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Museums, gorges and waterfalls

Road Trip Route. Choose the most beautiful souvenirs in the glass workshop or attend an exciting workshop, Take a walk through scenic gorges, Take a ride on extreme swings at Sky Park, Discover the Art Museum's collection.

A trip for those who want to get a maximum of positive impressions in a short time. You will visit a master-class in a workshop of art glass and try to make an unusual souvenir on your own, walk along narrow paths of picturesque gorges, take pictures at waterfalls and make a wish at dolmen. If will want even more unusual impressions you can try bungee jumping. Do not do without the cultural component of this trip - you will visit the museum of artist Kiselev and Sochi Museum of Art. In general, if you like to learn and try something new all the time and you have three free days - join us, the adventure begins!

History and Culture, Uninhabited Nature, Arts and Creativity. From: Sochi

Anastasia Baklanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Glass Workshop and Spectacular Views of Sky Park

Choose or even make an original present with your own hands at the studio of art glass, walk across the longest pedestrian bridge in Russia, take a swing at a height of 170 meters - all this you can do just in one day, hurry up!


Studiya Khudozhestvennogo Stekla

Start your journey with a visit to the Art Glass Studio. Here you can just wander around the shop, choose unusual gifts: jewellery, souvenirs and home décor, and also attend a master class on working with a burner. The workshop is open daily, to visit the master class you have to make an appointment in advance by phone from [website](

Скайпарк Грилль Буфет

Time for lunch! Check out one of the cafes located in Sky Park. An outdoor grill bar opens in March, serving everyone's favourite barbecue, burgers and other snacks. If you're looking for a cozy indoor experience, check out the pizzeria and family-friendly cafe. Lovers of haute cuisine will be pleased with the menu of Kauri restaurant. A table at the restaurant is better to book in advance, you can do this by calling +7(862)243-20-20.

Sky Bridge

Now you can take a walk on the longest suspension bridge in Russia. This is simply an unforgettable experience! And if you want to add more thrills, check out the bungee jumping and swings at a height of 170 metres. Tickets for the park and the rides can be purchased [online](

Muzey I Kofeynya "Bol'she Spetsiy"

Immerse yourself in the fragrant world of spices at the cosy Coffee Museum. Here, you can taste coffee made in a turkey, flavoured with the most unexpected spices, such as chilli. You can also buy herbs, nuts, sauces and dried fruit.


Everything at Cachalot Oyster Bar is perfect: the interior, the food and the service. Try the most delicious seafood and don't forget to order a glass of wine, and the restaurant's staff will help you find the perfect combination.

Day 2: From the museum to the gorge

Start the day with a tour of the Sochi Art Museum's collection, then go for a breathtaking walk among rocks and waterfalls. End the day in Tuapse, this city has something to surprise you.

Sochi Art Museum (Сочинский Художественный Музей)

The Sochi Art Museum's exposition presents the paintings of classics of Russian painting and graphic art, you will see here works of famous marine painter Aivazovsky, charming rural landscapes of Sverchkov and Polenov, contrasting and expressive paintings of Petrov-Vodkin. The museum also hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists, and you will have a chance to discover the names of new authors. Open daily from 10:00 to 18:00, Mondays off.

Волконский Дольмен

Volkonsky is the world's only preserved full-size dolmen carved in the rock. There is a sulphurous spring not far from it. By the way, the dolmen was named after Princess Volkonskaya, who loved to visit these places.

La Familiare

On the way to Svinsky Gorge, it is worth stopping for lunch. La Familiare is a cozy family cafe located in Lazarevskoye. The menu is quite diverse, neither borsch and pampushki lovers nor fans of Asian cuisine will go hungry. And if you really want a sweet - try a milkshake with marshmallow and waffles.

Свирское ущелье

The Svirskoye Gorge is an amazing natural attraction located near Lazarevskoye. There are several waterfalls, the most beautiful of which are Svirsky and Adam and Eve. Another interesting attraction is the Slava dolmen, covered with petroglyphs. It is said to have mystical properties.

Smotrovaya Ploshchadka

Here you are in Tuapse. Tomorrow you will have to get acquainted with natural and cultural sights of this city. And today, go up to the observation platform and take a photo against the background of the mountains.

Веранда GRILL

The grill-bar Veranda serves Japanese, European and Caucasian cuisine. The institution is especially proud of its use of natural, organic and mostly local products.

Day 3: Cape Kadosh, Crab Gorge and the most delicious Adyghe dishes

Start the day with a visit to the A.A. Kiselev Museum and the place that inspired the artist to create his unforgettable paintings. Afterwards, stroll along the trails of the Crab Gorge and finish the journey with dinner at a restaurant serving the best local cuisine.

House-Museum of A.A. Kiselev

In the morning visit the house where the academician of painting AA Kiselev liked to spend time in the summer. Here to it his friends came, there were even pianist K.N.Igumnov and sculptor V.A.Beklemishev. During eleven years the life of the artist was closely connected with Tuapse. In many of his paintings you can guess motives of Tuapse. In the house of A.A. Kiselev the interior of that time is recreated and presented his most charming works. The museum offers several thematic tours and a review tour: "The life and work of the artist A.A. Kiselev".

Magnoliya, Kafe

It is better to leave your car at the parking lot near the cafe and continue on foot.

Stairs to the Kadosh protected area

Warm weather, fresh air and forest trails are the best time for hiking. Go for a walk in the forest park, enjoy the solitude of nature and the beautiful scenery that will be visible from Cape Kadosh.

Lookout over the "wild beach" Cape Kadosh

The end point of the hike in the forest park will be the viewpoint from Cape Kadosh. Climb up to the multi-level platform and take in the magnificent views of the downtown area, the port and the wild beach.

Magnoliya, Kafe

It's time to get back to the car, there's a crossing ahead.

Пляж Магри

To make the journey seem less long, break it up with a stroll along Magri beach. Enjoy the sound of the surf and breathe in the salty sea air.


If you get hungry, make a stop at RePUBlic Gastropub. It serves delicious pizza, pasta and risotto. And if you want to grab a tasty and strong coffee for the road, check out the espresso bar across the street.

Крабовое ущелье

Take a walk along the narrow paths of the gorge; by the way, not only crabs can be found here, but also frogs and small lizards. Wear comfortable shoes as much as possible, it can be slippery on the slopes!

Нижнеимеретинская Бухта

Before dinner, take a walk along the Adler embankment, or walk to the symbol of the city - the singing fountain, you still have time to catch the light and music show.

5642 Высота

And the dinner at the restaurant "5642 Height" will be the end of this journey. Laconic loft interior, perfect service and the best Adyghe cuisine will make your evening unforgettable.