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National Parks State: Utah from North to South

Road Trip Route. Visit national parks: Glen Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Drive the entire state from North to South, Enjoy so many great spots to photograph.

This scenario offers visiting the many national parks of Utah, with their unusual canyons, arches and valleys. Feel their difference and diversity, experience new sensations and compare the number of stars in the sky in many parts of the state.

Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature. From: Salt Lake City

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Welcome to Salt Lake City!

The first day is perfect for the city exploration. A visit to the Capitol, a delicious dinner and a rest in a hotel room are all you need to set the tone for your trip. Don't think there are a lot of such calm days ahead, because your adventurous tour across the Utah national parks starts now.

Capitol Hill

The Utah Capitol Building is located on a hill overlooking the city center. For many years, it held the title of of one of the most prominent attractions of the state. Designed by local architect Richard Kletting, the Capitol is the government residence since its opening in 1916. Interesting fact: in 1999, the Salt Lake Valley was hit by a powerful tornado. It passed through the city and touched the corner of the hill where the Capitol was. After the storm, fallen trees found new life, being turned into the the governor table still standing in the office. From Monday to Thursday, the Capitol building is open until 8:00 pm, from Friday to Sunday - until 6:00 pm. If you are near this magnificent building after its closure, enjoy its facades and continue the evening walk in the park across the road.

The Cheesecake Factory

The name of the restaurant sounds like the name of a candy shop. Actually, it is. This is a restaurant chain where delicious desserts are prepared. The restaurant offers not only a sweet delight, but also a wide selection of dishes for brunch, lunch and dinner. Enjoy a variety of salads, pizza, side dishes and deli meats in this place.

Day 2: Exploring the city

Start the day with tasty buns and salads. Spice it up with the Historical Museum of the history of Utah, and the day becomes amazing! After a small lunch, we are going to conquer the canyon and have a bike ride at will. Next, go to the Temple Square, collected many attractions. Of course, after such a busy day, you shall encourage yourself with shopping and entertainment.

Corner Bakery Cafe

Founded as a small bakery, the Corner Bakery cafe specializes in fresh salads, sandwiches, paninis, pasta and soups, which are served across the country. Now it is a chain facility which offers excellent service at a reasonable price.

Natural History Museum of Utah

Museum of the history of Utah. Many interesting interactive exhibits, from minerals and metals to flora and fauna, make the museum an excellent educational center for visitors of any age. Utah is one of the most popular areas in the world for exploring and searching for dinosaur remains, so the skeletons of giant reptiles and various fossils can be viewed in detail in the museum, there are a lot of them here. The museum often hosts events and lectures by visiting scholars. Calendar of events can be checked on the official website of the museum.

Ruth's Diner

Diner with hamburgers, fries and salads. Perfect for a hearty lunch. The food is delicious, the staff is helpful. The facility does not stand out with special culinary delights and unique interior, but it is comfortable and clean. In the summer, there are tables in front of the restaurant, where you can also have something to eat.

Emigration Summit

The canyon is just a few miles from the city, which makes it a very popular place for cycling and jogging. Leave the car in the parking lot and walk along the hiking trails, or rent a bicycle. On the route is an observation deck with a stunning view of the city.

Temple Square

Historic Temple Square is one of the most popular tourist sites in Utah. In the spring and summer months, the territory of the square is full of bright colors and lush lawns. The central element is the majestic temple, the construction of which took 40 years. Also, on the square are several attractions worth seeing once here. The Tabernacle, built in 1867, was at that time considered an architectural marvel. Now, if you're lucky, you can listen to the choir singing in the tabernacle. Continuing to explore the temple square, you will find a log house, north of the Family History Library. The first people who arrived in the Salt Lake Valley lived in buildings similar to this house.

City Creek Center

The main place for shopping and entertainment in Salt Lake City, won the Best Retail Development in the Americas award. Fountains, waterfalls and a sparkling stream, a pond with local trout, and a glass roof with opening system. All this makes the shopping center a really unique place. Here you can buy everything you need for a trip.

Oasis Cafe

Oasis boasts an impressive space and a beautiful patio with flowers. Located next to the Golden Braid bookstore, this restaurant offers not only a gourmet menu, but also a quiet place to relax. Here you will be offered creative dishes of local cuisine, fresh and tasty, as well as balanced and nutritious. Enjoy tasting plates, various sandwiches and hamburgers, salads and hot dishes.

Day 3: The beginning of wandering.

Healthy food and smoothies are the perfect start to the day. Today we visit the largest freshwater lake, then go to Provo Peak and spend the night not in the state capital, but in the small town of Provo.

Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen Downtown

Fast food cafe with a smoothies and a rather large juice bar. The facility tends to serve healthier foods and drinks in order to teach people eat healthy. Cafe owners grow their own wheat and make own almond milk. The menu offers breakfasts, salads and burritos, to which you can add a variety of fillings to taste.

Utah Lake State Park

The largest freshwater lake in Utah of about 148 square miles offers a variety of leisure opportunities. Here you can catch catfish, sea bass, white perch, black perch and other types of fish. Also, you can take a boat and kayak ride on the lake. In 1967, this place was officially called the state park.


A chain of restaurants with a buffet. The facility was opened on September 26, 1966. The idea was successful, they got customers lined up. Lunch cost $ 1, and dinner - $ 1.5. Today it is a great chain with a wide choice of dishes, from salads to desserts.

Provo Peak

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

The Red Robin diner menu offers several dozen kinds of burgers - from classic ones, with fat cutlet and greens, to unusual gourmet ones, for example, with salmon or mushrooms. There are dietary and vegetarian kinds as well. However, the choice of dishes is not limited only to burgers, you can order a steak, soup or salad, and a delicious dessert, or a milkshake with chocolate, which is an excellent end to the dinner.

Day 4: Conquering Arches

We take the road across small towns to Arches National Park, famous for its arches of sandstone and many others. Spend most of your time there and enjoy the beautiful views. In the evening, check out the cafe where they cook according to family recipes.

Provo Bakery

Bakery Provo has been around for many years for a reason. Here you can taste the most delicious donuts, cakes and buns around Utah. Every day, cooks and pastry chefs prepare the entire range, using fresh ingredients. Have breakfast in this wonderful bakery, take some food for the road and get under way.

Price Canyon Recreation Area

The road to the next point of our route is quite long. On the way to Arches National Park, make a stop around the Canyon for a short break or picnic.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park boasts the world's largest concentration of natural sandstone arches, more than two thousand! Massive rocks and peaks soaring above the ground give unforgettable impressions. Explore the observation deck of the park and hiking trails, stunning views delight adventure seekers of all ages. Some hikes in the park take several hours, while longer ones take half a day. For those who prefer to see Arches by car, there are many scenic routes that pass through some of the park’s largest arches.

Pasta Jay's

In 1988, Jay Elowsky, along with his parents, founded the first "Pasta Jay's". Here they cook according to family recipes and are proud of their dishes. The extensive menu and large portions can't have you go hungry.

Day 5: Meet the sunset walking through the canyons

We continue to explore the canyon and go to the Canyonlands to spend most of the day and in the evening we arrive at the Dead Horse Head park with rightening name and delighting view. After dinner, we go to the motel to continue our adventure fresh tomorrow.


Have no time for breakfast at the hotel? Visit this facility, open from early morning. This is a nice little cafe with a menu classic for such a place: salads, hamburgers and various snacks. For example, you can take scrambled eggs with toast and coffee, or a sandwich with fresh juice. Also, do not forget to buy some food and water to dine in the park. Be sure to take plenty of water, you should always have a few bottles in the car.

Dead Horse Point State Park

The park is famous for its picturesque views of the Colorado River valley and wonderful canyon panoramas. Come here in the late afternoon, when the sun starts to dip on the horizon. At an altitude of 2000 feet above the river is an observation deck, offering stunning panoramic views of the surroundings.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands is the largest national park in Utah. It is formed by currents and tributaries of the Green and Colorado rivers. In this park are those very breathtaking deep canyons that pass through the entire plateau along with amazing spiers and sandstone cliffs. Here you can walk along winding paths and enjoy the beauty of the park, or drive to the most iconic places. For those who want to stay here for the night and see a stunning sunset, Canyonlands offers some of the quietest campgrounds in the area.

The Branding Iron

A cozy grill restaurant with intimate atmosphere and large portions. Having dinner here, you should order a fat steak, or grilled ribs, and baked potatoes as a side dish. Enjoy delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere in a cozy, country-style restaurant, or on the veranda, which offers a breathtaking view of natural landscape.

Day 6: Bryce Canyon and surroundings

The day is going to be busy and eventful: we visit another park, where amazing and surrealistic mountain formations are located, and have a picnic in the fresh air.

Moab Diner

Have a good breakfast and hit the road. Make sure you have everything. Do not miss the last opportunity to buy the necessary things in the city.

Hollow Mountain Gas Station

The road to the next park is quite long. Take a break from the car, warm up and go to the store at the gas station. Here you can buy some food and water for the day in order not to be entirely reliant on a cafe in the park and move freely around it, for no fear of finding yourself without food and water.

Goosenecks Point

Goosenecks Point is a great observation deck offering an unusual and breathtaking view of the winding Sulfur Creek river, surrounded by canyons. This place is no less picturesque than the natural attractions we've already seen, however, a few tourists know about it. Therefore, most likely, you will have an excellent chance to spend some time, literally, alone with nature.

Devils Garden

Despite its name, this location, rather, reminds the modern traveler the fantastic landscapes of an unknown planet. For many millennia, a very peculiar landscape has been formed here, consisting of fancy arches, rocks and other mountain formations.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Every year, Bryce Canyon National Park delights travelers with impressive geological formations and bright colors. The park has a distinctive feature, red stone pillars, called hoodoos. They were formed as a result of water falling into the cracks of the rocks. On cold nights, the water freezes, expands and breaks the rock. High hoodoos, narrow canyons and natural bridges make you fell like you're on a different planet. On the territory of Bryce Canyon are campgrounds where you can spend the night, see the sunset and a stunning sunrise.

Stone Hearth Grille

After such a busy day, you need a good dinner in a relaxed atmosphere of a fine restaurant. The Stone Hearth Grille is perfect for this. Enjoy delicious food, a good selection of drinks in the wine list and excellent service here.

Day 7: Continuing your trip to the reserves

Today you meet two parks on your way. The first is Fishlake. There are quite a few tourists and you can enjoy the beauty of plant life and rocks. The second is Cedar Breaks, where you will see the frighteningly fascinating faults of rocks for yourself. The evening is up to you, spend it sitting in tents in the park, or stay in a hotel room.

Fishlake National Forest

Breakfast at the hotel and go to explore the amazing nature. The Fishlake National Reserve is an extremely beautiful mixed woodland, crossed by small rivers and streams and filled with many small lakes, mountain peaks and canyons. This place is significantly different from what we've seen, because the rock here does not have such a rich red tone, and you see green meadows instead of prairies. The terrain looks fascinating during the flowering period, as well as in the autumn, when deciduous trees become bright yellow and conifers remain bluish-green.

Cove Fort

Cove Fort is one of the few forts of Utah, well-preserved from the late nineteenth century to our time. This happened because, unlike most similar buildings, it is built of stone, not of wood. The historical place is a must-visit for those who want to learn more about the life of the first settlers and touch the history.

Arshels Cafe

On the way to the next natural wonder, we stop for lunch. Arslels is a country cafe with a very simple interior and delicious, home-cooked food. The specialty of the place is excellent pies and desserts, they are definitely worth a try.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Despite the fact that the first settlers called this place "cedar breaks", most of the trees growing here are pines and junipers, many of which are over a hundred years old. The reserve is home to many rare animals, here you can find badgers, porcupines, elks, deer and even pumas.

Pizanos Pizzeria

Pizanos Pizzeria is a place where Italian taste and American comfort meet. Watch how delicious crust pizza is prepared in the open kitchen. In the evenings, sporting events are regularly held here and the quiet family pizzeria turns into a noisy and cheerful place.

Day 8: The last park on your way home

Today offers: an early rise, the plant life of Zion National Park, views of the bright red rocks and of course, an evening at a Mexican restaurant, followed by a rest in a hotel. Last night before the road to Lag Vegas.


The cozy diner, where you can have a hearty breakfast with delicious pancakes or bacon and eggs, is open around the clock. So, even if you want to come here early in the morning, you could be assured of delicious food and good service. You need to have plenty of food for the day in Zion Park. Many dishes from the facility menu are perfect for lunch in nature.

Zion National Park

Located in southern Utah, Zion National Park is known for its views of green valleys and bright red rocks. By the way, this is one of the largest and most visited parks in the United States, so it is best to pre-plan a route on the map, take plenty of water and comfortable shoes. Of course, you can always navigate on the spot: the park offers various routes for tourists, from light walking for a few hours to climbing on rocks and boat trips. The official site of the park contains currently relevant information abouth paths closed due to rock fall, location of herds of deer graze, and routes looking most attractive in a particular season.

Angel's Landing

The observation deck, which offers a stunning view of the contrasts of the green forest and the majestic red rocks. Part of ascent can go only along a walking path on an open, sunny terrain, therefore, take plenty of water with you and not forget about hats and sunscreen before climbing.

Costa Vida

After a long day in nature, you need to recover and a restaurant of Mexican cuisine, which diversifies your daily diet and adds a great deal of zest, is perfect for this.

Day 9: A Day in Las Vegas

The day is saturated with the colors of the big city. In the world of slot machines, we also find such a beautiful and dangerous nature in its various descriptions. Enjoy a gallery of photos of the enlightened wild nature, a motley flower greenhouse, and, of course, a magnificent and breathtaking view from the Ferris wheel cabin.

Even Stevens Sandwiches

There is nothing like delicious sandwiches for breakfast!

Craig Ranch Regional Park

If you've had no time to enjoy a picnic in the fresh air, then this is your chance! This is the place where you can have sone rest in private with the tranquility of nature and relax after a long journey. Active tourists can visit the skate park and consider a new challenge.

National Geographic Art Gallery

Las Vegas is not only a place of excitement and entertainment, but also a place where nature and beauty are valued and appreciated as well, the idea is strongly represented in the National Geographic gallery. Here are amazing pictures of wildlife from various regions of the world. Some of these photos are amusing and make you smile, others make you think seriously and be more careful with all living beings.

The Cheesecake Factory

The cheesecake factory is all about admiring the fountain and eating tasty food! It all started with a small bakery, and now it's a hreat chain with delicious Italian dishes. This place sets the tone for your day!

High Roller Observation Wheel

Without further ado, get high up in the sky and experience overwhelming feeling! Look around - you can see the whole city, and the people below are like little ants. Dreadfully beautiful - this is a complete description of this place.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

This place is filled with colors and exciting aromas. You can admire the flowers of plants from different parts of the world! A glass dome allow exploring the inflorescences in natural daylight. You will savour every luxurious moment in this place.

Beer Park

Love. Vegas. Beer. What else does a man need before going to bed? There is even an Efeil Tower near the exit to take amazing photos with. Of course, in addition to an unforgettable evening, you will also enjoy delicious food!

Day 10: Way home

Your journey through the state of Utah and the center of Las Vegas has come to an end, if you have enough time after breakfast, spend it on an exciting walk through the center of the metropolis and do not forget to buy souvenirs for friends.

Earl of Sandwich

Yesterday has brought a lot of positive emotions and got you in the mood for the road home full of enthusiasm and memories. To make your road as smooth as possible, do not forget about breakfast, the more you eat, the more energy you get!

Bellagio Hotel & Casino

Going to Las Vegas without trying your luck at a casino is simply unacceptable! You can choose any other from the set and spend more than one hour here, but more if you want. The most important thing is not go too far.