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Museums of Minusinsk, Shushensky and Sayanogorsk

Road Trip Route. Visit the Soviet Car Museum, To visit the house where Lenin lived during his exile to Siberia., Visit the hall of antiquity in Sayanogorsk Local History Museum.

Spend the weekend with pleasure and get acquainted with the most interesting museum expositions of Minusinsk, Sayanogorsk and Shushensky. The first stop on the way will be a private museum, where cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other equipment of the USSR times are collected, then we'll head towards the museum-reserve "Shushenskoye", where we'll see the exposition devoted to Lenin's exile to Siberia, and in Sayanogorsk we'll touch the ancient times, looking at the artifacts found at the archaeological site. I recommend to go on a trip on Saturday, because on Sundays the museum "Automobiles and Motor vehicles of the USSR" does not accept visitors, and the local history museum Sayanogorsk closes an hour earlier.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Minusinsk, Shushenskoe and Sayanogorsk

We'll visit Minusinsk Museum "Cars and Motor Techniques of the USSR", where you can not only see the retro equipment, but also use the rental, then go to the museum-reserve "Shushenskoye", where we learn new facts about the life of Lenin during his exile to Siberia, and in the local history museum Sayanogorsk learn about the history of Khakass civilization from ancient times.


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Museum "Cars and Motor Techniques of the USSR".

The museum has a large collection of Soviet vehicles. All machines are on the move. Only original parts are used in restoration. Even the receivers are fitted with tubes! You can order an excursion, conducted by the founder of the museum. And you can even arrange a rental! Detailed information and contacts [on the website]( Please note that the museum is closed on Sundays.

Museum-Reserve "Shushenskoye"

Next stop - Shushenskoe This is where Lenin lived during his exile to Siberia. The museum is dedicated to this event and to the life of a Siberian village of the late 19th century. It includes the exposition "Lenin's exile in Siberia" and "New Village", where manors of the late 19th century were recreated. In the memorial part of the museum most of the houses were built at the end of XIX century. In two of these houses Lenin lived during his exile. In the buildings the living conditions of Siberians are recreated, the occupations of peasants, crafts and trades are shown. You can visit the museum on your own or on tour.

Cafe Lime

Lunch is offered at the cozy Lime Cafe. There is a large selection of dishes of Russian, European and Japanese cuisine.

Sayanogorsk City Museum of Local Lore

The museum keeps household items of peoples who lived in the territory of Khakassia before our era and in the I millennium A.D., bones of prehistoric animals, petrified plants, a collection of minerals. The permanent exposition of the museum includes the Hall of Military Glory, the Hall of Antiquity, the Russian Maid and Khakass yurt. Temporary exhibitions are also regularly held and their announcement can be found on the [museum website](http://музейсаян.рф).

Торонто Grill & Bar

The road ahead is quite long, so I offer to have dinner in Sayanogorsk. Grill bar "Toronto" is a very nice place with soft sofas and large portions. What you need after a busy day!