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Museums, gorges and waterfalls

Museums, gorges and waterfalls
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3 Days


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432 km






History and CultureSights in NatureArts and Creativity
A trip for those who want to get a maximum of positive impressions in a short time. You will visit a master-class in a workshop of art glass and try to make an unusual souvenir on your own, walk along narrow paths of picturesque gorges, take pictures at waterfalls and make a wish at dolmen. If will want even more unusual impressions you can try bungee jumping. Do not do without the cultural component of this trip - you will visit the museum of artist Kiselev and Sochi Museum of Art.
In general, if you like to learn and try something new all the time and you have three free days - join us, the adventure begins!
Anastasia Baklanova
Anastasia Baklanova
  • Choose the most beautiful souvenirs in the glass workshop or attend an exciting workshop.
  • Take a walk through scenic gorges.
  • Take a ride on extreme swings at Sky Park.
  • Discover the Art Museum's collection.

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Glass Workshop and Spectacular Views of Sky Park
Day 1102 km

Glass Workshop and Spectacular Views of Sky Park

Choose or even make an original present with your own hands at the studio of art glass, walk across the longest pedestrian bridge in Russia, take a swing at a height of 170 meters - all this you can do just in one day, hurry up!
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From the museum to the gorge
Day 2128 km

From the museum to the gorge

Start the day with a tour of the Sochi Art Museum's collection, then go for a breathtaking walk among rocks and waterfalls. End the day in Tuapse, this city has something to surprise you.
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Cape Kadosh, Crab Gorge and the most delicious Adyghe dishes
Day 3202 km1 km

Cape Kadosh, Crab Gorge and the most delicious Adyghe dishes

Start the day with a visit to the A.A. Kiselev Museum and the place that inspired the artist to create his unforgettable paintings. Afterwards, stroll along the trails of the Crab Gorge and finish the journey with dinner at a restaurant serving the best local cuisine.
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