creates unusual, unseen landscapes. Here you can arrange a simple walk along the lakes and forests, as well as a multi-day hike through the wilderness.

Alberta Falls

One of the most important stops in Rocky Mountain National Park is the Alberta Falls observation deck, which offers stunning views of the forest, river and waterfall. Mixed, pine and aspen groves alternate on the way to the waterfall, so you can smell different conifers during the walk, and picnics are allowed near the waterfall.

Inkwell & Brew

In the midst of walks do not forget about snacks and rest, so on the way to the cozy cafe Inkwell & Brew. The facility looks rather atmospheric, according to the surrounding countryside. Pasta with meat, salads and soups can be ordered here for lunch. There are many different types of cookies, croissants, rolls and biscuits for dessert. It's also worth saying that this is a great coffee bar.

Lake Estes

Another important object in the reserve is Lake Estes. In addition to a simple walk among the extraordinary nature, here you can have a picnic, fishing (locals say that there is often a large trout), and among the water attractions are very popular rowing, kayaking and just a boat ride on the lake.

City Park

One of the main attractions of Fort Collins is the city park. Every day there are various events like food festivals, volleyball, baseball and other sports tournaments, music concerts and much more, in short, a real city center. Those who aren't interested in spending time in the midst of a large crowd of people can walk along the picturesque paths in a remote part of the park.

Krazy Karl's Pizza

The day has almost come to its end, and to finish it on a pleasant note, we'll stop at the pizza place on the way. In addition to the well-known set of traditional pizzas, visitors are also invited to create their own, choosing the ingredients they like. In my opinion, pizza with seven cheeses, salads and sandwiches, presented in the menu, deserves special attention.

Day 5: Crossing Wyoming

Today we leave Colorado and head for Wyoming. We will see a lot of natural beauties on the way, many interesting places to visit. Since the way is not going to be the same today, fill up the car in advance.

Silver Grill Cafe

Following the established tradition, we will start the day in a cafe where traditional morning dishes and various desserts are served. I will recommend tacos or omelets as my main dish, and sweet toasts will like a wide range of toasts, muffins, desserts made of fresh berries and fruits, as well as a variety of pastries. You can also order meat steak or fried chicken.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is a quite diverse and interesting museum. The number of expositions here is great, there is also an exhibition of musical instruments, where you can not only learn about the history of music and musical technologies, but also to play different instruments. In addition, there are expositions demonstrating natural laws in an accessible form, exhibitions for children, there are halls dedicated to space, wildlife, ancient nature, development of man, his life, transport and much more.

University of Wyoming Geological Museum

We left Colorado and arrived in Wyoming, and our first stop is the University of Wyoming Geological Museum. The main exhibition direction of the museum is the ancient nature. Here you can see the remains of giant reptiles, namely stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus, diplodocus, giant birds, as well as the inhabitants of the ocean. The exhibitions are aimed not only at demonstrating the skeleton of animals, but also at increasing the understanding of the life of these species and the conditions in which they were found. Please note that the museum is not open on Sunday.

Elk Mountain

We're on our way to Wyoming and we've met the beautiful landscape of Mount Elk Mountain. In winter, tourists and locals love skiing and snowboarding here, and in summer you can just walk around and take a lot of memorable photos.

Buck's Sports Grill

We're going inland, it's lunchtime. A cozy bar on the way is perfect for this. In addition to alcoholic beverages, a variety of dishes and snacks are also served here. For lunch you can take chicken wings, potatoes with barbecue, as well as some vegetable salad, which is quite a lot.

The Continental Divide, WY

During the long road it is always necessary to take a break, take a short walk in the fresh air, and since it so happens that our way passes through the very place that is the border dividing the country in half, why not stop here, breathe a little and make a kind of photoreport of the important stage of the way.

Don Pedro's Restaurant

After a long journey, we are very tired, and we want to have a good rest and refreshment, and for this purpose we will stop at the cozy cafe Don Pedro's Restaurant. In general, the institution specializes in Mexican cuisine, but here you can also find a good pizza, pasta, sushi. Attention should also be paid to salads and, of course, fried chicken.

Day 6: Utah's natural attractions

Tonight we have to leave Wyoming and be in Utah. Here we'll see a lot of natural beauties that this state is so famous for. The end of our route today will be Salt Lake City.

Cowboy Cafe

A new interesting day has begun, and we are going to Utah, and on the way to have a snack in the cafe Cowboy Cafe. Small but cozy establishment specializes in traditional American cuisine. For breakfast here you can take an omelette with bacon or a chicken breast with salad. It's a good place to cook and fish fillet and vegetables.

Devil's Slide

One of the most unusual places in western Utah is the unusual geological formation Devil's Slide. It is difficult to explain scientifically how this rock was formed, but its beauty is admirable. It's up to you to get out of the way and take a little walk in. The nature here is beautiful, and it can be a lot of cool shots.

Bridal Veil Falls Park

You can take a refreshing walk in Bridal Veil Falls Park. Nature is calming here. Going a little inland, you'll see a fantastically beautiful waterfall. Walking here, you can feel a slight breeze of wind, which carries small drops of water in itself. And in the immediate vicinity of the waterfall the air is saturated with air ions, and this, in turn, has a good effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Nielson's Grove

Next stop is the city of Orem, Nielson's Grove Park. The place is one of the leisure centers in the city. There are shady alleys and paths for walking or cycling, carousels and swings for children, a pond with ducks and fish and, of course, plenty of lawns for picnics. In the center of the park there is a decorative fountain.

Carrabba's Italian Grill

We'll stop for lunch at the Italian restaurant Carrabba's Italian Grill. For lunch there are good Italian sandwiches, salads, of course, pasta and pizza. In addition, you can pay attention to chicken fried with Parmesan cheese, as well as various kinds of steaks. In addition, there are a few seafood dishes.

Oquirrh Lake

One of the main attractions of the city is Lake Oquirrh Lake. The place is popular with locals and tourists for its shady paths along the coast, and you can rent a regular boat, kayak, canoe and even a sailing boat for a relatively small fee.

Sugar House Park

Sugar House Park is about 110 acres of green space. Not only can you walk around here, but the place is a permanent center of city meetings, festivals and events. Every day people gather here to play baseball, volleyball, basketball and other mobile games, equipped with several playgrounds, as well as a slide for sledding in winter.

Rusted Sun Pizzeria

The day is nearing its end, which means it's time to stop by for dinner. Rusted Sun Pizzeria is just around the corner and is perfect for this. It is clear from the name that pizza is served here, but it is also worth saying that there is a large selection of salads and meat dishes.

Day 7: Morning in Salt Lake City

Today is the last day of our long journey, and since we don't have much time, we will devote it to a visit to a certain spiritual center of the city - the city square, where the main temple of Salt Lake City is located.

Eggs In the City

Let's start the last day of our journey in a small cafe for breakfast Eggs In the City. As you can guess from the name of the institution, traditional morning dishes are served here, namely different kinds of omelets, grilled meat, as well as a lot of desserts, including fruit slices, cakes and pastries.

Temple Square

One of the main attractions of Salt Lake City is Temple Square. This is the square where the city temple is located, which is not typical for the United States architectural style - the elements of the roof and windows are more like a Gothic style or later baroque.