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 Mountain trails near Sochi

Road Trip Route. You will walk along the picturesque route of the White Rocks Canyon, Pick up special mineral water directly from the source, See the most interesting places in Russia in miniature, End the day with a walk along the Health Trail, .

With this route you'll go on an adventure: you'll visit an incredibly beautiful canyon, draw healing water and as if you've been to 11 regions of Russia. And all this without going far from Sochi!

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Sochi

Margarita Shilimanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1:

For a hike in the canyon you will need comfortable closed shoes, which is not sorry to get wet. Don't forget the reusable water bottles when you go to the mineral spring!


Белые Скалы

White Rocks Canyon is located in the Nawalishinskiy gorge, which is part of the Akhuny mountain range. The 4.5km route will take you about 3 hours. The area is very picturesque, so don't forget to take your camera and charge your smartphone, you have a lot of beautiful pictures to take!

Кафе Salmo

After a long walk around the canyon you can relax and have lunch at the grill bar. The open terrace overlooks the mountain river Mzymta directly.

Минеральный источник Чвижепсе

You must have run out of water after your walk on the White Rocks. We'll walk a little bit and resupply in a sliced spring on the way to Krasnaya Polyana.

Культурно-этнографический центр "Моя Россия"

The next point of our route is the cultural and ethnographic centre with 11 thematic pavilions representing various regions of Russia. In just one hour you can visit the most interesting places of our Motherland. The entrance ticket will cost 500 rubles, but there is an opportunity to buy a discounted ticket [online at the website](

Тропа здоровья Роза Хутор

The trail is three rings of different lengths with an altitude from 580 to 732 meters above sea level. We suggest you choose a long route to fully enjoy nature. The length of the route is 2.2 km, and it will take about one and a half hours.


And we'll end our journey in an atmospheric gastropub with a view of the mountains. The signature dish is pork knuckle in adjika, but if you prefer a lighter dinner, there are plenty of salads to choose from.