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Mystical journey through the Kuban

Road Trip Route. You will visit the anomalous zone, See the most interesting archeological monuments, Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the novel by Alexander Tamonikov, Visit a waterfall, wrapped in legends.

Do you like adventure in a way that is breathtaking? What about the most mystical places in the Kuban, shrouded in legends about gods and giants? If love for everything unusual is about you, then start the car and go on an adventure! You will visit the most nonbanal places in the Krasnodar region, where the minimum number of tourists and maximum emotions. This journey will begin with the village Shapsugskaya, where you will walk through the woods to the cape of Dazhybog and dolmen, which will fulfill your most cherished wish. During these two days you will even have time to travel through time and space and find yourself in Egypt, Middle Ages, Eastern countries. Even visit the temple of Zeus! Route developed with the support of [Volkswagen Caddy](

Adventures. From: Krasnodar

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The Dolmens, the Cascade, the Falls and the Wuthering Gate

An unforgettable day outdoors awaits you today. Some sights are in hard-to-reach places, count on your strength. Adventures begin in the village Shapsugskaya, where you will visit the sports and tourist complex "Firefly", the territory has everything for interesting and informative pastime. From here you will go on an excursion to the Big Shapsugian Dolmen and visit the Dajbog cave. After that you will have a trip to the most beautiful cascading waterfall and the Wuthering Gate.


Sportivno-Turisticheskiy Kompleks "Svetlyachok"

This mystical journey begins in the vicinity of Shapsugskaya village. Go to a sports and tourist complex and have a good time. On the territory you can go horseback riding, fishing, jeeping. But the main thing why you are going to this place is the excursion to the Big Shapsugian dolmen. More details about the excursion from the sports and tourist complex can be found at [site]( We advise you to plan your visit in advance, all contacts can be found [here](

Шапшугские дольмены

During the excursion you will reach Shapshug dolmen on foot, picturesque landscapes are waiting for you on the way. There is also more fascinating excursion on Shapsugian triangle by jeeps through Romashkovye glades. Choose the one you like best. So, Shapsugsky dolmen is one of the most mystical places in Krasnodar region. Amazing things happened here - people made the most daring wishes at the dolmen, and they were fulfilled! Now it is very popular among tourists, and many people come here not only to make a wish, but also to gain strength and get answers to their questions. Entrance to the territory is paid. Behind the dolmens there is a forest with many other amazing things - the Black Finger rock, a mud volcano, a dolmens workshop.

Kapishche Dazhd'boga

Another unusual archaeological monument, which is worth seeing in the village. It'll take a little walk in the woods to find this place. It is a meadow, where there is a ritual ground, in the center of which there is a wooden idol Dajbog. The place, as you have already understood, is pagan, but it will be a discovery for you that the locals still perform some rituals here to commemorate the god of fertility and the sun. Whether these rituals have some kind of deep meaning or are all done for tourists, you have to find out.


After the walk we suggest to return to "Svyatlyachok" and have lunch in a cozy cafe on the territory with a magnificent panoramic view of the mountains.

Waterfall Angel Wing

After the walk to the dolmens, go to an equally amazing place - the Angel Wing Cascade Waterfall. This is one of the most picturesque attractions of the Kuban. But it's not so simple, it's not only a bewitching, but also a mystical monument of nature. There is a beautiful legend about him, according to which the angel gave a spring of living water to the people of confessions, and since then peace and prosperity have reigned in these places.

Grozovyye Vorota

The waterfall is still on the way! The next attraction is the "Thunderstorm Gate". The fortress is located at an altitude of 740 meters above sea level, from here you can enjoy a magical view of the mountains. Have you already started flashing episodes from the novel by Alexander Tamonikov in your head? Yes, the film Thunderstorm Gate was filmed here. It's a legendary and very beautiful place, which is definitely worth seeing at least once in your life.

Загородный клуб «Кордон»

After a stroll in the fresh air, you'll be delighted to head to the Cardon Country Club, which has an excellent eclectic restaurant with elements of provence. The menu offers dishes from different culinary traditions, proven classic recipes and author's dishes made from fresh farm produce. You can reserve a table in advance [here](

Day 2: Mount Nexis, Old Park and University Cave.

The second day will be even more memorable. You will go to Mount Nexis, which is considered a guide between worlds. There are two amazing dolmens: Moon and Sunny. After a visit to the "Old Park", where there are no borders and you can travel through time, and surprise the extraordinary beauty of the castle. At the end of the day, go speleotourism and take a ride to the University Cave.

Гора Нексис. Дольмен Солнца

After breakfast, you'll take a trip to Mount Nexis, where two not quite ordinary dolmens are located. It is necessary to start with the fact that the mountain itself is of interest: at the beginning of the 20th century it was considered sacred and was as a guide between worlds. Once there were about 40 dolmens on it, but they were all destroyed during Soviet times. You'll see the two who survived today. Start with the Sunny Dolmen. It is believed that it should be visited only at dawn, then men here can strengthen the spirit, and women get rid of infertility.

Dol'men "Lunnyy"

Next you'll reach the Moon Dolmen. If people come to the Sunny at dawn, they come to the Moon Dolmen at sunset and make the most intimate wish. By the way, an interesting fact - this dolmen is considered "female". There is a belief that girls here can learn family wisdom.

Старый парк

Visit the mysterious Middle Ages in the village of Kabardinka. In the cultural center "Old Park" you can travel through time and space. Go to Egypt, Japan, Middle Ages, Eastern countries. Perhaps you've always dreamed of visiting the temple of Zeus, then go to the pavilion "Antiquity". There is no time here, everyone can be where they want to be. Read more about the schedule and ticket price [on site](

Кастальская купель

We invite you to lunch in a cultural and entertainment complex with a restaurant and a trout farm. In the restaurant menu you will find dishes of national, European and author's cuisine. [Reservations] [https://кастальская-купель.рф/контакты/] You can make a reservation in advance.

Смотровая Площадка

Before you start speleotourism, make a stop at the Ridge Pass, which offers a stunning view. This is where you need to take a few pictures to remember.


Waterfalls and caves can only be reached on foot along narrow paths. Park your car and explore the area. Parking is paid, but the cost is low.

Bol'shoy Kaverzinskiy Vodopad

If you have taken a few photos and fully enjoyed the views, move towards Kaverzinsih Falls. Admire the stormy streams and you can walk to the University Cave, located nearby. It's an interesting name, isn't it? It was named that way because it was discovered by students of the Cuban State University in 1970s. The cave looks like a slot, on the bottom of which a stream flows. It is not easy to get here, but it is worth to walk along the tourist route and once again enjoy the unreal scenery of the Kuban.


Return to your car to proceed to the final point of your journey.


We suggest that you spend the evening at the Cossack Manor. There is an excellent restaurant on the territory of the estate, in the menu of which you will find delicious dishes of Cossack cuisine.