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Museums and estates near Tula

Road Trip Route. Visit the space of Bolotov Dacha and Bolotov Manor., To visit the Bogoroditsky Museum Park, which is sometimes called the Tula Peterhof., See the famous Bezhin meadow and Turgenev's estate, To visit the museum of astronautics, which Yuri Gagarin laid out., To visit the museum-reserve "Kulikovo field"..

Tula region is good not only for gingerbread. In the vicinity of Tula there are a lot of museums-reserves and beautiful estates. In our trip you will see the famous Bezhin meadow, visit the Tula Peterhof, walk through the charming natural parks.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Bolotov Dacha and walks in Tula

We'll spend the first half of the day outdoors. In the pleasant space of "Bolotov.Dacha" you can admire the views, walk by the river, warm up by the fire or fire, play board games. We will visit the estate of A. Bolotov, the first creator of landscape park in Russia. After a delicious dinner we will admire the evening Tula. Photo by: [DrAmsterdamus@Wikipedia Commons](



Cozy space in the country style. Guests who come without overnight stay can spend time in the living room with a fireplace or on the terrace with board games and books. There is also a fire by the river, a wooden amphitheatre and a gazebo on the pond. Visit to the cottage for a fee: rates, as in the anticafe, with per-minute payment. If you wish, you can join the breakfast (please contact us by phone: +7 (906) 630-17-88. It is a pleasant place to walk, admire the views, spend time in the countryside, riding boats in the pond. You should inform us about your arrival in advance by phone: +7 (903) 777-57-34.

Музей-усадьба А.Т.Болотова "Дворяниново"

Museum-Estate of the Russian scientist, philosopher and writer A.T. Bolotov. He was one of the first creators of a landscape park and children's theatre in Russia. The territory of the estate is very picturesque. From the hill, on which the house is located, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside - the river Skniga, the village and fields. Here you can visit gardens, secluded park areas, ponds, spruce circle and the Bolotov garden. [On site]( can sign up for a tour. In the museum - to taste tea from medicinal herbs, which once loved the owner of the estate.


Cozy restaurant in old Russian style. Delicious traditional cuisine, warm atmosphere.

Колесо Обозрения

The Ferris wheel is located in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Tula. It is the largest city park. And the Ferris wheel offers a beautiful view of the evening city.


Nice restaurant with a cozy interior near the center of Tula. Author's dishes are on the menu.

Kazanskaya Naberezhnaya

Recently opened promenade by the river Upa. It has everything for a pleasant rest: arbours on the quay, lookout bridges, benches and cafes. There are playgrounds for children, sports grounds and tennis tables. In summer, an open-air cinema, boat rental and bike rental are planned to be opened on the embankment, and in winter, an ice rink and slides will be set up in the riverbed.

Day 2: Bogoroditsky Palace Museum and Kulikovo Field

In the morning we will visit the Palace of Our Lady of Catherine II times. We will walk around the beautiful territory, admire beautiful views. Then we will go to the museum-reserve "Kulikovo field". Believe me, there's plenty to see here, too. In the evening, we will visit the modern urban space of Iskra.

Bogoroditskiy Dvorets-Muzey I Park

Today we will go to Bogoroditsk, a town of the XVIII century, the center of which is the mansion and historical park. The palace was built for Count Bobrinsky, son of Catherine II and her favorite Count Orlov. Sometimes the architectural complex is called the Tula Peterhof. The park has an observation deck overlooking the Bogoroditsk and the bell tower. You can walk to the Svyato-Kazansky Cathedral. I advise to purchase an audio guide or order [tour]( It is necessary to make an appointment for the excursion at least three days in advance. Monday's the day off. The last Thursday of the month is a health day.

Музей-заповедник «Куликово поле»

The museum-reserve is located at the site of the historic battle between Dmitry Donskoy's troops and the Golden Horde. In the reserve there are areas with untouched fauna and flora and areas of forged steppes. On the territory of the museum-reserve lectures, master-classes, excursions are held. You'd better make a phone call to record: +7 (4872) 36-28-34.

Kulikovo Field Kitchen

A cafe on Kulikovo Field with a warm atmosphere and delicious food. The menu has three complex traditional dinners to choose from: Rusicha, Horde and Genoese. At lunch rusich includes a large portion of spelt, grown in neighboring fields, baked carp, sauerkraut. Horde's lunch is more oriental - with funch, pilaf and ginger tea. A Genoese dinner is typically Italian with lasagna, soup minerale and coffee.

Мемориал на Красном холме Куликова поля

The highest point of the Kulikovo field is the Red Hill. On it in 1850 the memorial to Dmitry Donskoy was solemnly established. According to legend, it was on this hill that Mama's bet was placed before the battle. The observation deck offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. To estimate the scale of what happened in the XIV century you can see the panel "Kulikovskaya Battle". And on one of the avenues to get to the temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh, which appeared here in the early XX century. There is a tour around the memorial, which can be ordered by phone: +7 (48743) 3-12-44.


A new urban space with interactive installations, thematic photographic zones and a cozy atmosphere has recently appeared in Tula. I advise you to take a walk in "Iskra" in the evening: garlands are lit and there is a special atmosphere.

Skul'ptura Tul'skoye Chayepitiye

Cozy and home-like warm monument, dedicated to family merchant meals with samovar, Tula gingerbread and harmon. Nearby is the temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Пряности & Радости

Nice restaurant with pleasant interior and delicious food. Large selection of appetizers, soups, salads, dishes from the smokehouse. There is a Japanese menu.

Day 3: Bezhin Meadow, Museum of Pastila and Planetarium.

Today we will visit Turgenev's family estate. Then we will visit the Museum of Belove Pastille and learn more about traditions and art crafts of Tula region. On the way home we will visit the world's first museum of astronautics.

Историко-культурный и природный музей-заповедник И. С. Тургенева «Бежин луг»

I.S.Turgenev's patrimonial estate became world famous after the publication of the collection of stories "Hunter's Notes". In them the author mentioned the surrounding rivers, forests and villages. The park, planted by the writer's grandfather at the beginning of XIX century, is still preserved here. You can visit a peasant house, a carriage shed and a paper factory. In the center of the complex rises the church of 1806 - the Introduction to the Church of the Most Holy Mother of God. You will also see Bezhin meadow itself, it is bounded on three sides by the Snezhej river. Monday at the manor is the day off. For visiting it is better to make an appointment in advance by phone: (48756) 2-35-10.

Museum of pastel of the company "Old traditions".

A small museum dedicated to the traditional crafts of Belyov. Here you will learn how the famous Belove pastille is created and how traditional lace is woven. Regular master classes in wood carving, lace weaving on bobbins, creating dolls are held. You can get to the museum only by making an appointment by phone: +7 (909) 264-76-32.

Restaurant complex on the Boulevard

Nice restaurant with a varied menu in Peremyshl. Beautiful views, warm atmosphere.

Gosudarstvennyy Muzey Istorii Kosmonavtiki Imeni K. E. Tsiolkovskogo

The State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics in Kaluga, the world's first museum dedicated to space subjects. It was founded with the participation of Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev. On June 13, 1961 Yuri Gagarin laid the first foundation stone. The museum was opened for visitors in 1967. The building of the Museum of the History of Cosmonautics also houses a planetarium. On weekends at 17:30 - sessions of popular science programs. They are broadcast on the dome with musical accompaniment. Monday's a day off. On a site it is possible to book [excursion](

Florentini Country Cafe

Nice restaurant of Italian cuisine. Delicious food, pleasant interior, attentive staff. At a delicious dinner you can discuss impressions.