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Movies Trip: New York and Philadelphia

Road Trip Route. Visit the American Museum of Natural History, Take a walk in Central Park, Check out the comic book store and fill up your collection, Climb the Rocky Steps, Have dinner at the restaurant featured in 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

Are you a great admirer of cinema and interested in following the path of your favorite characters, seeing things from their perspective and even visiting the restaurants they visited? Then, we suggest you pay attention to a short four-day scenario of the most famous filming locations of such cities as New York and Philadelphia. You walk along the alleys of Central Park and admire the floating boats from the Bow Bridge, explore the very exhibits of the American Museum of Natural History come to life in the first part of the 'Night at the Museum' film, see New York from the height of the observation deck of the Empire State Building and climb the steps symbolizing Rocky's success.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Your first day in New York

Welcome to New York! Today's program would refer only to visiting the original restaurant and walking in Central Park, a landmark of American film industry.

Central Park

Tomorrow we get a closer look at the iconic movie spots in the vicinity of Central Park, and today we enjoy a pleasant walk in the fresh air. The park is one of the most often filmed places in New York. Here, on the Bow Bridge, the scene of the first meeting of Charlotte and Will from the 'Autumn In New York' melodrama was shot, the characters of 'Vanilla Sky' and the protagonist of the 'Enchanted' film Princess Giselle walked along the park’s paths. On taking a walk together in a park, you probably mention many more films, there are countless other examples!

Jacob's Pickles

Once in a shining and noisy New York, you just want to explore the city, but first you should have a delicious dinner anywhere cool. The chef of this restaurant has a skill for surprising people, he's made pickles the main ingredient of many dishes, and, just imagine, even cocktails. And the culinary experiment has been a great success, the tourists and city residents are numerous every evening, the place is perfect to relax and enjoy an unusual, but very tasty meal. Therefore, book for dinner online on the restaurant's website.

Day 2: Dinosaurs and Skyscrapers

Today we continue to explore New York, visit the Museum of Natural History, go up to the observation deck of a skyscraper and have dinner at the favorite steakhouse of Meryl Streep character portrayed in 'The Devil Wears Prada'

Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co.

Bagel is great for breakfast, it is tasty and satisfying, and one made with whole grains is also healty. Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co has a wide selection of fillings, from light vegetable to a classic American breakfast of fried eggs and bacon in a bagel. And here is a large selection of desserts and delicious coffee.

Flatiron Building

Such a landmark as Flatiron Building could not but leave a trail in the film industry. It is familiar to most movie admirers from the Spider-Man films of the early '00s. There's been plenty of times that the superhero's climbed the facades of the building, and also, according to the film, it is here that the Daily Bugle publishing house, frequently visited by Peter Parker, is located.

American Museum of Natural History

And this place, perhaps, needs no introduction. The American Museum of Natural History is where the first part of the comedy film 'Night at the Museum', beloved by many since childhood, is set. You see the skeleton of a giant dinosaur, chasing the character of Ben Stiller in the film, scenes of battles in miniature and many other fantastically interesting exhibits for yourself.

Caffe Storico

The bright restaurant with special atmosphere is located in Manhattan, in the old building of the New York Historical Society.   Storico is a real piece of Italy in the middle of the bustling streets of New York. The restaurant is famous for its excellent service and great menu, combining culinary traditions and the bold modern approach of the chef.

Midtown Comics

We can hardly imagine our life without a comic-book culture, many stories told in comics have formed the basis of our favorite films and entire movie universes. If you're quite keen on comic books, you should definitely check out Midtown.

Empire State Building

The height of the Empire State Building exceeds 440 meters, it was considered the tallest building in the world until 1970. The first film shot a great construction was 'King Kong' of 1933, the film remake of 2005 did not break the established tradition, and in his film of the director Peter Jackson a giant monkey also climbed to the top of the Empire State Building. However, the skyscraper has been shown not only in the world famous blockbusters, admirers of retro films probably mention the film 'An Affair to Remember'. Today, any tourist has the opportunity to climb to the observation deck of the building and enjoy the panorama of the city from a height of the 86th or 102nd floor.

Smith & Wollensky

Restaurant Smith & Wollensky is also a cinematic place, you can see it in the film 'The Devil Wears Prada'. The main dish of the restaurant is steaks, prepared here just fine, which is noted by visitors and restaurant critics. Perhaps it makes no sense to describe the menu in detail, you will soon see it yourself, we will tell you a funny story about the restaurant instead. You may have thought Smith & Wollensky are the names of the legendary chefs or founders, but in fact these family names are random and selected from the telephone directory by the founders.

Day 3: Philly's Most Iconic Filming Locations

You're going to Philadelphia today to climb the Rocky Steps and follow the path of the characters of the movie 'National Treasure.' And before you visit the largest city in Pennsylvania, take the Old Barracks Museum tour to see what it's like to be part of a different era.

Old Barracks Museum

The Old Barracks Museum is not directly connected with the film industry, but a visit to this place allows exploring the historical atmosphere and feeling like a character of the film about the American revolution. Every year, on Saturday after Christmas, a historical a reenactment of the Battle of Trenton is held here, and throughout the year, from Monday to Saturday, you can plunge into the atmosphere of the nineteenth century.

Tropical Family Resturant

On the way to Philadelphia, stop for lunch in a pleasant family restaurant. There is a convenient spacious parking lot behind the building to leave the car while you enjoy delicious dishes. The interior of the facility and the dishes served here are quite simple, but you will be pleasantly surprised with both the quality of the food and the excellent friendly service.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is remarkable not only for its unique exhibits. There's been plenty of times that the steps before the entrance of the museum have appeared in Rocky films. They're now called the "Rocky Steps". An attentive traveler probably notice metal footprints on the steps. Sylvester Stallone have said that the steps became an embodiment of the American dream and the path to success for him.

Rocky Statue

The statue of Rocky lifting his arms in victory was created in 1980 and installed atop the steps. And as soon as this happened, disagreements arose among the museum’s management: some of them believed that the film character of Sylvester Stallone made a tremendous contribution to modern culture and made Philadelphia famous throughout the world, others said that both the story itself and the statue have no artistic value, and in 1982 the statue was moved to the city stadium. However, after years, at the request of fans, the bronze Rocky was again installed next to the museum.

Independence National Historical Park

Remember the 'National Treasure' film? Then, you probably know the scene where the character of Nicolas Cage deciphers the cipher thanks to Benjamin Franklin's glasses found in the Independence Hall? Now you have the opportunity to follow the path of your favorite movie characters in the park, past the Liberty Bell and important historical buildings. The Independence Hall building itself needs no introduction, everyone has seen it many times on a $ 100 banknote.

Talula's Garden

End the day at a restaurant that will surely appeal to real gourmets. Dishes are prepared from the best organic products from local suppliers, each dish is a real work of culinary art, and the service is always on top. An unusual decor gives the restaurant a special charm.

Day 4: Farewells to Philadelphia

The Philadelphia City's center is familiar to you from scenes of the films such as 'Split', 'The Sixth Sense', 'Unbreakable', and other films of M. Night Shyamalan. If you have time after breakfast, devote it to walks on city streets and parks.

Gran Caffe L'Aquila

Your trip comes to an end and only breakfast and a relaxing walk around the city are planned for today. Gran Caffe L'Aquila is one of the best cafes in Philadelphia for an early visit, there is a large selection of breakfast dishes, aromatic coffee beans and many types of ice cream. If there's time, you can find some Philadelphia attractions, known for movies and TV shows. Here's a hint: the Schuylkill River Embankment and the University of Pennsylvania buildings are where a very famous large-scale blockbuster is set, know which one?