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Natural Monuments and Active Recreation in the Leningrad Region and Novgorod

Road Trip Route. Duderhof Heights, Tosnensk waterfall, Holmgard Park, Novgorod Kremlin, Holy Cave, Bornytsky quarry, Tuutari Park.

Travel is suitable for lovers, nature, active recreation and sports. You will visit some of the most picturesque monuments of the Leningrad region: Duderhof Heights, Tosnensky waterfall, the largest cave of the region and the Bornitsky quarry, visit Veliky Novgorod and visit the Novgorod Kremlin. You can also play paintball, slingball or orbits and conquer the slopes at the ski resort. The charge of positive emotions and the energy of nature is guaranteed to you!

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Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Beauty of nature and outdoor activities

The first day of the trip will begin with a visit to the Duderhof Heights, then you will go to the waterfall, actively rest in the park of Veliky Novgorod and walk along the waterfront of the city.

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Duderhof Heights

The journey begins with a walk through the hilly area, which is a monument of nature. It is a great place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the local scenery from above. You can leave your car in the parking lot near the road and then go for a walk along the eco-trail.

Tosnensk waterfall

Another truly picturesque place is the waterfall. It is beautiful at any time of year, and in winter it freezes only partially. You can walk around the territory, recharge the energy of nature and take atmospheric photographs!

My Kitchen

After active walks and a long journey you need to eat well and rest well. Lunch will be held in a very cozy atmosphere. The menu includes dishes from different cuisines of the world: Russian, Georgian, European and Japanese. That's why everyone will definitely find a dish to their liking here!

Holmgard Park

And now you have an active entertainment program waiting for you. The park offers several games: paintball, lasertag, orbiting, slingball, strikeball, shooting gallery. You can get more detailed information, as well as book your favorite game [on site](

Набережная А. Невского

In the evening you can go to the promenade along the embankment of the Volkhov River, and afterwards come to the restaurant for dinner.

Ресторанный комплекс "Фрегат Флагман"

Why not have dinner on a real ship? The menu includes cold and hot appetizers, soups, hot dishes, side dishes, rolls and a seafood menu. Pleasant atmosphere and hospitable staff will make your evening truly magical!

Day 2: Novgorod Kremlin, Energy of Nature and Sports

The second day of the trip includes visits to the Novgorod Kremlin, the cave, the Bornitsky quarry and active adventures at the ski resort.

Кремлёвский парк

The day begins with a visit to the main attraction of the city - the Novgorod Kremlin of XV-XVII centuries. On its territory there is the most ancient temple of Russia - St. Sophia Cathedral, and also the Faceted Chamber, a monument to the Millennium of Russia and other historical sights, familiar to us from the pages of school textbooks. It's time to look at them with your own eyes.

Пещера Святая

In the village of Christmas there is the largest cave in the Leningrad region. You can go inside, touch this natural monument and enjoy its beauty. Not far from the cave there is a spring water spring.

Борницкий карьер

Another one of the most picturesque natural places in the Leningrad region. The territory has a lake with clear water and a large quarry with sand-colored hills that resemble a desert. In winter you may not be able to see the sand-colored hills, but beautiful views from the top are provided! Here you get atmospheric photos!


Lunch will take place in a cafe. It has everything to eat deliciously and nourishingly. And salads and soups and hot dishes and desserts. No one will stay hungry!

Tuutari Park

It's time to actively rest on the skiing complex. Here you can go skiing, cross-country skiing, tubing and skating. And then go to the cafe for a dinner, enjoy dishes of Russian and European cuisine, sit by the fireplace with a cup of hot tea. To get acquainted with the operating time of the complex and to get more detailed information, please [on site](

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